Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a sucker... either that or just in Love

Last night I was working on a crocheted afghan for Sam's mom for Christmas.

He complimented me on it, a lot.

Later on he jokingly pouted and said that HE wanted a soft and cozy afghan.

Earlier I had thought of making him one for Christmas, but then discarded the thought after seeing how much he already was getting for Christmas and making a realistic time check of everything I still needed to complete.

Well ----- Either I'm a sucker or just completely in love. Maybe both.

Because today I went and bought the rest of the yarn I need for an afghan for him. So now I have a few miscellaneous projects to complete for other people, Sam's Mom's afghan that is only half way done, and Sam's afghan that isn't even started.

I feel my fingers aching already, but it will be worth it. He'll love it.

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becky said...

You better put on some great movies to sit in front of while you work. The things we do for our boys.