Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm good... Yes you are!

I am in San Fran, living it up with my grandparents. I have been to the ballet, symphony, etc...

Tonight we are going to a huge party in one of the victorian mansions downtown. This morning grandpa took us to a huge, delicious, extravagant buffet for brunch.

The food was fabulous, the building was exquisite and the servers were incredibly friendly.

I visited the 28 table buffet a few times... the first time I walked by the roast beef the server said, "good morning." I politely replied.

The second time I filled my plate the server again greeted me with a smile and a wink, I smiled politely back.

The third time through I approached the roast beef and the server said, "would you like some of my beef?" I replied, "yes I would. Thank you." He then offered some potatos, I said no thank you. He offered some horseradish. I replied, "no thanks, I'm good."

His reply.... "Yes. You. Are."

I looked up and realized he was looking me straight in the eye, slightly leaning in my direction with a huge smile on his face. I politely smiled and went back to my seat.

When I eventually went back for a little dessert he saw me again and said, "Well isnt that delicious." I am not sure if he was talking about my fruit tart or me.

If only he wasnt a 40-yr-old prime rib server in San Francisco......

Either way, I am pretty sure I let my hips swing a little extra as I walked past. :)
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another hobby??

So, I'm thinking I might want to get into this....

It looks so easy! Besides, I'm good with my hands....

And we all know I LOVE being creative and getting my hands a bit dirty.