Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Am I Old?

I am currently working a hockey showcase.... this week is 14 to 16 year olds. Next week is 17-21 year olds.

I was just recently sitting watching one of my injured players return to the ice for the first time today. We had a little talk before he stepped onto the ice and I was making sure he was good to go for practice this morning.... The dad sitting next to me asked, "does your son play forward or defense?"

My response, "Oh! He's not my son. I do the medical coverage for this camp and he is one of the injured players."

His response, "Ah, well you never know. You could easily have a kid out there...."

While I'm not sure what his true intentions of saying that were, he is prob right. If I had one of these baby 14 year olds when I myself was 14 then yes, I COULD have a son out here.

But I DON'T. I'm SINGLE. CHILDLESS (other than you, Porter... I miss your furry little self). And definately NOT a mother to any of these children.

However, I'm starting to realize.... maybe I'm getting old. I still FEEL young! Dosen't that count for something?!? Isn't 28 the new 18?? I'm going to say it is.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm a different woman than I used to be

I'm a different woman than I used to be; well, maybe its more accurate to say that I'm a woman now, before I was merely a girl.

Seven years ago I was madly in love with a man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.

Today my thoughts that I would be miserably unhappy with him now were confirmed.

He took a facebook quiz. The determination is that if he were a Twilight character he would be Edward Cullen.

There are a few things wrong with this.
1. He took a "which Twilight character would you be" quiz to begin with.
2. He would be Edward.
3. He commented about how alike him and Edward are.

Reasons I have concluded this is disturbing.
1. I don't like to admit I have really even read those Twilight books, let alone all four of them.
2. I really don't think any self respecting man would admit to it.
3. I'm a Jacob girl. Yes, JACOB.

The thought of pining over a man who wants to control my every move, not being able to survive without him being by my side, him stalking me and my family.... NO THANKS.

Being with a man who encourages me to do what you want (even if its risky), supports me in trying crazy things, gets in trouble with me, is always there for me even if I'm being rediculous, strong, handsome and can tear anything/anyone limb from limb..... YES PLEASE!

See, Jacob if its.

That is, IF we are actually admitting we have read the books and know about this stuff. Which of course, I plead the fifth.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


They threw away my scale....

On my whole weight loss adventures I have only weighed in on ONE scale, the scale here at work.

Today I came in and went for a quick weigh-in, but I couldn't find the scale! I searched high and low... finally I saw one of the adminstrators and asked, "Have you seen the scale?" Her phone started ringing and she quickly blurted out...

"We threw it away."

WHATTTT??!!!? You threw it away??? I just nodded and then stepped out of her view before a look of horror and astonishment crossed my face...

How am I supposed to get an accurate reading now? How am I supposed to compare last week to this week? It would have been helpful to be able to weigh on two different scales on the same day. That would at least give me a starting off point with my new scale... but NO. No such luck.

So, now not only do I not know how this week technically compares to last week.... but now I'm on the hunt for a new scale.

Yes, I know this isn't a HUGE deal.... it can only be a couple pounds different, right? Well, a couple pounds is about my weekly loss, so hopefully it dosen't kill all momentum for me. My chart may now be all screwed up, that downward line may not be so downward anymore!!! Well, at least for this week....

So now here is the question... what scale am I close to at least once a week? Hummm.... I'm on the hunt.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Smell of the Ice...

I'll be honest, I miss hockey. It was a HUGE part of my life for over eight years; and yes, I've loved my time since then... but I miss it.

Watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs lately have shown me bits and pieces of what I miss. It's usually the shots of practice or warmup that get to me... those are the times I miss.

Every year I work a showcase camp down in Vegas for two weeks. This year I am excited to go.

I'm excited to see everyone that I'm getting used to working with... but mostly, I'm excited to be by the ice again. I'm excited to work with athletes that think the world rises and sets because of them and their skills on the ice... simply put, hockey players are a different breed - and I love them.

When I day dream about camp I see one setting... Morning practice. The lights are still coming on. The ice is cold and hard. That "smell" is in the air. I'm leaning against the boards while standing on the bench. The chill circulates up off the pristine ice below and brushes across my face and is held off my neck by my many layers of coats. Then it happens.... the first guy hits the ice and his sharp blades make those inital couple slices in the fresh ice. Then his stick connects with a puck and sends it shattering against the boards.....

And it has begun. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moab -- the land of Beauty and Blisters

Last weekend a good friend of mine had a business trip that was wonderfully close to Moab, I was offered a chance to tag along and took advantage of it... sometimes 28 hour trips are the best ones, they can fit right in and hardly even interupt life at home.

We were by Moab and Arches National Park and took advantage of it. This is Corona Arch, it is actually outside of the park and our last hike of the day. It was a great hike!! I was exhausted and after four hikes already that day I was a little unnerved at the fact I had to climb ladders and hold onto chains so I didn't fall off the side of the cliffs... my legs were tired, I was tired... but it was well worth it and I had a great sense of accomplishment and wonder at the beauty of it all.

These great train tracks were at the beginning of the Corona Arch hike, I couldn't pass them by!! What a great photo op!

This is me inside Double Arch, can you see me?? It's a magnificent structure where two arches converge, almost like you are in a domed tent. It's breathtaking. It was pretty fun to be able to climb up on everything as well.

This is a picture taken through a little window on the Delicate Arch hike. On our way back down from the hike we hiked up and snapped a few shots. Great view!

Delicate Arch from the main view point (yep, it's the one on the license plates).

This is the view off the East side of Delicate Arch, it was a great view!! While we were standing at the cliff looking over the great expanses of red rock the wind started to pick up. We decided to sit and have a snack, and good thing we did!! The wind picked up! The gusts were something to contend with! It would have been mighty scary to still be perched on that cliff when the winds kicked up like that.

Can you see me sitting at the base of Delicate Arch?? It's a great little spot to just sit and relax.... and it dosen't hurt that it's a famous landmark. :)

Throughout the day we had a good time exploring and soaking in the beauty and peace. Being outside on such a GORGEOUS day and in the middle of no where truly does something amazing for the soul.

Owen always gives me a hard time for taking pictures of my feet... but these tan lines are great. Dontcha think?? :) (they look more dramatic in real life)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some have it, Some don't

Possibly the most WONDERFUL thing in this world is a good kiss.

Unfortunately there are bad kissers around these parts, hard to believe... but its true.

Now, you may argue that a kiss is a kiss, that a bad kiss is better than no kiss... and yes, I may tend to agree with you. Until I remember what a GOOD kiss is like.
Start out tender, after inching closer and closer... you never really know when contact will ever happen, but when it does and the anticipation is over... So gentle, so soft. Maybe a bit of 5-o'clock stubble thrown in there just to keep your nerve endings on their toes. Tender might lead to a slight nibble...

Some men know how to do it, others don't. Simply put.

And I have found, that I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate the ones that do.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bragging rights

Here is a story from Indy for you...

On Monday night (the night after the race) we attended the Winners Dinner. It is a fancy dinner affair that is televised and the drivers are awarded their checks.

We had a wonderful time, got all spiffied up and enjoyed oursleves. That night as we were leaving (with aching feet from being in heels all night) we drove out of the track and were behind the "Team Penske" semi trailer. Helio, who won the race, is part of Team Penske.

As we followed them under the track and out onto the main street they started honking their horn... long slow honks. It sounded just like when we used to honk our team bus when we left an ice rink after winning.

It gave me goosebumps. I always loved doing that during hockey, its a sense of pride and a way of bragging... putting "claim" on a place... letting everyone know that you are the victorious ones.

I felt privilaged to be able to see and hear it. Watching their truck driving down a dark 16th street, in the shadows of the magnificent Indianapolis Motor Speedway grandstands, sounding their deep booming horn... letting everyone know that THEY are #1.