Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goal Setting - 2012 style

I have high hopes for 2012.

I had high hopes for 2011 - it was more than high hopes, I was determined to make 2011 MY YEAR after being kicked in the teeth in 2010.

Now after looking back I realize that I worked hard and it definitely paid off. There were some sad, horrible things that happened during 2011 - but it was still supposed to be MY YEAR and I kept things headed in the right direction. I came a long way in 2011. I overcame a lot, I changed a lot and I learned a lot.

This next year, 2012, my MAIN GOAL is to:


I chose the words very carefully. I plan to "get rid" of weight - not "lose it", that implies that I will find it again. This part of my resolution is specific to physical weight, yet I want it to relate to emotional and social weight as well. I don't need things dragging me down and holding me back.

The collect light and love portion refers to how I feel about me personally, what type of people I am welcoming into my life and what type of knowledge and energy I want to seek out. I feel it is a good motto and mantra for the coming year and I am ready to be "out with the old and in with the new".

I am setting some really specific goals for the physical weight loss this year. Some of it is very specific to my sprint triathlon training and eating clean.

My first spring tri will be on May 12th -- less than 4.5 months away.

Here is my goal sheet in my journal -- two pages that finished my last journal and I have recopied into the first two pages of my new journal for 2012.

I am big into goals - I think it is why New Years is my favorite holiday.

I have written these goals in my new journal for 2012 and I am going to make reminders of the new motto -- GET RID OF WEIGHT, COLLECT LIGHT AND LOVE.

I am sharing this here on my blog, on facebook and face to face... You are more likely to succeed in your goals if you share them with others.... and I will SUCCEED!!

Here's to 2012! Bring it on!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found them

I just wanted to let you all know.... I have collar bones.

Unless you have been a person that has lost them you won't quite know the joy of finding them.

But sure enough, they are there. They poke out a bit and I enjoy showing them off.

Slowly, but surely, this weight is coming off. I'm doing it the healthy way and working my tail off. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused day after day.... which makes it nice to get little nods of reassurance that I'm doing something right.

Today that little nod was collar bones.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm going to run around the world

OK, so here's the thing. I've been needing a reason to get motivated to run lately. Honestly, I haven't run since I finished my last sprint triathlon a month ago. I have fallen in love with swimming and biking and do that often, along with other cross training... but I haven't been running! I LOVED running when I was doing it regularly, but I've lost my motivation and fallen away.

Today I got a brilliant idea, one that combines my love of running with a HUGE love of mine.


So, here's the idea. I am going to map out a course that takes me throughout the world seeing all the things that I have always wanted to see and explore. I'm going to design a course that takes the path of least resistance (aka: miles) and then get to running.

Here is the motivation part.... When I run I will bank miles towards a specific destination, when I get enough miles I'm going on a trip!!

So, example.... The Narrows in Zion National Park (one place I've always wanted to go) is 304.4 miles away. So, when I run 304.4 miles from now I get to go to the Narrows! From there I will head off to a different place and have a new goal. Eventually I want this to take me throughout the world!

Now, to get this done I realize this is going to be thousands and thousands and thousands of miles and to run that much is going to take years (probably a lifetime), but I don't see the harm in making a long term commitment to running... and I SURE don't see anything wrong with a long term commitment to traveling!!

I am thinking it would be good to have my destinations about 400 miles apart, this will give me approx a trip a year at the beginning and then approx two trips a year as I eventually up my mileage.

So, here's my question for you.... WHAT DESTINATIONS SHOULD BE ON MY LIST?!?!?

I'm making a master list of everywhere I would like to go, possibly, ever, thinking broad here.... then I will map it out and narrow things down if I must. I need places around the world, anything I should see!!


Thanks in advance for your input. The support I receive from my family and friends is absolutely amazing and therefore I know you will have some great ideas! Please share!

Oh, and here's your warning.... Thailand is just over 8,000 miles away.... You have now officially received 8,000 miles notice if you are wanting to accompany me on the Thailand trip. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love saving Moolah!!

Today I went to the store for those little things we needed and also all the great things on sale that I had coupons for!!

I haven't been couponing a lot lately. Since we are so focused on plant based foods that limits the couponing quite a bit. (coupons for produce are RARE!!)

But, Tuffy still exists in the house and he isn't quite as switched over to plant based as we are.... so he cleaned up today!

Lots of frozen pizza, cracker snack packs for him to take to school, canned soup... all for GREAT deals.

Also... razors, hair products, shampoo and conditioner.

All in all I saved over $100 tonight. That's a 43% savings. (not bad since it also included a lot of produce)

When compared to other couponing trips the savings weren't incredible, but I felt pretty good about it.... especially when Tuff let out a yelp of joy when he saw the goods!!

Saving money and putting smiles on faces.... always a good thing.

Another good thing? A 4-pack of amazing razors for $0.28. (I got eight). :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Battle with The Beast (aka Fall Finale Sprint Tri)

It was an early one. Early and dark and cold.

It had been raining all night. Check in was at 7am. The temperature was 41 degrees.

I was in the pool by 8:30am. The swim was inside and the water was nice and warm... :)
(p.s. I can't get the pictures to turn, sorry)

Winter was taking pictures and Pops was right there yelling for me after every lap, swinging my shirt and making a very supportive ruckus.

Here I am, almost done with the swim!

Now for the 1/4 mile barefoot run to the transition area. That was the cold part!

I got all bundled up and ready for the bike... I was really grateful for that wind/rain proof jacket after 12 miles! My toes were numb and my shoes were dripping by the end of it, but at least it wasn't pouring rain!

And we are off... I seriously have the most supportive Poppa. He is always right there beside me or behind me, always inspiring and motivational.

This was at the top of the three mile hill that started the bike course. That thing was a doozy!! I just kept thinking to myself, "Winter is right up there and I do NOT want her to get pictures of me walking my bike..." As soon as I would pass her she would drive ahead again for more pictures... I think that is what got me up that damn hill!!

When things get hard on my bike I tend to yell and scream. I think this is the part where I screamed, "This shit is fucking hard!!!" I think I heard Pops giggle.

The view was absolutely gorgeous. I tried to remind myself to look up and enjoy it from time to time.

Here I am coming back into transition where Tuffy (here in the blue hat), Winter, Hope and Trey were waiting for us. I loved all the support!!

This is transition 2. I had to walk a hill on my bike and got a nasty blister from walking in my bike shoes. Here I was screaming while having to rake my shoe off.... ouch!! I remember looking down and seeing a huge chunk of skin in my shoe. Yummy.

The medic there put a pad on my heel (can you believe I didn't have anything with me?? Geesh! Live and learn...) And I was off....

Pops was right there with me as always.

This was a big 3 mile loop, we went out away from the oval and then back to finish with a lap inside... I was jello by then, struggling and honestly pretty emotional. Pops was very supportive and we had some good chats out there on that course.

Almost there!

Done! Finally!

This guy came up afterwards and said, "You are my hero. I was behind you the whole time and you were really inspirational." Maybe he was inspired by me yelling cuss words out on the bike course... who knows!! LOL

Done! Have the medal  to prove it!  That thing was a BEAST!! 

My fantastically supportive fam, fondly referred to as "TEAM BEAUDRY".

I think this funny face pic says it all. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Prepping for TAKE TWO

Take Two is tomorrow morning. My 2nd sprint triathlon. Just saying that makes a smile cross my face.

This will be a tough one. Weather projections are 41 degrees with wind and rain. Not exactly ideal weather to be jumping into a pool, then on a bike, then running.... but, all the better to make memories, right? Well, that's what I'm trying to tell myself. :)

I'm making my packing list for tomorrow. I'm trying to be prepared for the weather, yet not over prepare. My triathlon coaches keep telling me that I won't need as many clothes as I think I will, that I will heat up faster than I expect to.

I am going to change my transition strategies though. I am going to strip off as much as possible after my swim, I think I will be best served by getting off as many wet clothes as possible.

Last night Poppa and I went out for a bike ride in the rain. I was able to try out an outfit that I thought would work and use my new cold weather biking gloves that I got - LOVE THEM! Definitely worth the investment....

The weather was gorgeous last night, a little sprinkle, cold autumn air, gorgeous sunset on the snow covered mountains.... BEAUTIFUL! It was the perfect last ride of the week. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow I'm going to KILL IT. :)

Updates to come.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Pictures - We survived! (barely)

Yesterday we tackled this project of "Family Pictures."

Abby found a willing (and awesome) photographer, everyone fought over a color scheme, we miraculously found a time when everyone could make it and we all ventured down to Utah County, some of us more willing than others.

Hope went into a fury of getting hair and makeup done on her sisters, kids were squealing, dogs chasing each other, some were late and luckily Trey went off to get a few libations to hold us through.

We climbed in cars and started our caravan out to the south side of Utah Lake. Forty minutes later we pulled up at the beach that was supposed to be the "perfect spot" and were promptly lamblasted with gale-force winds and pelting rain. The dogs loved it and ran around crazy before we finally got them back in the  cars and set off down the road in hopes of getting out of the storm. I'm sure we looked like some ridiculous version of storm chasers.

We finally found another place on the other side of the mountain that would do just fine. I knew this place well... my ex liked this spot for all sorts of hunting expeditions and I would often go with him. We had camped out there with my step-girls and spent many days (and nights) hiking those hills for deer and sitting in the marshes by the swamp for ducks. It was interesting for me to remember these good times. So many of my memories from that relationship (mostly how it ended) are traumatic and horrible memories, it was nice to be able to remember the good, remember the joy we had and (gasp) the love that we shared. I do miss those times, but unfortunately powers out of my control ruined it for all of us....

ANYWAYS, back to the story.

So we got out and quickly realized we were being ACCOSTED by bird sized mosquitoes!! It was awful!! The next two hours were full of slapping and scratching and swatting and squealing.

We got some family shots done and then Abby's family jumped in there before the kids turned into balls of mud. Then all the couples got their stuff done. By this time a lot of people had escaped to the cars to try to avoid the mosquitoes, as well as some of the dogs. I had put Porter in the parents car and was over at Trey's car getting a swig of something to help keep the nerves at bay....

Tuffy comes walking back to me and says, "Something is wrong with Porter." When asked what was wrong he shrugged his shoulders and walked away... so I go to check it out and when I open the door to the car Mom is FREAKING OUT, and for good reason. When I look at Porter his eyes are swelling shut, his lips are fat, he has big swollen bumps all over him and he looks like he's about ready to keel over, but on top of that he's scratching and nibbling all over his little 9-lb body. I look closer and realize that the mosquitoes have eaten him alive and he is having a pretty significant allergic reaction.

I ask around for benadryl, no one has any... except for this topical gel that we keep for Tuff's skin. I grab Porter and wrap him in an extra shirt we had and hold him close, he snuggles right in -- I felt AWFUL, I could almost hear him crying for his Momma. I asked Poppa to help me smear him down with Benadryl gel and he let us get some on his head, but after a few minutes he had had enough and was squirming and fighting us the whole way.

The sun was almost down by now and the mosquitoes were really coming out in full force. We realize that I'm the only one who hasn't gotten individual shots taken so they grab me and throw me in front of the camera for a few minutes.... (enter furious shutter clicks here)...... and then I go grab Porter and run to Trey and Hope's car to escape the mosquitoes and get the hell out of there!!

As we are driving away in our little caravan, headed back to civilization, Trey tells me that our family succeeded in finishing off two six-packs and a fifth of Crown Royal during our excursion. Wow.... that's probably why there were no fights, screaming or tantrums. We need to remember this trick. :) Props to the family for pulling straight from the bottle in times like this!! LOL :)

After about 30 minutes we made it to a gas station, I removed the wheezing puppy from my lap and ran in to buy benadryl. There was a Subway attached so I bought two pieces of ham for 0.54 cents. Winter looked up "benadryl dose for small dogs" on Google (seriously, what would we ever do without google and smart phones?!?!) and we promptly wrapped 25mg of benadryl in ham and Porter took it like a champ.

Within an hour or so most of the swelling had gone down and he was feeling lots better, but TIRED. He slept on my lap the whole way home to Salt Lake and crashed in bed with me all night. This morning he is back to his normal self and all in all I will say that none of us are any worse for the wear.

Today we are off to our annual Family Fall Conference Oktoberfest Outing. I can't remember the last time I've drank three days in a row.... but ya know, sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dancing under a Red light (trust me, It's not what you think)

See this guy? Yeah, his twin was on the street corner in Provo yesterday.

As I approached the red light I see this guy all dressed up, fedora and everything, holding a cardboard sign that read,

"THIS IS 4 U. I JUST LOVE TO DANCE. Tips Appreciated."

Sure enough, the light hit red, traffic stopped, he tossed his sign back over his shoulder and ROCKED OUT to his head phones! I'm talking the worm, kicks, splits, jazz squares....


The light turned green. He bowed. I gave a couple honks and handed him a dollar bill out the window.

What great entertainment at a red light!! I could get used to this! It DEFINITELY brightened my day.

Here's a hint to all those panhandlers out there (especially in SLC)... show us what you got!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Take Two

We are going to try this all again, that's right... another sprint triathlon!!

I just registered for this puppy.

It's run in typical order this time -- swim first, then bike, then run.

This will provide some interesting challenges, like what to wear in the pool (I'm thinking of necessary bra support for the run, but do I really want all of that to get wet during the swim??). How about hopping on a bike wet? Running after being on a bike for 12 miles? All these normal transition questions that happen in triathlons that have the swim first (unlike my last triathlon that mercifully had the swim last).

I'm excited. I get to push a bit harder and work on a few things that I knew I wanted to improve on from last time. I know now that I can finish this, so now I know I can push harder.

I don't think the hills will be as intense this time as they were last time. Although, I know now that I can rock hills. I found out last week that my gears were set up opposite of how I thought they were and I have nine more "easy" gears that I didn't know I had. Can you believe I did those hills last time without my nine easiest gears?!?! Ughh, well, at least I know I have them now!

I thought I would only get one go at a sprint tri this year, so to get a second try before the summer quits on us will be awesome.

I met a new friend last time and she is the one that told me about this triathlon... so here is to new friends and conquering new challenges!! Like we keep telling each other, WE CAN ROCK THIS!!

Now, back to that hard training schedule that I thought I could put away for a bit. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Sprint Triathlon!!

It started with a 5k (3.1 mile) run. I did fairly well considering there were a few hills and I wasn't really pushing it too hard because I knew I had this.... The 12 mile bike!!

Pops was an awesome coach on the bike course. He talked me through some really hard hills and was encouraging and supportive when I needed it the most.

Transition to the swim!

Running to the finish line!

My Pops was awesome. He has always been a great supporter of mine and today was no different!

Mom came to cheer for me through the swim. At the end of every lap they would give me encouraging words, it was so motivating!

Here is the pic I've been dreaming of! I DID IT!

This lady actually turned around on the bike course to come coach me on a hill. This is what I love about these races, everyone is so encouraging and motivating!!

Thanks for all the support you guys!! (including you Abby, thanks for being behind the camera and taking all these awesome pics!)

And it's over. Time for a huge salad lunch and an awesome post-event massage!

Now THIS is the face of a proud girl. I trained my butt off and I DID IT!!

Official times: 2 hours 15 minutes 45 seconds
3.1 km run: 49:27 minutes
run/bike transition: 3:54 minutes
12 mile bike: 1:05:48 hours
bike/swim transition: 1:56 minutes
400 meter swim: 14:43 minutes

I felt suprisingly awesome. I was tired, sure... but I finished everything strong! There are a few things that I want to improve on, but isn't that part of these things!?!?! Someone asked me afterwards if I was going to do another one, I promptly replied, "OF COURSE!"

Whenever someone asks me about my sprint tri, I smile from ear to ear. I think that's a great sign. This was such an incredible experiance for me. To realize that in 6 months I went from not being able to run 2 minutes to finishing a sprint triathlon. I AM DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF.

This has been an incredible year, one that I dedicated to me, promising myself that this year I would take care of me. Well, I have, and it feels wonderful. I've done things that I didn't know I could do... and the awesome part is that I'm going to keep doing them.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burning the candle at both ends

I've been busy lately, REALLY busy. I knew getting into this fall that I would be working 7 days a week consistently. I knew that I would be at both of my jobs most days. I knew that it would be hard.

But let me tell you, falling asleep last night at 9:18pm was heavenly. Yes, I'm aware it was a Saturday night, but sometimes that is what the perfect Saturday night is made of.... especially when your Friday night included staying out till 2:35 am and then waking up at 7:00 am to work all day.

I slept like a rock and now I have the sleep hangover to prove it. But ya know, it was soooo worth it.