Friday, September 3, 2010

Dating Update

Ok, I HATE dating. It's official.

Last night I went on a date that felt more like going out to dinner with a distant cousin.

You know how that is, right? You meet up, you know you are supposed to get along and be friends and everything, but you just don't really click, don't really have a whole lot of fun. Instead you spend the time trying to find something to talk about...

Yeah, I wouldn't consider that a super fun relationship, and DEFINITELY not dating material.

I was a bit disappointed, but it's OK. It was pretty apparent that we were just on two TOTALLY separate levels.... living with your mom? You are 30 for goodness sakes....

He was an incredible gentleman.... paid for dinner, walked me to my car, etc, etc.... but I can tell you, that awkward hug at the end will be the last communication for the two of us.

I couldn't help but reminisce on my way home. I remember the first date where three hours seemed like three seconds, where we NEVER lacked for conversation, where we were already texting and chatting again within hours of it ending.... It made me sentimental. It made me wonder how long it will take to find that again.

I waited a hell of a long time for it before, I don't want to have to wait like that again.

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becky said...

Your time will come when you least expect it. But I remember dates so relieved that we were somewhere with tvs so I could just watch whatever game so I didn't seem too rude for having nothing to say to them. The longest nights ever. Ironically, those usually seemed to be the ones that they were all into because what a girl into sports. Good luck with the dating scene. I don't even know if i would know how to flirt anymore. Or if I would want to for that matter.