Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My "Wish List" just expanded my "Needs List"

Yesterday I bought this.

 Which means that now I need this.

And these.

And especially these.
(padded bike shorts)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You are who you associate with

WHAT WINNERS KNOW: If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

I'm working on this and it has made a lot of sense to me lately.
I have tried lately to focus on building a friend base with people that are a benefit in my life. I need to surround myself with smart, motivated people.
I need it in my friends, I need it in the people I date, I need it with people I meet and network with.
So far I've met some great people, people that can teach me and help me grow, people that support and influence my growth and ambition.
I'm talking big here. I'm talking graduating from the top universities in the nation, people starting their own businesses, people getting an idea and running with it, multiple academic degree people, people who are always looking to push the boundaries, people who are constantly moving forward. 
I find that I'm also becoming more intolerant of negativity and complacency. If you are a glass-half-empty type of person then you don't have a spot around here.
Ambition and forward thinking -- that's where it's at... and that's where I'm going.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My "Ride"

My modern dance class every Monday night does wonders for my soul. I used the phrase last night that it "allows my soul to uninhibitedly sing", and that's no exaggeration.

I have had to defend it quite often lately. I have fought tooth and nail to keep that block of time on Monday nights free from my work schedule (at both jobs) and yesterday it was hard to actually run from work and make it on time.

Once I'm there my body settles and my spirit seems to expand into the space just outside my physical being. I know without any doubt that this is where I'm supposed to be and that dancing is meant to be a huge part of re-finding my true self.

Twice now I have had the experience of tears coming during class. My soul is moved and tears emerge. It always reminds me of when Mia Michaels made Blake cry in the SYTYCD rehearsal....

Last night we learned combinations all through class and pieced them together at the end. We got it all mapped out and then our instructor put on the music. To my pleasure I realized that he was playing what is probably my most favorite song ever.

This is the song that fixes any bad day, this is the song that I blast as I drive through the windy canyon because it makes it just that much more fun, this is the song that would definitely be in the highlight film of my life... I LOVE THIS SONG.

So, here it is, just so you can enjoy it too. Ladies and Gentleman, "Ride" by Cary Brothers.

Dancing to this song last night was just another confirmation that this class is where I'm supposed to be, it's worth the fight to be there and it's something I need to keep fighting for. Lucky for me, we are doing the same piece next week as well!! Wahoo!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prep, Cook, Shop, Prep, Cook... and repeat

I want to get one thing clear right off the bat, I AM NOT COMPLAINING... because I absolutely LOVE eating this way.

100% plant based is an incredible way of life. I feel absolutely FANTASTIC!

However, it takes a lot of  time!! I'm at the grocery store about every other day. Every single day I'm prepping food and cooking for at least 2-4 hours.

A lot of this cook time is prepping breakfast and lunch for when we will be gone from the house. Tomorrow night I will have to cook the next day's dinner as well so that the parents can take it with them since they won't be home for dinner.

Today I slept in and then spend all afternoon at the store and cooking before I had to leave for work. I did get a lot done tho... check out all this food ready to go for the next two days!!!

It's a good thing I love to cook, because MAN, this is A LOT OF COOKING!!

It's been really interesting to try new recipes and be pleasantly surprised by how good they are. Tonight we tried bean burgers. I actually mashed red beans, added onions and spices and baked them in the oven. We were all a little worried, but they were surprisingly good!! Not only were they tasty, but FILLING... I had a hard time finishing mine.

Eating this way has never left me hungry. It also is having a great impact on my energy and clarity of mind. I also am finding that I'm not craving food like I used to. I see food commercials on TV and surprisingly, they aren't torturing me.

All in all, I'm feeling great. I'm still looking for ways to make prep time more efficient and find cheaper ways to produce the same health benefits.... like using frozen broccoli in certain recipes instead of fresh broccoli.

I WILL learn and become more efficient at all this... but even if it continues to be demanding, it's worth it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A new way of life

I have been contemplating an eating change for awhile now. About six months ago a friend of mine had recommended the "Eat to Live" book by Dr. Fuhrman and I devoured it in two days. I have been intrigued ever since. I reread it about a month ago and started really thinking about the feasibility of eating this way.

The "Eat to Live" plan is a 100% plant based diet. This eliminates meat, dairy, breads, pastas, etc. It allows vegis, fruits, beans and seeds. You are required to eat a pound of leafy greens and other raw vegis every day, along with a pound of cooked vegis (excluding potatoes or squash). You also must eat one cup of beans and four pieces of fruit.

Let me tell you, that is A LOT of food.

I convinced my family that we should do this together. I wanted to do it and I knew that I would not be able to do it alone. I knew that if I came home and they were all eating Panda Express that I would not be able to walk past them and eat my bean chili without some major tears and feelings of deprevation.... if I was even able to stay away from a delicious morsel of Orange Chicken.

So, we all started last Wednesday and have completed three days. We are feeling FABULOUS.

This is breakfast from yesterday.... a bowl of fruit with sunflower seeds on top.

Lunch from yesterday was a broccoli, onion and mushroom pizza on a whole wheat gluten free tortilla with non-dairy cheese. YUMMY!!

With meeting our quotas for raw vegis, fresh vegis, beans and fruit every day I have not been hungry at all! In fact, I've been stuffed every single meal, sometimes not even eating everything I was supposed to. The recipes are delicious and I have been satisfied and happy with every meal.

So far I am loving things. I might start detoxing here soon and then I would expect headaches and a bit of nausea if things get really bad.

Mom is blogging about her adventures here. Winter will probably talk about her adventures here.

Poppa is LOVING it and can't talk enough about it. Mom is doing really well and seeing her changes mentally and physically has been wonderful. Winter has struggled a bit. I will never forget the look on her face when she tried the Cauliflower Soup for the first time. The rest of us really enjoyed it, apparently Winter didn't. LOL

So far I have had a TON of energy. My brain feels bright and my body feels good. My feet haven't been swelling, which I have struggled with since I started running longer distances.

I worked out yesterday and was eager to see how my body would do without animal protein. I did a 5 mile bike AND a 30 minute lap swim. I felt AWESOME.

By the way.... (here is a clip from the book). Did you know that broccoli has twice the amount of protein of steak when compared ounce for ounce?!?!? Amazing... and yes, we are eating a lot of broccoli. :)

All of those effects are awesome... but here is another great one. I weighted in this morning and after three days I have lost four pounds. I know a lot of it is water weight, but still.... that's exciting!!

A feast for the eyes

My dear sister Abby sent me a link to a blog awhile back and I LOVE it. It's all dance photography and sometimes it takes my breath away.

Today there was a new post and it included this....

Breathtaking, isn't it?

If you want to feast, go here.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taking a risk

About a month ago I took a risk, a big one. I decided that a small part of my business that I have had for many years needed to be focused on.

I own and operate a business that provides sports medicine coverage for athletic events, part of that business is custom mouthguards. I have been making custom mouthguards for about 12 years now and have always done it for my athletes and those I'm close with. About a month ago I decided to take this service and promote it to others.

It took me a couple tries, but I have figured out how to market them and where ideal audiences are. I have set up the business for easy travel to events, tournaments and camps. I have made signs and brochures.

Well, I took a risk and invested some money into it and I'm pleased to announce that in the past three weeks I have recouped all that investment money and even seen some profit return.

I couldn't be more excited.

Yesterday I spent almost all day (with a quick break for a sushi lunch with my awesome family) making mouthguards. Winter and Tuff even got in on the action and we pumped out 82 mouthguards in one day!! That's amazing!!

Today I'm packaging them and addressing them all to mail out on Tuesday (after this three-day holiday weekend).

I have learned that it takes a risk to see a reward.

I have also learned that success is often bolstered tremendously by others. This support from others is based on how much they respect you and want you to achieve what you have set out to do. I'm blessed to have people around me that want me to succeed.

Thanks to everyone that has helped along the way!! I have gotten so much help with promotion, product placement at their events, and even manufacturing from my awesome siblings. I couldn't have done it without you!!

Now, who else needs a mouthguard?!?! The phone seems to be ringing of the hook!!!

p.s. I'm looking for some help covering a box LAX tourney and possibly a motocross/BMX event, who's interested??