Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A day of dirt and fashion

Last week I was asked to work a BMX/Motocross event, these things are always tons of fun.

We had a lot going on and were out in the dirt all day. These athletes are easily some of the most down-to-earth and friendly athletes out there. The whole day is filled with smiles and laughs, families and friends.

It is always an incredibly fun day to people watch. The tattoos these guys sport are always amazing. Some gorgeous, some hideous -- but ALWAYS entertaining.

Then there are the girls.... the wives/girlfriends are the ones that show up in flipflops, jeans and a shirt. Sure, they are usually really cute and gorgeous, but they get this drill. They know what it is like to spend all day in the sun and dirt.

Then there are girls like this..... honestly, how does one even come up with the idea to take scissors to a normal man's t-shirt and create this lovely frock?

Seriously, these were event t-shirts. Normal t-shirts... but apparently the new fashion is to transform them to your liking... which always seems to involve amazing amounts of skin and cleavage. These girls weren't the only t-shirt artists there that day, but they were probably my favorites.

All in all we had a great day. The weather was GORGEOUS and the tricks were awesome. I think a good time was had by all.

I usually don't drink energy drinks... but since Red Bull was sponsoring the stuff was EVERYWHERE. I had one and seriously felt like I was going explode. That stuff is crazy!!

The thing about working motocross is that you are usually REALLY close to things. It's actually a bit of a dangerous situation if things go awry. I was up on a jump for most of the day... these guys were whizzing past and putting some serious wind in my hair. I was a huge dust ball by the end.

Seriously, it's after days like these that I realize how much I love being an athletic trainer... if only all days at work were this much fun.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi, my name is Sara and I'm a workaholic

All I've done lately is work. In the past two days I haven't been home and have been told 9 times that I look "exhausted."

The past three weeks ago at my PART TIME job I've billed 40.5 hours, 41.5 hours and 38 hours. Hardly sounds like a part-time job to me.

In the last three weeks I've pulled two weeks that include overtime at my full-time job.

I've picked up a third job (covering little league football)... sounds fun, and good money to boot.

In the last three weeks I have slept at home approx five (count them - 5) times.

In the last three weeks I have cooked ONE meal at home.

I'm beginning to feel like a mortgage payment is a REALLY expensive way to store my belongings.

In all honesty, I'M NOT COMPLAINING. It's been good for me lately. I need the money and it helps to keep me busy. Not being busy leads to thinking, and thinking leads to .... well, not good things lately.

So, I'm not complaining, I'm just working my ass off. And I'm REALLY not complaining because tomorrow is payday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yesterday I went to Oktoberfest up at Snowbird. Some of my family went and we had a great time.

It was funny, I wasn't really in the mood to drink.... so I only had a few sips of other people's, but I was excited to try all the food. We pretty much got one of everything and everyone sampled the tray. It was the perfect way to learn about German cuisine.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the chicken-apple sausage. The German Chocolate cake was TO DIE FOR (even tho I'm usually not a big sweet fan) and the Beef Roulade is a new favorite, I am going to have to learn how to make that one.

The setting was gorgeous and mountains were breathtaking. It felt so good to be outside all day in the crisp, clean air.

I had a good time, but like most things lately it was a bit hard. It made me miss my exploring partner. He is the one that introduced me to the "get one of everything" trick. We loved exploring, trying new things, finding all sorts of adventures. We always enjoyed festivals like this, especially if they had something a bit different - like Oktoberfest.

I've missed him a lot lately. I know people don't understand that... they only remember the bad. But I miss the good. I miss my exploring partner, my snuggle partner, my eater who was always willing to try my concoctions, my hot tub partner, my comic relief, my useless-fact encyclopedia, my muscles, my experimenter, etc, etc, etc.

Now I'm exploring on my own.... and for right now it's a bit of a struggle.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dating Update

Ok, I HATE dating. It's official.

Last night I went on a date that felt more like going out to dinner with a distant cousin.

You know how that is, right? You meet up, you know you are supposed to get along and be friends and everything, but you just don't really click, don't really have a whole lot of fun. Instead you spend the time trying to find something to talk about...

Yeah, I wouldn't consider that a super fun relationship, and DEFINITELY not dating material.

I was a bit disappointed, but it's OK. It was pretty apparent that we were just on two TOTALLY separate levels.... living with your mom? You are 30 for goodness sakes....

He was an incredible gentleman.... paid for dinner, walked me to my car, etc, etc.... but I can tell you, that awkward hug at the end will be the last communication for the two of us.

I couldn't help but reminisce on my way home. I remember the first date where three hours seemed like three seconds, where we NEVER lacked for conversation, where we were already texting and chatting again within hours of it ending.... It made me sentimental. It made me wonder how long it will take to find that again.

I waited a hell of a long time for it before, I don't want to have to wait like that again.