Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost 20% done

Ok, first full day in the condo is complete.

The adults of the house (all two of us) woke up this morning and went to the grocery store. Stocked the cabinets and fridge and started breakfast all before the monsters started waking up sometime around 12:30 local time.

Today we lounged around, went and got credentials, watched the Gold Medal Hockey game, ate dinner and watched a crazy, crazy movie.

The game was awesome. I was intent on watching it and a few of them supported me from the beginning. Most of the team started to gather around and during the entire game I was explaining the rules and strategy of hockey (good thing I have a great coach for a father, he's taught me a lot). By the end of it all the team was converted and yelling and cheering for the U.S. It was a great game to watch, very evenly matched. Hats off to Canada for a great show.

Today has been relatively good. I haven't shed any tears until just now when I talked to Sam while sitting in my dark room getting ready to close my eyes for the night. Today I've talked to them a couple times... once with the baby girl calling to inform me that they were watching hockey and we were losing. Thanks, Darling. haha.

Sam said things are going well. He thanked me for leaving them with so many goodies. Those two are easy to please. Go-gurt, bananas, baby oranges, pink milk and coupons for Chuckie Cheese. It doesn't take much with those two. :)

He told me that she has asked if we will buy her a car when she is 16. She has also asked when she can get her belly button pierced, 16 or 18. Sam told her that we will discuss it when she's 16. Ugh, this one will be a handful....... What 3 1/2 year old knows at what age you can legally get your belly button pierced without your parent's permission? Geez.....

I miss them both terribly. I do ok when I'm busy, but it's when life calms down and I hear of their laid back and comfortable day that it hits me deep.... I realize that I'm not there and those days, the lazy comfortable ones, are my favorite days with them.... and I'm missing one.

I keep counting down the days. I'm almost 20% done with this trip. I'm two full days through nine, but the last day kind of doesn't count because it's full of travel.... at least I know at the end of that one I'll get a kiss.

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