Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of goals accomplished

So, how did my 2009 go?? Well, at the beginning of the year I made a list of goals for myself. I had never done this before and honestly I found a lot of motivation from it.

I made goals in many areas of my life; school, financial, health, social, family, career, spiritual and my house.

After reviewing them I see that I worked on just about ALL of them, completed quite a few of them and some will return to the list this year. All in all I had a WONDERFUL experiance.

Finish Masters Degree -- Well, it's close! Only a thesis left
Take a digital SLR class -- didn't get there, it's returning to the list this year!

Have Credit Cards paid off -- paid down quite a bit! still working on it, will return to the list
Refinance house and car -- working on it, economy made this one difficult!

Get down to a good healthy weight -- lost over 40 pounds!! Gained some of it back :( But will work on it again this year
Be active four (4) times a week -- until the past couple months I did this WELL. Plan on getting back to it shortly!
Keep food journal -- this thing saved my life! Honestly, the secret to weight loss? Count every calorie! what you take in and what you burn.... it works!
Eat out only 3 times a week -- Found out this helped with money most, it's hard but I CAN find decent calorie decisions while eating out.
Get PCOS under control -- done and done, will keep it under control this year as well! Feelin' good!

Write a letter to someone special every week -- Probably the most influential thing I've done this year. I got out of the habit the past month or so, but honestly.... writting hand written notes to people I care about once a week has been POWERFUL. I will do it again this year for sure.
Go on two dates a month -- was lucky enough to meet an amazing man the middle of the year and now consider everyday "date night." Wahoo!!!
Paris trip in spring -- This turned into Paris AND MOROCCO!! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Continue family hikes/outings -- I was good about this through the summer, then it got harder once school started! Great times, fantastic memories.
Big something for parent's 30th anniversary -- Yep, big party next Saturday! (Jan 9th! Come!!!)

Work with UFC/MMA -- didn't do, put on back burner for now.
IPHL?? -- opted out, thank goodness. ;) Sometimes the best decisions are choosing NOT to do it.

Figure out this whole church thing -- did it, for now.
Keep reading -- did that too.

Replace carpets -- about half way done! Thanks, Babe. You rock. :)
Finish yard, deck, fence, sprinklers -- Done!! Thanks Owen!!!

So, I'm working on my list for 2010. I want to run a few things by Sam, I want his support and input, especially on the things that influence both of us..... but it will be a great list. I'll show you in a few.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Crocheting bash

I have been doing A LOT of crocheting this Christmas... a lot of it I do at work.

The other day I was finishing a large project when a girl from another office came in. She commented on it and I thanked her for the compliment.

She then went on to tell me that she used to crochet, but then started knitting. In conversation I told her that it has been suggested I learn how to knit but have chosen to stick with crocheting for multiple reasons, mainly being I don't have time to learn to do BOTH well...

She nodded in agreement and then said, "well, It's easy to learn how to knit... but after that its incredibly complicated. All the different stitches and options. To know how to knit well is very difficult. I would say without of a shadow of a doubt knitting is much more difficult than crocheting...."

She left.... and it wasn't until later on that I thought, did she just diss on crocheting??? "It's MUCH more difficult than crocheting?!?!?!?"

That BRAT!! What a knitting SNOB!!!

hehe ;o)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Missing the little one

So, I'm not exactly sure WHY she called and said we could get the Baby Girl a whole day early... but we'll take it!!

We will ALWAYS take her, any time, any where. As much as we can spend time with her we will.

Sam is picking her up now and they are on the way home... I need get out of work ASAP.

I've missed her lately. My sweet baby girl. Not mine in flesh and blood, but from the moment she sat on my lap that very first summer afternoon I knew she would steal my heart.

I knew she was supposed to be mine.
So here I sit. A woman learning how to be a Mom, missing the little girl that is teaching me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a sucker... either that or just in Love

Last night I was working on a crocheted afghan for Sam's mom for Christmas.

He complimented me on it, a lot.

Later on he jokingly pouted and said that HE wanted a soft and cozy afghan.

Earlier I had thought of making him one for Christmas, but then discarded the thought after seeing how much he already was getting for Christmas and making a realistic time check of everything I still needed to complete.

Well ----- Either I'm a sucker or just completely in love. Maybe both.

Because today I went and bought the rest of the yarn I need for an afghan for him. So now I have a few miscellaneous projects to complete for other people, Sam's Mom's afghan that is only half way done, and Sam's afghan that isn't even started.

I feel my fingers aching already, but it will be worth it. He'll love it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheating - Cmas letter via blogging :)


(I'm not putting in all the pictures again, they are all on here anyways. If you are following this blog you have seen these people and pictures a million times already. haha)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

What a year!! Here is a quick recap…

In March I went to Morocco and had an AMAZING time. I can honestly say my experience was life changing. The people of Morocco were incredible and the culture was absolutely fascinating.
In July I met a man that absolutely rocks my world. Introducing, SAM! We met and things moved quickly. We fell for each other instantly and things haven’t changed since. He spoils me rotten and teaches me something new every day.
Sam’s daughter, Olivia, has blessed my life tremendously. Being an instant mother to a three year old has been a blast. She is a complete handful; which means she fits right in around here!! J

In other news, I am getting close to finishing school, just starting that ever looming thesis… wish me luck! J Sam and I are mastering the art of hot tubing; he has taught me to love it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am still working in Sports Medicine at Westminster College and also at LifeFlight in Salt Lake City. It’s colder than ever and the snow is coming down; we are getting ancy to get on the slopes! Come visit, the snow is great!

** For regular updates visit us at http:// b u t i k n o w i t . b l o g s p o t . c o m **

The house is full, the dogs keep us on our toes, the baby girl keeps us laughing,
life keeps us busy. I couldn’t be happier.

Love you all! Wishing you the best of holidays.
I hope you feel the love pouring out to you from Provo, Utah!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Suprise FAIL

I love getting people I love things that I know they will enjoy.... so you can only imagine my excitement when for Christmas I ordered the hunting blind that Sam REALLY wanted.
A few days ago there was a knock at the door, UPS dropping something off (which is often since my Cyber Monday festivities).
I hear Sam say, "Um, Sweetie, is there something out here I'm not supposed to see?"
My heart drops, I slowly walk to the front door... sure enough.
Cabela's was sweet enough to send his hunting blind, in it's original box, no other packaging.
There sitting on the porch, for him to see, GX Hunting Blind.
My head dropped. I replied, "Yeah, you weren't supposed to see that."
He laughed, "Sorry Sweetie..... But thanks!!"
After a few days he finally wore me down. He wanted to look at it, wanted to see it, wanted to open it. So last night when I finally took it off the front porch (along with the other five boxes that arrived that day) he asked again, and I gave in.
Within minutes we had a hunting blind set up in the living room.

Notice the cool camo screen windows, can't see in this thing!! Perfect camo!

That right there is the face of a happy man.
I did good, or so I'm told.

I'm lucky he didn't sleep in it last night, although he did ask.

He even said I was welcome to join him. How sweet.

Merry Christmas to Sam.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok all, we have a few things going on!!


We are throwing a party, December 19th, from 7-9pm. In Pleasant Grove at the Bel Monet clubhouse, follow the directions in the facebook link below....

We will have treats, drinks, some fun raffle questions with the possiblity to win prizes... should be a great time! We would love to see everyone! Pass the word!

Here is the facebook link.....

ALSO ---------------------------------------

Winter is going to INDIA!! Not only am I incredibly jealous, but I'm trying to help get her there! She still needs to raise money to go and I've told her I will make crocheted items for her to sell, Abby has said the same! If you want great handmade gifts for Christmas, or otherwise, please let us know!! 100% of the proceeds go to Winter's amazing school trip!!

The list is endless and completely customizable.... slippers, hats, scarves, blankets, dolls, finger puppets, etc....

Here is the facebook group.