Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost 50%

I'm almost 50% done with trip. If you don't count our last travel day then I am definately half way done. If you want to be stickler about it, then fine! 50% done will be at approx 10am tomorrow morning... time is actually moving pretty quickly.

With 10 snowboarders (plus me) in the condo this is probably the most tidy corner of the place.... there is stuff EVERYWHERE. Especially when we come back from the mountain and everyone is hungry. It's like a bomb went off.... hats, boots, pants, gloves, etc, etc, etc....

For some reason this grabbed my attention and helped me pass almost an entire day. Pathetic I know, but I did have to erase the whole thing twice and start over.... I've lost my touch for these things!

This is where we are; Sunday River, Maine. I didn't know that they could make a ski resort on such a small little mountain... but this is the biggest they have around these parts. So here it is. The snow is absolute slush. If you kneel or sit for two seconds you are SOAKED. It's pretty crazy, when the snow gets like this in Utah we all call it quits. Instead, they are all stoked and bragging about how they just got three new feet of great snow..... sad. Just proves again, Utah is truly the best snow on earth.

This is the halfpipe. This competition was held today and we did well!! Girls took 4th and 3rd, boys took 3rd and 6th!!
I hiked up to this thing five times today.... PHEW!!! Quite a work out!

Drew was nice enough to model for me. Every time he puts this outfit on it makes me giggle. Yes, that is a long lavender tanktop that says Bethel, Maine on it. (the town that Sunday River Resort is next to). Oh, and yes, that is a small pocket on the bottom right side of the shirt. Drew puts his phone in there.

This was the halfpipe tonight. The guys had finals under the lights.... pretty fancy.... They even had big screens, a pretty decent sounds system and fireworks!! It's the big time. After all, it is Nationals. :)

I'm really starting to miss home. Today at the bottom of the halfpipe my toes got a little cold and I thought to myself how nice it would be to get in the hottub and warm up. A tear snuck into my eye when I thought of being able to be in the hottub with Sam again.... I sure do miss that good lookin' guy.

Only five days now, four if you don't count the travel day. In my mind I say four days (50% of the way there), then a wakeup and a day spent getting back... with a kiss at the end. :)

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