Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of goals accomplished

So, how did my 2009 go?? Well, at the beginning of the year I made a list of goals for myself. I had never done this before and honestly I found a lot of motivation from it.

I made goals in many areas of my life; school, financial, health, social, family, career, spiritual and my house.

After reviewing them I see that I worked on just about ALL of them, completed quite a few of them and some will return to the list this year. All in all I had a WONDERFUL experiance.

Finish Masters Degree -- Well, it's close! Only a thesis left
Take a digital SLR class -- didn't get there, it's returning to the list this year!

Have Credit Cards paid off -- paid down quite a bit! still working on it, will return to the list
Refinance house and car -- working on it, economy made this one difficult!

Get down to a good healthy weight -- lost over 40 pounds!! Gained some of it back :( But will work on it again this year
Be active four (4) times a week -- until the past couple months I did this WELL. Plan on getting back to it shortly!
Keep food journal -- this thing saved my life! Honestly, the secret to weight loss? Count every calorie! what you take in and what you burn.... it works!
Eat out only 3 times a week -- Found out this helped with money most, it's hard but I CAN find decent calorie decisions while eating out.
Get PCOS under control -- done and done, will keep it under control this year as well! Feelin' good!

Write a letter to someone special every week -- Probably the most influential thing I've done this year. I got out of the habit the past month or so, but honestly.... writting hand written notes to people I care about once a week has been POWERFUL. I will do it again this year for sure.
Go on two dates a month -- was lucky enough to meet an amazing man the middle of the year and now consider everyday "date night." Wahoo!!!
Paris trip in spring -- This turned into Paris AND MOROCCO!! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Continue family hikes/outings -- I was good about this through the summer, then it got harder once school started! Great times, fantastic memories.
Big something for parent's 30th anniversary -- Yep, big party next Saturday! (Jan 9th! Come!!!)

Work with UFC/MMA -- didn't do, put on back burner for now.
IPHL?? -- opted out, thank goodness. ;) Sometimes the best decisions are choosing NOT to do it.

Figure out this whole church thing -- did it, for now.
Keep reading -- did that too.

Replace carpets -- about half way done! Thanks, Babe. You rock. :)
Finish yard, deck, fence, sprinklers -- Done!! Thanks Owen!!!

So, I'm working on my list for 2010. I want to run a few things by Sam, I want his support and input, especially on the things that influence both of us..... but it will be a great list. I'll show you in a few.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Crocheting bash

I have been doing A LOT of crocheting this Christmas... a lot of it I do at work.

The other day I was finishing a large project when a girl from another office came in. She commented on it and I thanked her for the compliment.

She then went on to tell me that she used to crochet, but then started knitting. In conversation I told her that it has been suggested I learn how to knit but have chosen to stick with crocheting for multiple reasons, mainly being I don't have time to learn to do BOTH well...

She nodded in agreement and then said, "well, It's easy to learn how to knit... but after that its incredibly complicated. All the different stitches and options. To know how to knit well is very difficult. I would say without of a shadow of a doubt knitting is much more difficult than crocheting...."

She left.... and it wasn't until later on that I thought, did she just diss on crocheting??? "It's MUCH more difficult than crocheting?!?!?!?"

That BRAT!! What a knitting SNOB!!!

hehe ;o)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Missing the little one

So, I'm not exactly sure WHY she called and said we could get the Baby Girl a whole day early... but we'll take it!!

We will ALWAYS take her, any time, any where. As much as we can spend time with her we will.

Sam is picking her up now and they are on the way home... I need get out of work ASAP.

I've missed her lately. My sweet baby girl. Not mine in flesh and blood, but from the moment she sat on my lap that very first summer afternoon I knew she would steal my heart.

I knew she was supposed to be mine.
So here I sit. A woman learning how to be a Mom, missing the little girl that is teaching me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a sucker... either that or just in Love

Last night I was working on a crocheted afghan for Sam's mom for Christmas.

He complimented me on it, a lot.

Later on he jokingly pouted and said that HE wanted a soft and cozy afghan.

Earlier I had thought of making him one for Christmas, but then discarded the thought after seeing how much he already was getting for Christmas and making a realistic time check of everything I still needed to complete.

Well ----- Either I'm a sucker or just completely in love. Maybe both.

Because today I went and bought the rest of the yarn I need for an afghan for him. So now I have a few miscellaneous projects to complete for other people, Sam's Mom's afghan that is only half way done, and Sam's afghan that isn't even started.

I feel my fingers aching already, but it will be worth it. He'll love it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheating - Cmas letter via blogging :)


(I'm not putting in all the pictures again, they are all on here anyways. If you are following this blog you have seen these people and pictures a million times already. haha)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

What a year!! Here is a quick recap…

In March I went to Morocco and had an AMAZING time. I can honestly say my experience was life changing. The people of Morocco were incredible and the culture was absolutely fascinating.
In July I met a man that absolutely rocks my world. Introducing, SAM! We met and things moved quickly. We fell for each other instantly and things haven’t changed since. He spoils me rotten and teaches me something new every day.
Sam’s daughter, Olivia, has blessed my life tremendously. Being an instant mother to a three year old has been a blast. She is a complete handful; which means she fits right in around here!! J

In other news, I am getting close to finishing school, just starting that ever looming thesis… wish me luck! J Sam and I are mastering the art of hot tubing; he has taught me to love it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am still working in Sports Medicine at Westminster College and also at LifeFlight in Salt Lake City. It’s colder than ever and the snow is coming down; we are getting ancy to get on the slopes! Come visit, the snow is great!

** For regular updates visit us at http:// b u t i k n o w i t . b l o g s p o t . c o m **

The house is full, the dogs keep us on our toes, the baby girl keeps us laughing,
life keeps us busy. I couldn’t be happier.

Love you all! Wishing you the best of holidays.
I hope you feel the love pouring out to you from Provo, Utah!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Suprise FAIL

I love getting people I love things that I know they will enjoy.... so you can only imagine my excitement when for Christmas I ordered the hunting blind that Sam REALLY wanted.
A few days ago there was a knock at the door, UPS dropping something off (which is often since my Cyber Monday festivities).
I hear Sam say, "Um, Sweetie, is there something out here I'm not supposed to see?"
My heart drops, I slowly walk to the front door... sure enough.
Cabela's was sweet enough to send his hunting blind, in it's original box, no other packaging.
There sitting on the porch, for him to see, GX Hunting Blind.
My head dropped. I replied, "Yeah, you weren't supposed to see that."
He laughed, "Sorry Sweetie..... But thanks!!"
After a few days he finally wore me down. He wanted to look at it, wanted to see it, wanted to open it. So last night when I finally took it off the front porch (along with the other five boxes that arrived that day) he asked again, and I gave in.
Within minutes we had a hunting blind set up in the living room.

Notice the cool camo screen windows, can't see in this thing!! Perfect camo!

That right there is the face of a happy man.
I did good, or so I'm told.

I'm lucky he didn't sleep in it last night, although he did ask.

He even said I was welcome to join him. How sweet.

Merry Christmas to Sam.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok all, we have a few things going on!!


We are throwing a party, December 19th, from 7-9pm. In Pleasant Grove at the Bel Monet clubhouse, follow the directions in the facebook link below....

We will have treats, drinks, some fun raffle questions with the possiblity to win prizes... should be a great time! We would love to see everyone! Pass the word!

Here is the facebook link.....

ALSO ---------------------------------------

Winter is going to INDIA!! Not only am I incredibly jealous, but I'm trying to help get her there! She still needs to raise money to go and I've told her I will make crocheted items for her to sell, Abby has said the same! If you want great handmade gifts for Christmas, or otherwise, please let us know!! 100% of the proceeds go to Winter's amazing school trip!!

The list is endless and completely customizable.... slippers, hats, scarves, blankets, dolls, finger puppets, etc....

Here is the facebook group.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hint Hint

Last Friday we sat on the couch, wathing TV and purusing ads from the paper.
I saw them. Porcelain village houses. Onsale. Kmart.
I ask Sam, "Babe, do you want a big hint?" He of course said yes.
I pushed the ad to him. "See these houses? I would love a few more. Mom got me a Sugarplum Dance Studio from this set when I was first out of the house, I put it up ever year, but it's my only one. I would love more."
That was all that was said, until Saturday evening after we all got home from work and the baby girl exclaims, "WE GOT YOU A PRESENT!!" Sam started laughing and we explained that it's a secret, but it's ok since I still don't know what it is.
Then Saturday night when he asks theoretically, "You know those little Christmas houses? Is that something you want for Christmas? or something you would want before so you can decorate with them."
I smiled and said, "IF I were to recieve any I would love to get them early so we could enjoy them this year."
A few minutes later I heard the back door open and some rustling, then he quietly called to the baby girl to come help him.
She struggles to walk into the living room holding a Kmart bag, she squeels, "here is your present!!"
Sure enough.... not one set, but TWO lovely porcelain christmas village pieces. He did well, really well. A start-off kit with three buildings, many people, a small car, trees, etc. Then another big tiered piece with a frozen river and a circling train that plays Christmas carols when a button is pushed!!
Of course I had to open them right away, we pulled it all out on the dining room table to admire it, and my dance studio fits in perfectly.
I smiled and squeezed his hand as I thanked him for being so sweet and knowing me so well, he picked out just the right ones. It was exactly what I wanted. He then told me that his Mom had a Christmas village much like this one that was put up every year, including mirrors used for floating ponds, white fabric for a snowy base, etc.
His finishing touch.... the confession that he plans to make this an annual tradition. Each Christmas I get another piece to my Christmas Village. So year after year I get the pleasure of putting up my darling city landscape and being reminded that I am blessed with one heckuva man.
(notice the Grinch addition... heckuva... hehe)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You can take the kids out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the kids.

We did Black Friday.
We were in Idaho and since Sam had never had the pleasure of fighting crowds at O-Dark-Thirty the day after Thanksgiving we decided to go with his sister and brother-in-law.
First we went to Walmart, we got a few things we wanted, mostly a shop-vac. We waited in huge lines and everyone was awnery, including us.
Then we decided to stop by Cal-Ranch.... it is afterall the ONLY other store open in Blackfoot, Idaho. We waited a few minutes for them to open and then headed in to look at the only item that caught out eyes in the ad, a dog bed.
Well, over and hour later, with an overloaded shopping cart we checked out and headed home.
Yes, we did spend twice as long in CAL ranch as we did Walmart. Yes we did spend twice as much at CAL Ranch as we did at Walmart.
People asked what we got, honestly, we didn't have any "big ticket" items to report. Little things.... portable grills, gloves, socks, knife, etc....
I told Sam, "I guess the 'country kid' came out of us both this morning."
Black friday at CAL ranch.... now thats a new one.

Monday, November 23, 2009

How it is supposed to be, right?

Our house is a mess.

I have laundry everywhere (clean AND dirty). There is dog food that has been knocked over and is laying in the middle of the kitchen. Why clean it up? It can be dinner for the dogs.

I imposed a "rule" with Sam, he can't take glasses out to the hot tub anymore. Plastic only from here on out, although it's ME who keeps breaking the glasses - not exactly his fault.

We have stuffed animals that have been lovingly hidden in their "beds" around the living room and kitchen while nestled in dish towels and dusting rags (impromptu baby bedding at it's best, gotta love little kid's imaginations).

The pantry has Strawberry Nesquik and animal crackers among the hummus and miso soup.

Last night I crawled in bed with a sleepy baby girl, we read her favorite book three times until I finally convinced her to close her eyes as I turned off the light and asked what song we should sing. She chose, I sang. It took all of about 34 seconds for her to start snoring.

I sleepily made my way back out to Sam and curled up next to him while we watched a little TV and then finally gave up and crawled into bed.

This is how real life is, right? Messy houses, laughter, being constantly exhausted... yet happy.....

I hope this is what life is supposed to be like, because I like it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Things

Today I was working around the house and Sam was taking a nap. I was walking through and he held up two fingers.

I said, "What's that babe?"

He said nothing, just kept holding up two fingers and looking at me sleepily.

In my most jokingly sassy voice I said, "What's two? Two reasons I'm awesome?"

He smiled and said, "Yep. One, You are super duper cute; and two, you take really good care of me."

I smiled, walked over and gave him a kiss. How could I not be good to him? Especially when he says things like that!!!

As I was walking away he gave me a swat on the butt and said, "..... Two, I'll get up at two and help you. I promise."

Only the beginning

Today I worked on getting the baby girl's room pulled together. I finally got her bed in there, decorations hung, toys put away, etc.

Now I'm jealous, hers looks WAYYYY better than ours....

I have a lot of work to do.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Long awaited....



go to:

You will see the links for Hope and Trey's wedding (10/29/2009), also Hope's bridals and Mom's pics she had done for her 50th birthday...

Click on the picture to go to the album, when asked for the "password" enter the "hint" listed above....


Halloween Pirates

I know it's late... but here are our halloween photos....

We went to Sam's family's house in Blackfoot, Idaho. They put on a halloween carnival for anyone and everyone from the town that wants to stop by. They have a full pirate ship tree house that they deck out, lots of inflatables, halloween music, candy, cookies, etc....

It was a blast, very relaxing and a perfect retreat after a crazy wedding week.

Here's Sam's mom with his sister's dog, Snickers.

Sam..... (halloween is supposed to be scary, not cute - per Sam)

The pirate ship!

Spider lady.... spiders everywhere!! Hair, hands, neck, notice my big furry pet spider on my shoulder!!

Awww, goulish love.... :)

The moon set the perfect scene for halloween night!

Inside of the pirate ship!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wrapped all around you, Babe.

Sam tells me quite often that my hair has a mind of it's own. Last night he went as far as to term it, "Medusa hair."

He says, "your hair is the only hair I have EVER known that can wrap itself around my fingers, around my wrist, through my fingers again and tie itself in a knot."

The other day Max (the dog) was choking on a hair ball. Sam says, "I know Maxy... her hair gets everywhere." As she shoots me a wink and half a smile.

He is constantly dealing with it in the hot tub, picking it out and flinging it at the fence.

I try to clean often (especially in the bathroom)... but I'll admit, my hair is everywhere....

It's down to my mid-back and quite thick. It has a "presence" if you will.

Today he was reclined in the seat next to me. I looked over and to my horror he had a loose bundle of MY HAIR clinging to the bottom of his beard, directly off his chin.

I lovingly touched his cheek, gave him a kiss and snagged it from his beard as my hand pulled away......

Maybe he's right, it is EVERYWHERE; but at least I avoided him pointing it out this morning when he found his beard had tripled in size and changed color from his jet black to my carmelish brown. That could have a been a little much. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Beeswax

I really like blogging... its like a journal for me. I love looking back at it and reading through it, seeing the pictures. I enjoy reading about all the fun things that I've done and going over the feelings and happiness it brings...

But lately, I've felt like my business hasn't been my own; like a lot of people seem to think that they have a right to get their nose all up in my business.

So, I'm feeling a bit protective of myself and the life that I'm happy living. Don't take it personally, but I'm just not feeling like sharing anything this week. Maybe it will all change tomorrow.

I'm off to write in my journal.... my actual journal.... where my thoughts stay MY thoughts.
Love you all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post Wedding Hangover

So, the wedding is over. Hope and Trey are officially married and I'm officially still picking up the pieces from the festivities.

The to-do list now includes returning things to four different stores, returning vases and other random pieces that were borrowed, etc....

I finally got all the flower stems off the floor from making the center pieces, but parts of the kitchen floor are stained blue from the GORGEOUS blue flowers that were used.

All in all I think it went well. I was a brat for a couple days (bless Sam's heart to put up with my melt downs and bitchy responses when he tried to help or make suggestions). But in actuality I think it came together rather well.

In my humble opinon I think it was beautiful and went off without too big a disaster.... even if we did forget to serve the wedding cake. :)

Pictures to come.... when I get them, you'll get them (at least a link).

Monday, October 26, 2009

I admit: it was on his line, on his cast, in his spot.

Can you believe that my amazing fisherman of a boyfriend has YET to teach me to fish??? Well, he quickly corrected that after I pointed it out.... so last Sunday we escaped for the afternoon and he took me fishing.

On the way up (and back) we spotted tons of deer and turkeys. Of course he had to pull over and use the scope to check things out thoroughly.....

He was a sweet heart and gave in and did all the 'gross' stuff.... I'm getting there. I still don't want to bait my own hook, let alone clean my own fish. So he let me do the fun stuff: hook them and reel them in!!!

It's gorgeous up there... at our new favorite spot. The same place we went hunting last week..... We plan on going back often.

Here's the catch.... six total, not bad for a quick day on the lake. Notice the BROOK TROUT in the middle?? The pretty one with the orange belly.... Sam says brook trout are a native fish around here and usually stay quite small, this guy was a good size!! He says he has never caught a brook trout and was quite impressed that we got one!! I reeled him in, but Sam made no hesitation to point out it was on HIS LINE, ON HIS CAST, IN HIS SPOT!!
He's a master fisherman.... and taught me well. I can't complain about fishing, I had a GREAT time!! I got to spend an afternoon at a gorgeous lake, with my man and the baby girl.... didn't have to do anything gross and got all the excitement of reeling these suckers in!!
It was great!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hiking with Sam

Today I went hiking with Sam. We wore orange. He carried a gun.

Some may refer to this as hunting.

We went out for grouse, little chicken looking birds that live around these parts. We took Max (Sam's hunting dog) with us... but between the three of us we got skunked. Nothing. We saw grouse poop... that's it.

I've decided that maybe I'm bad luck. We didn't see a single bird today when I was there. In the past when I've gone fishing with Sam he dosen't do so hot... then when I'm not there he catches 19 fish in 3 hours.... Maybe it's me.

I told him he should to out tomorrow without me. See if he has any better luck. For his sake I hope he gets a few birds; but I kind of want him to strike out again... that way we could prove I'm NOT bad luck and I will get to go again.

I'll admit it. I had a really good time today.

I got to hike through the GORGEOUS lands of Utah with my favorite man... we laughed, talked, walked in silence, smiled at eachother across open meadows and stumbled upon this beautiful little pond.

This was my view for most of the day.... :)

So it's official. I'm a fan of hunting. Who would have thought?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day of Rest..... Day of Forgetfulness

Today I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday at home.

Me, Sam, the baby girl... make some zucchini bread, watch some football, play in the leaves.....

I woke up to my boss calling me wondering why I wasn't at work.

I jumped up, proclaimed that I'm an idiot, and was out the door in less than three minutes.

So much for my day of rest.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fact for the day

Did you know a lab's coat is waterproof??

Sam taught me that while we were watching Max swimming and splashing through the creek today.

By the way, Hobble Creek Canyon is GORGEOUS right now.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pictures = 1000 Words

Pictures are worth 1000 words... I'll let them speak for themselves, but I'll give you some explinations.

I've always wanted a picture in a huge chair.... we got one the other night at CornBelly's!

We spent the day at the "pumpkin fest", it was a lot of fun....

They had a whole area where you could play dress up!

The day before we went up the canyon while Sam hosted his kid's fishing clinic....

The baby girl loves to take pictures... I happen to really like this one! LOL

Sunday, October 11, 2009

When lost...

Yesterday we took the baby girl to CornBelly's... a "pumpkin festival" that easily rivaled the state fair in activities, excitement and cost. We had a really fun time, even though we froze our tails off!!! I will admit there was actually a time when all three of us crawled into the little kid's straw bale maze so that we could bask in the warmth (out of the wind)... I'm STILL finding straw in my purse.

At the end of the day Sam drug us into the corn maze. I had tried to avoid it all day, but he was insistant and finally we went. Soon after we entered the corn maze we found ourselves up on a tower to "scope out" the corn maze. We were up top next to a fun looking guy with a couple kids around him.

We jokingly asked, "is that the way out?"

His boisterous reply, "who knows! I brought a Mexican kid, he'll find the way out," he said as he ran down the tower with his kids and nonchalantly poked a joking finger at the darker skinned kid in the group. They all giggled and ran down the stairs from the tower.

I looked back at Sam (who is darker skinned himself) and said, "Babe, will that work for me?" We both just laughed; at which point the guy and his kids turned around to see what I was referring to. His kids busted up in laughter, he mumbled out "oh crap."

I had clearly embarrassed him, although I didn't mean to. Sam and I just got a kick out of it!! Now the running joke is that apparently Sam can find his way through anything because of his family heritage....

Although, the reality is he SUCKS at corn mazes, and so do I.

We didn't do well at all. Sam kept finding dead end after dead end. The baby girl was on Sam's shoulders (and on mine for a little while as well) and kept asking repeatedly, "HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE?"

Sam admitted after about 25 minutes, "I just remembered I hate corn mazes."

My reply, "I do too!! Why did we do this in the first place?"

Sam concluded, "I don't know... but we won't do it again..."

We finally cheated and found our way out (or maybe it was the entrance, we aren't quite sure).

Overall we had a great day. We laughed and screamed, got a fantastic face painting, paid wayyy too much for a couple pumpkins, played dress up, mined for gem stones, froze our tails off, walked through a sea of corn kernels, rode in a carriage with a princess and ate some AMAZING food....

CornBelly's, at Thanksgiving Point. I highly recommend it.... but take a jacket and a lot of cash. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Date Night

I woke up this morning and instantly got a smile on my face.....

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!

Sam is taking me to a dance performance of THRILLER. A halloween based dance show done by a professional dance troupe here in Utah. It's a lot of fun and a good way to get Sam introduced to watching professional dance.

I'm excited, to say the least.

He's a good sport. His girl is one that grew up with dance, danced all through college and is now suggesting we make a special trip to San Francisco in December for the sole purpose of seeing the best ballet company on earth perform the Nutcracker. I warned him that I watch dance on the edge of my seat, my neck outstretched and a smile ear to ear. He told me that he is excited to see the show; not only on the stage, but me acting like such a love struck kid.

We are making a date of it... getting all dolled up, getting gelato after....

The thought of watching dance makes me smile like a school girl. The thought of walking hand in hand with the best-looking-man-on-earth while we stroll over to get gelato at 11:00 pm makes me sigh a long relaxing breath.

It's going to be great.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A letter a week...

I've written a lot of missionaries in my day... Today I went through an old box of letters/cards/etc I had saved and cleared out things I didn't want or need anymore.

One of those piles was letters from missionaries.

Sure, at the time they meant something and I'm sure I enjoyed every single one of them; but now, I was ready to part with them. The stack was easily about 10 inches tall....

All sorts of missionaries, from all corners of the world. Some with good handwriting, some I had to get others opinions on to decipher. Some I really cared about, some that were mere acquaintances.

Never the less, writing a missionary is always fun... and I did it. A lot.

In that box were also countless cards and notes from friends and family. It made me feel good to remember how much those loving words meant at the time I received them and it made me smile to see that they still haven't lost their charm. I felt a lot of love today....
I have great friends and TREMENDOUS family.
I saved some special ones. Saved ones that touched my heart or held some personality.... but the box is a lot emptier now. Waiting to be filled back up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Colorado Bound

We just got back from a very rejuvenating and relaxing trip to Colorado. This is the main reason we went... to see one of my best friends, Chauri, her husband and their new baby.

One day we drove up to Estes Park, Colorado and found ELK ON THE GOLF COURSE!! Sam was shocked and completely impressed. I think this is the moment his love affair with Estes Park started...

There was a large crowd looking at the elk, we couldn't help it! We had to join in!!

The crowd they drew was amazing. There was one buck that was in charge of everything, yet they were very docile and used to people being around. It was shocking how comfortable they were with everyone around.

What do you get when a 3 year old baby girl has a hunter/fisherman father?? You get a 3 year old that looks at a herd of elk on a golf course and asks, "CAN I SHOOT IT?" He was so proud. LOL

We saw lots of amazing scenery. Estes Park is truly beautiful.

On our way back down we ran into two more bucks on the road. They were headed down to challenge the big guy for some of his ladies.... Sam stopped for pictures, I wished the two of them luck as I cleaned up the back seat a bit. They looked like strapping young men, hopefully they got some women of their own.

And of course, Sam found some of this.... like I said, he fell in love with Estes Park. Apparently there are LOTS of fish there. :)

Thanks Chauri and Ryan for a wonderful time!! We will make it out again, hopefully soon! We had a WONDERFUL time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Honest Truth

Sometimes it's just healthy to say it how it is.... tell people how you REALLY feel.

No pussy footing around, no sugar coating it.

Straight up honesty.

You go, kid.....

(double click on the picture if you need a closer view to read it)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guilty as Charged


In the past WEEK we have accured the following:

Sara - 2 speeding tickets

Sam - 1 speeding ticket

Max (the dog) - 2 nights in dog jail and 2 "Running at Large" tickets

Apparently Porter (the pup) is the only saint among us.

Yes, that was ONE week. Uggh.