Monday, December 21, 2009

Crocheting bash

I have been doing A LOT of crocheting this Christmas... a lot of it I do at work.

The other day I was finishing a large project when a girl from another office came in. She commented on it and I thanked her for the compliment.

She then went on to tell me that she used to crochet, but then started knitting. In conversation I told her that it has been suggested I learn how to knit but have chosen to stick with crocheting for multiple reasons, mainly being I don't have time to learn to do BOTH well...

She nodded in agreement and then said, "well, It's easy to learn how to knit... but after that its incredibly complicated. All the different stitches and options. To know how to knit well is very difficult. I would say without of a shadow of a doubt knitting is much more difficult than crocheting...."

She left.... and it wasn't until later on that I thought, did she just diss on crocheting??? "It's MUCH more difficult than crocheting?!?!?!?"

That BRAT!! What a knitting SNOB!!!

hehe ;o)


Zannah said...

As a knitter (who still needs yoou to teach her to crochet some knitted pieces together, because it makes a better, strong seam), just a titch of defense of knitting: I don't know that it's more difficult, and I wouldn't even say it's more versatile, but that you have to use more of that versatility when knitting. Lace and cables and colorwork and shaping all become a necessity much sooner than similarly involved crocheting techniques. You can't really knit a blanket the way you crochet one, so unless you want to do boring scarves forever you really have to pick up more advanced techniques sooner -- unless you want to get excessively bored, whereas I get the impression that you have better output with more basic crocheting techniques, so a lot of people rarely move beyond crochet basics but still make all sorts of amazing things.

I still think you ought to give knitting a shot, though (even if knitters are snobs), because if you were proficient at both? Unstoppable Yarn Queen, for sure.

That is all.

Miss Sara said...

Z - I knew I would immediately get a comment from you with this one! haha.
How is everything? I see March 29 is the big day!