Saturday, September 29, 2012

When Nurturing is in your Nature

You know those days that you start to self-analyze, then you start to journal, then you start to make lists.... and before you know it you are wanting to change everything? Yeah, well, today has been one of those days.

I've decided that I need to dance more.

I've started tapping again with a class at Westminster. It is taught by a lady that is in a tap company in SLC. After talking to her and having a private class with her, my heart was giddy with syncopated rhythms. The next week I sat down to talk to her and asked her, "Honestly, how far am I away from being at the level of tapping in a company." She doesn't think it is far away, and invited me to come to the company class.

So tonight I find myself searching for more dance classes, aiming to dance 3-4 times/week during the winter.

I also find myself trying to find ways to stay motivated for fitness through the winter. It always gets hard when  I don't have races coming up and my motivation starts to dwindle..... but then I start finding facebook groups and blogs about all these wonderfully fit and perfectly developed women. It motivates me, and depresses me all at the same time.

I've been reading these amazing books lately, they have honestly changed my life. I have been doing a lot of journaling and assignments to analyze and address some things in my life and today one of my assignments was to make a list of things that nurture me (other than food) and do at least one of those things daily.

You know what was the top of my list? Dancing.

So there ya have it. I need to dance more. I need to let my soul sing. I need to let me feet beat it out.

Then come home, love on the dogs and take a bath.... nurture, nurture and nurture.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Where did you get all this steak???

You know the movie Twister? It has one of my favorite movie lines of all time....

The tornado chasers go visit her Aunt in middle-of-nowhere, Kansas. They are all eating steak and eggs. One of the guys asks her aunt, "Where did you get all this steak?" She says, "from the cows out front." He says, "I didn't see any cows out front." She replies with a smile and a strange questioning, funny guteral sound. Yep, no cows out front.... steak. Get it? haha. Love that movie.

I'm currently in Kansas with the men's soccer team and I tell ya what, it is exactly like it is portrayed in that movie. Twister nailed it. Totally Kansas.

As we drive around it is all small town. This is one of the larger towns in Kansas, but it's all small town. There are fields in the middle of town, lots of empty lots. All family run stores and restaurants. The cops still wave at you. Everyone is nice for the most part. Everyone seems content. A few people think they run the place, and oddly enough, they probably do.

There are the wierdys out there. You know the ones. The old lady on the lime-green scooter with the studded leather jacket. No one gives her any trouble, because honestly she is probably related to everyone.... it's just crazy Aunt Jane.

I've lived in small towns like this, I grew up in them. I know how these places work and honestly it's kinda sweet to spend some time here.

Being in Nebraska and Kansas in the past month has made me long a bit for the good rural life. It makes me wonder if it's for me again. It makes me think that it wouldn't' be too hard to have a few chickens, a few goats.... But let's be honest. I don't want to be burdened by that, unless I had a Tall-Dark-and-Handsome to make sure that things were always taken care of (including me).

It's sweet to spend some time here, to drive down the streets and wonder what crops those are growing in the fields.... they aren't the peas, wheat and canola I'm used to from my days in Walla Walla.

Today we played at a small college in a town of less than 900 people. It was a christian college and the soccer field was literally bordered by a farm field on one side. During the warm-up they played christian dub-step, it was the most interesting thing I have ever heard. Thing Dead Mouze (sp?) with the words "Jesus Christ... Listen.... My heart for Jesus" thrown in the mix.

Yeah, weird stuff happens.... believe everything Dorothy and Toto tell you.

With that being said, we are off to dinner at Chili's.... a little bit of normalcy will be nice.

Oh, and may I recommend Twister for family movie night? It's a good one.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A morning with my Happy Boys

We went to the farmers market this morning, just me and my boys. We wandered around, bought a few things that caught our eyes or noses and then grabbed some lunch and had a seat to listen to some local band.

The boys enjoyed the grass, their water bowl and their new bones. I enjoyed some Greek food for lunch.

While we were sitting there a family came up and asked if they could pet the boys. I introduced them and the boys covered their twins with slobbery kisses. As we were talking the lady said that they had seen Ike laying in my lap while we were sitting there and she said, "It is obvious that they are really happy with you." Let me clarify, yes, all 85 pounds of him enjoys laying IN my lap... it's a sight I am sure. Anyways....

It touched me. I hope they are happy, and I truly think they are, but to have someone else notice it warmed my heart. I mean, honestly... look at this face, he looks pretty stinkin' happy to me!

Here is a pic I snapped of Porter after we got home. One of the benefits of having a "big" brother is all the toys and treats come in jumbo size. So here is Porter with his 8'' inch raw-hide bone. He kept it in his mouth for over an hour and kept hiding it from Ike. These two are true brothers.

My delicacies of the day included having a snack of fresh raspberries and locally-made-raw-milk Edom cheese. YUMM.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yep, that's me... starting my first repeat triathlon. This same race was my very first triathlon, this same weekend last year.... can you believe that now it is my SEVENTH!! Crazy town!

Mom, Wint and Brittney came to cheer me on... I always love having a support crew. It makes it fun during the bike to wonder where they will pop up along the course.

The bike portion was SUPER HILLY. Crazy hills, and lots of them. I conquered two hills standing up, which has always been a struggle for me, so I felt like I had a big accomplishment there. Overall I feel like I did well on the bike course, I am interested to see my time.... it should be a good one.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Now onto the 5k....

I survived the pouring rain, lightining, thunder, another SUPER HILLY run course.... We ran through the State Mental Hospital  grounds with are always beautiful, but a little creepy as you run past the razor-wire yard. Too bad none of the crazies were out, I probably would have ran a little faster. haha.

The people that take off your chip at the finish line are some of my favorite volunteers, because as I am standing there with my legs shaking and my whole body tingling they bend over to take off my chip, so I don't have to.

Yep, crazy weather, but we survived.... and the brand new shoes got their introduction to mud

Yep, that's me feeling good.... Cool, rainy weather, a great conquering bike course, a fun successful run, no swim (due to lightening), but a successful seventh race if I do say so myself! It's always a good day when this smile busts out at the finish line!!