Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hand over my heart, tugging on heart strings.

Seven years, can you believe it has been that long? Seven years since I lost an athlete on the ice, during a game, and it changed my life forever.
I was thinking of him last Saturday and Sunday, during the national anthem at our collegiate soccer games. I always think of him during the national anthem, because for three years after his death, every time I heard that National Anthem this was my view. 

We hung his retired number right next to the American flag, and as I looked at the flag and banner side by side the sting of that horrid night came back.
Now every time I cover my heart and listen to this powerful anthem, I think of him. I'll admit, the memory isn't quite as stinging anymore, but it still comes.... and I hope it always does.
His death changed my life. It made me question this career, it made me question my life. It changed the way I choose to live.

I am grateful for his memory, I am grateful for the love and friendship of his family. I am grateful for how my life has changed to follow his lead to never pass up an opportunity to do something great.
So, Jax, yes.... I think of you often, especially as I stand with my hand over my heart. Old habits die hard.
To read more about this great man, see

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grilling Solo

I was talking to my Lil' Sis yesterday and told her that I wished she lived closer so we could BBQ out back and drink chai tea on the porch... that is just isn't the same doing those things for yourself and no one to share it with.

Well, after a suprise cancellation of soccer practice I found myself at home three hours early. I decided that it's crap that I don't BBQ for myself... I should pamper myself more often.

So, I grabbed those steaks that were thawing for food prep and threw them on the grill, started some mashed potatoes. Then grabbed some peaches and threw those on the grill as well.

I grabbed one of my salads from food-prep that morning and whipped up a lemonade/berry/orange rum cocktail.... I was going all out.

By this time the steaks were ready for a flip and quickly finished. I made up my plate and sat on my back patio to enjoy my feast.

I will admit, best steak I have cooked in awhile, too bad no one else could enjoy it as well....

The peaches were great, the mashed pots hit the spot....

The pups and I enjoyed the warm back yard with it's perfect cool breeze. I sat and made lazy mental checklists of everything I wanted to do in the back yard.... hang the shade canopy, dead-head the roses, next year put the tomatoes at the back of the garden beds, roses along the north fence, blah blah blah....

Things were progressing nicely, almost too nicely.

It was then that I stood up to go in the house and realized, that cocktail? Yeah, I was drunk. Wayyy drunk. I didn't realize how big it was when I made it.... but it caught up with me, fast. No wonder I had such a lovely meal alone. LOL 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


When I bought my house I knew I wanted to do something to the front yard and this wonderful porch, but I couldn't quite figure out what.  I went back and forth, even contemplating fencing the whole thing for a courtyard... but then I realized it would look like a compound and no one would be able to see the porch!! 

Well, I've been in my house for five months now (can you believe it?!?!) and I decided that it was finally time to do something. It needed some curb appeal....

So, here is the before.... 

And after a sweaty Saturday and Sunday this is what I came up with.

I knew I wanted color... so here it is!! I think that some of the eves will be purple in the near future... but I didn't get it done this weekend.

You can't really see it, but the address plaque is this gorgeous glass tile.... that same tile is also on the table top. That was a super fun project, I have been looking forward to it for awhile now.

I love it. At first I was a bit scared when I did that first stroke of the teal paint... but now that it has settled on me for a few days I am really liking it.

So, there ya have it. My grey and white house has a little pizazz now. Quite perfect for a girl like me, if I do say so myself....