Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm going to run around the world

OK, so here's the thing. I've been needing a reason to get motivated to run lately. Honestly, I haven't run since I finished my last sprint triathlon a month ago. I have fallen in love with swimming and biking and do that often, along with other cross training... but I haven't been running! I LOVED running when I was doing it regularly, but I've lost my motivation and fallen away.

Today I got a brilliant idea, one that combines my love of running with a HUGE love of mine.


So, here's the idea. I am going to map out a course that takes me throughout the world seeing all the things that I have always wanted to see and explore. I'm going to design a course that takes the path of least resistance (aka: miles) and then get to running.

Here is the motivation part.... When I run I will bank miles towards a specific destination, when I get enough miles I'm going on a trip!!

So, example.... The Narrows in Zion National Park (one place I've always wanted to go) is 304.4 miles away. So, when I run 304.4 miles from now I get to go to the Narrows! From there I will head off to a different place and have a new goal. Eventually I want this to take me throughout the world!

Now, to get this done I realize this is going to be thousands and thousands and thousands of miles and to run that much is going to take years (probably a lifetime), but I don't see the harm in making a long term commitment to running... and I SURE don't see anything wrong with a long term commitment to traveling!!

I am thinking it would be good to have my destinations about 400 miles apart, this will give me approx a trip a year at the beginning and then approx two trips a year as I eventually up my mileage.

So, here's my question for you.... WHAT DESTINATIONS SHOULD BE ON MY LIST?!?!?

I'm making a master list of everywhere I would like to go, possibly, ever, thinking broad here.... then I will map it out and narrow things down if I must. I need places around the world, anything I should see!!


Thanks in advance for your input. The support I receive from my family and friends is absolutely amazing and therefore I know you will have some great ideas! Please share!

Oh, and here's your warning.... Thailand is just over 8,000 miles away.... You have now officially received 8,000 miles notice if you are wanting to accompany me on the Thailand trip. :)