Sunday, May 31, 2009

You are a &*@$# pansy, eh!

I'm sitting here at work tonight. We are BUSY, I'm trying to get homework done and we have Ice Road Truckers on in the background.

Why Ice Road Truckers, you ask? The accents. The Canadian accents make me smile.

When I worked with college hockey for eight years I got really used to Canadians, their attitudes, their personalities, their holidays... and their accents. I think their accents are adorable, manly, and utterly fantastic.

Usually watching a good marathon of Ice Road Truckers will give me my fix. Tonight I also got a good laugh. I just watched an episode where to guys got into a scuffle over the phone, all about the heat in the cab of a truck.

The best part about it? It was TOTALLY a Canadian fight. The "F bomb" was dropped every other word, they both over reacted, they still injected "eh" into their sentences, they both thought they were right, they both thought the other person was over reacting and they both got pissed off and hung up on each other.

Ahhhh, I felt right at home.... it made me miss my sweet Canadians.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cliffnotes Version

I just spent hours editing, downloading, transfering and posting pictures on facebook. They are all from our trip to the Indy 500 last week.

So, in honor of my teetering sanity, I am going to just supply you with pics for now. Stories to come....

Here are the links, you don't have to be a facebook user to view them, enjoy!!

p.s. Yes, Winter does look like she is 21 now. We didn't pick up another sister somewhere along the way.

Party in the Tower and other festivities

IRP race

Fashion Show

THE RACE, album 1

THE RACE, Album 2

Hanging with the Family and Winners Dinner

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleepy Time... Err, I mean STUDY Time.

I'm trying to stay caught up on my homework and assignments... and if I have learned ANYTHING about grad school it would be that they want you to read. A LOT.

This week I have three units to complete. They each have an assignment, two of which are 5 page papers (not a big deal) and the other is an interview with someone that has been in charge of the selection, planning and construction of a sports complex. That interview may prove challenging. I personally feel like if they are someone with those types of responsibilities they probably wont have a lot of time for an interview with some measly graduate student....

On top of those assignments is the READING. Uggh, the reading... One unit has 123 pages of reading. Another has 74 pages of reading and the last is being more tender hearted and has only assigned 68 pages of reading.

I started this morning, sitting here at work, trying to get things done. I've been reading now for two hours. I just caught myself sleeping. My head hung, highlighter in hand.

This is rediculous. How am I supposed to remember ANYTHING when I snooze my way through it??? Shoot, I'm tempted to just take the damn quiz. I'm a smart girl.... unfortunately I'm a lot smarter when I actually have read the material.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

When all else fails, throw something

Yesterday I woke up in a bad mood. I realized it and tried to fix it... but I just couldn't shake it.

I was annoyed with people for some of the most rediculous reasons. There were times when I would find myself completely disgusted with people and at my wits end... and then I would see that I was probably being unreasonable. Instead of being able to relax, I simply decided to remove myself from the situation.

Yes, at one point I even got mad at someone for driving so slow to be constantly in my blind spot when I needed to change lanes. I KNOW!! The NERVE of some people!! :) lol

Finally, after going a whole day like this I went to work out with Poppa at the fire station. You know what this means... MEDICINE BALL WORKOUT!! WAHOO!! :) (uggh)

So, I went over there, finally drug my grumpy and lazy butt into the workout room and started my routines.

You know what? By the end of it I felt SOOOO much better! I was laughing, smiling, happy and not so annoyed with absolutely everything.

So, remember. When all else fails, go throw things. Heavy things.

Throw them at brick walls (while in a lunge to focus on legs). Throw them in the air (explosive, think shoulders!). Swing them back and forth in a controlled motion (abs, people!! Keep your core strong!).

All in all, I beat the CRAP out of those balls yesterday... and it felt GREAT!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Rid of It

Today I tried on every single piece of clothing in my closet. Literally.

Formal dresses, skirts, tshirts, shorts, etc.If I didnt like it, it was too big (which is the majority of it) or it didn't fit right anymore I got rid of it. I had two piles on my bed. KEEP and GET RID OF.

By the end of the ordeal (and multiple opinions from my patient friends) I had a larger GET RID OF pile than KEEP.

I cried a few times... like when I realized that I had to get rid of my favorite jeans because they are just simply too big. Owen said they look like pirate pants instead of jean capris like they are supposed to. He's probably right, if I did a little jig they would fall off....

I guess I'll just have to go shopping in the future!! But I'm trying to put that off as long as possible... I just don't see the point in buying more clothes if I'm going to keep losing weight. However, I am running low on clothes now.

The urgent thing right now is having clothes to wear in Indy. Hope came over and together we found some outfits that will work. It took a bit of creativity and me getting used to my "new body" (as Owen calls it)... but I think it is going to work.

So now I get the great process of taking pictures of clothes to sell on eBay and going for a DI run.

Oh, and my closet is EMPTY. It looks like I was robbed. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's My Party and I'll .... Go to the Roller Derby!!

It was my birthday last week and my wonderful family planned a great outing for dinner and the Salt Lake Roller Derby! Awhile back I saw a bumper sticker for the derby and suggested we go and check it out...

First we had a delicious dinner with wonderful conversation and delicious food.

Then we headed over to the Roller Derby!!
Yes, it is every bit as crazy as it looks. I don't even know how to begin describing the enviroment... hopefully the pictures will help me out. I can tell you that it was the most interesting people watching I have done in YEARS!!

The fashion was unique, I probably won't run right out and buy these boots... but they did catch my attention.
The fans were unique. One would think that they would be mostly hard core guys, much like this one that was conversing with "Spank E. Ham".

However, most of them looked like this... and when you combine that with the way the crowd would roar when the announcer asked "who is ready to see hot girls in short skirts beat the hell out of eachother???" it creates a whole different picture.

There were also families, young people, clean cut couples, crazy drunks, a strong LGTB following and even some Japanese tourists sitting right up front with cameras in hand.
Then there were a few fans like this... complete with costumes and signs.

One of the funnest thing about Roller Derby are the names that the ladies choose for themselves. The goal is to have a name that looks like a normal name yet sounds like something else when said aloud. Some names had strong sexual overtones, but not all. Some were plain and simple.... like Miss Swine Flu posted here. Yes, her jersey number is #H1N1

Some other names included: Red Bare N'Ass, Grand Slam Breakfast, Nos, Savage Beast, Spank E. Ham, Donkey Punch, Jack Dupp, Swine Flu, Alevya Suffrin, Ashes to Ashes, Beracooter, Brew Ha Ha (she was my personal favorite), Crucifyher, Miss Mafiosa, Merry Masochist, Skallihag, and Violence Vicksen.
And the Referees: Collin DeShotz, Stu Pidasso, Check'er Assout and his wife Toss'er Assout

I decided my Roller Derby name is Farrah Moan.
All in all we had a good time. But then again, when we are all together we USUALLY have a good time. :)

Here Tuff and I are with the derby floor behind us, just to prove we were there. haha.
Owen and Emily had a good time... They started out calm and reserved.
But after awhile I think all the energy got to him!! haha.

I had a great couple days surrounding my birthday. I was able to have some time off work and get some things done around the house. Owen is working really hard in the back yard and it is looking sooo good!! Now, back to reality... but not without some great memories. Thanks everyone!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Favorite Pants

Today I taught at UVU, while was getting ready I was thinking "what should I wear???" I didn't want to put on stuffy slacks and high heels just to stand and teach for two hours, but I did need to look fairly put together. Another problem is that I didn't know what would still fit me!! That is becoming an increasing problem lately with losing weight. So, I stepped into my closet and noticed a pair of pants that I have held onto for FOUR years!! I didn't keep them so that I could "fit into them someday" but more because I love them and couldn't bare to part with them.

I pulled them out and slipped them on, they went on like a charm!! Zipped right up!! They are really comfortable and even roomy! Yeah for being able to wear my favorite pants again!

After I got home from teaching I asked Owen to take a few pictures of me. I have realized lately that I don't have any recent pictures of me!! I was feeling especially cute (in my favorite pants) and decided to take advantage of it....

I grabbed my camera and asked Owen to help me out. He said, "I'll take pictures of you if you take pictures of my pup." So.... Here are pictures of Owen's new edition to the family. She is GORGEOUS and really smart. Her name is Ivy, she is about 9 weeks old now and is a Mini Australian Shepherd. She's awesome.... and we are slowly convincing Porter that she isn't a terrorist.

Then below that are pictures of my favorite pants. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Primping has begun

The Indy 500 is three short weeks away.... and primping has begun.

No doubt in Indianapolis there are sounds of cars every day, the city is getting ready for hundreds of thousands of people to swarm into their city and stores all over the county are checking to make sure their supply of coolers is ready for the increase in sales for race weekend.

Here in Utah I am starting my tan, checking to make sure I have a suitable wardrobe that still fits me and no doubt getting VERY EXCITED.

Race weekend is always a fun one. Its a weekend filled with a connection between my DNA and a world that I was born into but never really got to marinate in. I always feel a sense of belonging when I'm back for the races. Maybe it is that I did actually grow up there until I was a ripe old age of five, maybe it is that my Grandpa and Great (and more Great) Grandmas and Grandpas are buried there, maybe it is that it was THE world for my Grandpa and Grandma until Grandpa was taken while being a part of it....

Either way, I was born with a love for racing... especially when on a dirt track. They say Grandpa always rode high in the dirt and was known for his "rooster tail" behind him. It makes sense to me, those are my favorite races to watch.

One of my other favorite things of the week is having people tell me about Grandpa or Grandma back in the day. I love seeing a change on old-timer's faces when they are told that I'm "Jimmy Packard's Grand-daughter."

I'm ready to see whisper under my breath "Gentleman, start your engines" along with the woman at the microphone. I'm ready to see the flags being waved. I'm ready to live in a world filled with black and white checkers, green, red, yellow, orange and blue flags. I'm ready to watch pit races and see milk poured over heads. I'm ready to see youngsters trying to get somewhere as they spin their wheels on the dirt and rub each other off in the corners. I'm ready for the pageantry of race day and hugging all those wrinkly faces that are part of my connection to back then. I'm ready to hear stories from Grandma when things remind her of the past. I'm ready to see the looks on the faces of my family as some of them return to their past and the youngsters are introduced for the first time. I'm ready to hear memories from my parents of 30 years ago this month, when they first met during race weekend....

Am I THAT girl...??

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is more serious than you let yourself realize? You don't realize the impact of where you are until you start telling someone else, or you actually listen to what you are saying when you revisit it.

You have gone along with the flow and done what seemed right at the moment... but now all the sudden you realize you are further along than you thought??

I'm there.

Now I just have to decide, do I like HIM as much as he likes ME???