Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost 20% done

Ok, first full day in the condo is complete.

The adults of the house (all two of us) woke up this morning and went to the grocery store. Stocked the cabinets and fridge and started breakfast all before the monsters started waking up sometime around 12:30 local time.

Today we lounged around, went and got credentials, watched the Gold Medal Hockey game, ate dinner and watched a crazy, crazy movie.

The game was awesome. I was intent on watching it and a few of them supported me from the beginning. Most of the team started to gather around and during the entire game I was explaining the rules and strategy of hockey (good thing I have a great coach for a father, he's taught me a lot). By the end of it all the team was converted and yelling and cheering for the U.S. It was a great game to watch, very evenly matched. Hats off to Canada for a great show.

Today has been relatively good. I haven't shed any tears until just now when I talked to Sam while sitting in my dark room getting ready to close my eyes for the night. Today I've talked to them a couple times... once with the baby girl calling to inform me that they were watching hockey and we were losing. Thanks, Darling. haha.

Sam said things are going well. He thanked me for leaving them with so many goodies. Those two are easy to please. Go-gurt, bananas, baby oranges, pink milk and coupons for Chuckie Cheese. It doesn't take much with those two. :)

He told me that she has asked if we will buy her a car when she is 16. She has also asked when she can get her belly button pierced, 16 or 18. Sam told her that we will discuss it when she's 16. Ugh, this one will be a handful....... What 3 1/2 year old knows at what age you can legally get your belly button pierced without your parent's permission? Geez.....

I miss them both terribly. I do ok when I'm busy, but it's when life calms down and I hear of their laid back and comfortable day that it hits me deep.... I realize that I'm not there and those days, the lazy comfortable ones, are my favorite days with them.... and I'm missing one.

I keep counting down the days. I'm almost 20% done with this trip. I'm two full days through nine, but the last day kind of doesn't count because it's full of travel.... at least I know at the end of that one I'll get a kiss.


Ok. I'm here.

It has now been 22 hours since this whole travel excursion started... (see previous post).

Since the Boston airport, where I had a total of a 3.5 hour wait for coach's flight to get in, all of us staff members left to pick up the rental vans.

Well, needless to say.... the rental reservations weren't done right AND the school credit card wouldn't work; so, four hours later (I'm not kidding) and two rental stores later (again, not kidding) we now have two suburbans and two mini vans to fit 24 people and all their luggage (again, see previous post for the details on amazing amounts of luggage).

Heavenly Father did take pity on me and somehow convinced the ski coaches that I would be better served to go with the snowboard team (mainly because they needed another driver, but I could really care less about the decison making process at this point). So, I was one of the lucky ones to be able to come strait to the competition town.

When I found this out I called Sam and complained (in the middle of our four hours wait for vans) about all of the unorganized chaos and spending nine days with 10 snowboarders.... including staying in a condo with them....

But upon later review I find that this is by far the best way to spend the nine days, we will see if I change my mind or not.

Benefits: I don't have to stay with the rediculously unorganized ski coaches. I get to run things with Abe, the snowboard coach who is much more laid back, much more organized, much more logical and flat out not as socially awkward. Also, less moving around. More freedom and more room.

Cons: staying with loud, smelly snowboarders for nine days. Let's see if my OCD kicks in full force or takes a vacation. :)

So, we finally make it to the airport.... Abe magically fits all the luggage into the suburban and still has room for three snowboarders, that leaves me with six in my minivan. They hop in, pop in a pirated copy of Avatar and remain fairly silent.

We stop for a quick dinner. We get back on the road.

I ingest my first ever, in my entire life, totally against my beliefs energy drink. Sam swears by 5-hour energy.... and I'll shamedly admit, they work.

We continue driving. Hit snowpacked and incredibly icy roads (FYI: Maine does a CRAPPY job of plowing or salting) and I do my best with my red, shiny, rear wheel drive mini-van.

A few scary moments, and five hours later (Yes, at 3 am EST) we arrive at our condo.

The great part is that it is actually big enough to hold all of us and I get a small room with a remarkably firm double bed. I have two pillows (not nearly enough for a makeshift Sam) but at least I have one at all. I've already claimed my towel and washcloth. I should be set.

Unfortunately this 5-hour energy is working all too well and I'm still trying to wind down. It's been a hell of a day. The good thing is that tomorrow should be reasonably relaxed. I need to get up in the morning and go to the grocery store with Abe. I told him I would help cook while we are here, that should give me something to do that I enjoy and it will also help out the team.... win win. After that we have the gold-medal hockey game at 3:00 PM EST, during which we must cheer loudly for the U.S.

Sounds like a good day.... I'll keep you updated. Let's see if my nerves can handle this.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Letting Go

I'm currently sitting in Boston, on the first day of a long, long, long trip with the ski and snowboard teams. We are headed to Nationals, in Maine.

Our plane tickets weren't bought until a week ago, so now the 24 of us (20 athletes, 4 staff) are on six different flights. I was on the first flight, with five of the girl skiers......

We left the school at 4 am (Sam was soooo happy about dropping me off. haha) and got the the airport at about 4:30. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 AM. At 5:30 we were still waiting in line because coach was no where to be found to pay for all the baggage fees....

cue: 1st wait period - about 30 minutes, felt like four hours

Needless to say, he showed up. We ran. Ran some more. And.......

Now we are in Boston, sitting in baggage claim while the others are all delayed.

cue: 2nd wait period - approx 3 hours.

What's next?? They will show up. Some how we will go find our rental vans. Load them with some ungodly amount of luggage (think 20 snowboarders and skiers. Each needs at least four boards/pairs of skis, plus nine days worth of clothing/toiletries to live/compete/study/explore/party/etc). We are talking some SERIOUS amounts of luggage.

After we get the vans, and get loaded, we will all embark on our journey. Two vans will head to training, two vans will head strait to the competition.

Oh, by the way. I'm driving one of those vans.

Do I know where I'm going? NO. Do I have maps or directions? NO. Do I know how long it will take to get there? NO. (I'm guessing at least four hours). DO I know where we are staying when we get there? NO.

Am I happy to be here in the first place? NO. Is this helping? DEFINATELY NO.

Ok, I'll admit. I'm a bit OCD. Especially about planning and having things run smoothly.

So, obviously this is getting me a bit worked up. I am truly trying to let go and go along with things, but MAN.... IT'S HARD!

I would much rather be back at home with my man and baby girl..... those kisses this morning weren't nearly enough.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's a game...

Everytime I come home from work Sam has done something around the house....

Lately it has seriously been every day.

Clean up the back yard. Take down shelves in the house that I'm sick of seeing.

Fix the bathroom sink.

Finish cleaning the garage.


It's almost turned into a game. When I am nearing the driveway I start looking. Sometimes it's obvious, sometime's I don't notice till I'm in the house.

It's been fun. Things are getting done around the house at a great rate and I feel so loved and taken care of when my "handy man" is busy!! (Love languages... I'm an Acts of Service.... if you don't know what I'm talking about CHECK IT OUT!!! google it.)

I'm getting ready to leave for NINE DAYS with the ski team. There is some serious potential for this one.... Maybe I'll come home to a new addition on the house.

haha. KIDDING!! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heavenly Father LOVES Me

Yesterday I was sitting at work late in the afternoon. It had been a long, stressful, busy day. I'm not regularly a chocolate lover, but yesterday I wanted a taste of it.

I told my co-workers, "I'm going to see if I can find any chocolate anywhere" and walked out of the room. I had a few offices in mind that usually have candy jars/bowls and I was heading there; but first I stopped through the lounge.

I rounded the corner and saw this on the table.

Now seriously, what are the odds of this being left over from a meeting that day??? On the exact same day that I'm craving chocolate and sweets??? I mean, Seriously!!!
I promptly grabbed them. (I would have loved to see my face when my eyes fell upon such goodness). I marched proudly back to my co-workers, walked through the door and proclaimed, "Heavenly Father Loves me!"
They turned around awkwardly, wanting to know WHAT could have possibly made me say that. When they saw my treasure they laughed, then helped me dive into the deliciousness when I put it down in the middle of us all.
Within about five minutes we were all close to a sugar coma, yet content. After a bit I returned the leftover tray to the lounge for others to enjoy and still get a chuckle when I think of my experience yesterday. Call it luck, call it divine intervention, call it what ever you want..... just call it FABULOUS.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last night I was at work, trying to get out the door. My cell phone rang and it was Sam.

I answered, "Hi Babe" with a little bit of tired and weariness in my voice.

He answered, also a little bit tired sounding, "Sweetie, Do you remember you have a home? Do you want to come here?"

I realized then exactly how much I have been gone. I've been working constantly, and while Sam is very supportive and grateful for me working so hard.... it's been difficult to be apart so much.

A few tears came to my eyes.... I replied, "Oh Babe, I'm trying to get out of here. Let me finish up with this athlete and I'll call you as soon as I'm out the door."

I hurried to finish and buckle up the last few things that I needed to do and literally jogged to my car. I called him as soon as I was out of the parking garage and we talked the whole way home.

When I got home we watched some TV while snuggling on the couch, got in the hottub and he quickly slid over and pulled me down into the lounge seat with him, we got in bed and watched a movie while I laid on his chest. This morning my alarm went off and HE hit the snooze button as he pulled me into a strong embrace, snuggled his face in my neck and held me tight.

He's been missing me.... While it's hard to be apart, and it's only going to get worse for the next little bit, I can find comfort in the fact that he misses me. For now I'm looking forward to tonight when I get to be in his arms again.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Olympics ROCK

We got DVR just in time for the Olympics, thank goodness!!! Every session of the Olympics is being recorded in our house. Every night we sit down and go through everything. It's been awesome.

I will admit, we have been fast forwarding the Ice Dancing (is that really a sport, anyways?!?!?), but pretty much everything else has been awesome. We have fallen in love with short-track speed skating, skiing, snowboarding (of course), even biathlon.....

Last night, HOCKEY!! I knew the game was coming up, but since Sam isn't a huge fan of hockey I didn't push (or even suggest) that we watch the whole game. I had gotten home from work, was cooking and cleaning a bit in the kitchen and heard the TV change channels. I heard that distinct sound, HOCKEY!! But only for a split second. I immediately whipped around and saw Sam's face, looking at me with a smirk and that "I hope she didn't hear that" look in his eyes.

I squealed, "Was that the game?!?! Oh Babe, it's such an important game!!" as I ran into the living room, still drying my hands on a dish towel. He rolled his eyes and changed the channel back to the hockey game.... all with a little smile on his face.
Then the magic happened.....

I'm not only referring to the magic of the game.... 5-3 victory over Canada, with a bye next round!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!
Or the magic of what a tremendously entertaining game it was.......
But yet, the magic that occur ed as Sam started to like hockey. Not only like hockey, but truly get wrapped up in it. Groans and moans when shots were missed. Squeaks when shots were saved. Cheers for fights. Comments on good plays.
Hockey is now liked by the ENTIRE house.... yes, even the baby girl is highly impressed with it.
Thanks guys, you not only made us proud, but helped this little family out a lot!! :)
Hockey for all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I'm a little OCD about a few things, organizing my coupons is one of them.
I'm starting to really focus on deals and coupons. I'm having a lot of fun designing the best deals I can get (while it's really helpful as well).
Every week I compare the local deals with what we need and what coupons expire that week.
If I don't need a coupon, or find a better deal with a different brand once I'm there, I have been known to leave the coupon tucked inbetween the boxes or laying on top of the packets....
I consider myself a coupon fairy. It's a little bit of good I can do for the world.
Well, imagine my pleasure when I was getting dog food this past weekend (and unfortunately didn't have any coupons of my own) when I grabbed the huge bags and a coupon came fluttering down from the shelf!!! Another coupon fairy had bestowed their gift on me that day!!!
It was wonderful. Almost brought a tear to my eye.
So here's to all of us coupon fairies. Keep it up. It's helping out everyone! Besides, it's kind of fun. Isn't it??? :)
p.s. Yes, that actually is my coupon folder pictured above. I know.... a bit OCD. But it works!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some good... some not so good

Valentine's weekend. Whew. What a crazy concept.

We had the baby girl all weekend, which actually made it perfect.

Sunday morning us girls got up and made the man of the house heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. We both got kisses and many many compliments and thank you's.

The rest of the day was spent playing, watching olympics, showering late in the day and eating heart shaped PBJs.

Late that night Sam cooked us a wonderful honey salmon while I pulled together the rest of the meal with potato cakes and asparagus.

Last night we got home late from a busy day on the road. It was a rough day, an even rougher night.... but finally in the wee hours of the morning I got a massage and some incredible kisses I've been needing.

Ups and downs. Good and Bad. But overall a memorable first Valentine's day together.....

Sorry no pictures, obviously I'm getting lazy. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Valentine's day makes couples fight. End of story.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


After a truck load to DI, a truck load to the parents house, a couple arm fulls taken into the house and a truck full of boxes to take to the recycling....

The garage is CLOSE!!! Oh so close!!!

Sitting in the middle of the garage is the turkey deep fryer, it needs to be used the rest of the way and then a place needs to be found. There is a ton of paperwork to sort and file. We need a storage rack for fishing poles. The floor needs to be swept.

That's it!! Can you believe it?? AMAZING!! Wahoo!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

TOMORROW'S to-do list

So, tomorrow is the day.

The day we tackle the garage (and I get Sam to help me hang all my new decorations from Christmas).

Too much for one day? PROBABLY. Are we going to try? YES.

Is it supposed to rain/snow? YES.

Am I going to let this get us out of it? NO.

Do I plan on taking TRUCK LOADS to the dumpster and DI? YES.

Do I plan on finding things to sell on KSL/Ebay?? I most definately hope so.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Are you ready for the worst news you have heard all year??


It's tragic.

Today is GORGEOUS. We got new snow yesterday and I would REALLY like to go out and give it a try.

Shoot, who even knows if I can get off the lift without falling on my ass. Probably not, but I'm willing to try. :)