Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time for an update

Things have been different these last two weeks.... and put simply, CROSSFIT.

I started crossfit two weeks ago, it's insane. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it's a very high intensity workout that incorporates dynamic exercise with olympic lifts. It kicks my ass.

Starting two weeks ago I am also keeping very detailed calorie journals and monitoring weight and measurements..... if I'm going to be working this hard I need to know what is working and what isn't.

Well, after two weeks I lost a little over a pound and gained most of it back this week (in muscle I think). BUT, the really interesting thing comes in the measurements.

In two weeks, I have lost an incredible amount of inches.

Neck - no change
shoulders - down 1.5 inches
chest - down 2 inches
waist - down 2.5 inches
hips - down 1.5 inches
right thigh - down 1 inch
left thigh - down 0.5 inch
right calf - no change
left calf - down 0.5 inch
right arm - down 3/4 inch
left arm - down 3/4 inch
TOTAL: down 11 inches!! Holy shit! That's awesome!

So, this tells me that I'm gaining a lot of muscle, which is great because in the end that is going to burn more fat. So, this is a perfect example of not paying huge attention to the scale, but to consider the measurements as well.

It was really nice to take the measurements today, that helped give me a shot of motivation for sure.
I'm going to focus this week on regulating my diet, not only keeping my calories in check, but also eliminating things that are known to be inflammatory to my body, mostly gluten and dairy. I know it will be hard to eliminate them completely, so I'm going to work on limiting them as much as possible..... we will see how it goes!

As I gain more muscle and keep up this level of activity, especially with watching my eating, I will see results.... there is just no way that I won't.

I've really been working on getting to Crossfit four times per week. My coaches there are awesome and very encouraging. They push me and are really supportive, it has been fantastic.

I am also dancing twice a week, one tap class and one modern class.

I am also swimming on Sundays. 

So..... six workout days, with one of those being active rest (swimming) because it is nice and smooth.

I am really liking how good I feel. I feel strong. 

My energy and appetite have kind of been all over the map lately. Some weeks I have NO appetite, sometimes I can't sleep to save my life, the past two days I've taken naps..... Like I told my Poppa a few days ago, "My homeostasis is all fucked up", but I think that is part of it. My body is trying to figure out what it is going to be, and we are trying to fine tune it now.

So, today I'm headed to the college to swim. A day in the pool is always a good day.

Thanks for everyone's support. This is a great thing for me and a CONSTANT battle, especially after my thyroid/hashimotos diagnosis. But, hard work will hopefully pay off. One day I will find the right combo, so far this is looking promising!