Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things about Me and My Life

This is a Facebook thing... but I thought it would be fun to put on here!!
I have had sooo much fun reading everyone else's 25 Random Things!! I have been tagged by Winter and Lori, but not my sister Abby... haha. So, here it is... ENJOY!

1. I can't wink with my right eye.
2. I almost always have my toenails painted, and almost never my fingernails.
3. I wear an 8 1/2 shoe, just big or small enough so none of my sisters can borrow them. Mwahahaha. :)
4. I fell in love with snowboarding.
5. I work A LOT.
6. I love my little house, but am hardly ever there.
7. I have a hilarious little shivering dog. Love ya Porter!
8. I used to dance, a lot. About 6 days a week when I was little. I haven't taken an actual dance class since college... but I really want to get dancing again. It's good for my soul.
9. I cry when I hear certain songs. I blast the radio when I'm in the car. It feeds my soul and intesifies emotions... which can be good or bad.
10. I have had the same alarm clock for about 15 years. Maybe longer.
11. Even tho I have a new iHome (to replace my old alarm clock when it breaks) I haven't set the time or programmed it yet, but it looks pretty!!!
12. I am fiercely loyal to my family and love them dearly.
13. For the first time in five years I have roommates, three of them, all boys. My brother Owen and two of our friends. Long live the dreams of being snowboard bumms.
14. I finally gave into my Mom's prodings and tried internet dating, IT SUCKS.
15. I LOVE my job. Athletic Training rocks. I get to watch sports for a living, be outside all the time and travel a lot. I love seeing new places.
16. I have a life goal to go on a "once in a lifetime trip" every year. So far I have backpacked Europe (Italy, Spain, France and London) for 3 1/2 weeks, Snowboarded in Whistler and visited Vancouver, BC for New Years and done a week long road trip up the coast of California.
17. Trip for 2009 -- Paris and Morocco. ETA: Middle of March 2009
18. I have started experimenting with Juicing... putting fruits and vegis through a juicer and making my own juice... It's awesome.
19. I LOVE being creative. Quilts, planning weddings, decorating, crochet, photography, etc...
20. I am a type A, mostly left brained Red personality... But I am also very creative and caring... 21. I had my heart broken... still getting over that one.
22. I am addicted to blogging.
23. I don't really like chocolate.
24. I have NEVER been kissed on New Years or had a boyfriend during Valentine's Day.
25. This was actually really fun! (but then again, I also like personality tests and stuff like this...)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last night I finally bought my plane ticket. I have been promising Zannah for three years that I would come visit her in Paris before she graduates. So, it's official.

I am going for a week and a half. She will show me ALL OVER Paris. I asked for the "normal sightseeing stuff," but mostly I want to see the real Paris. How the locals do it, I want a real feel for the place. She told me to bring good shoes and be prepared to walk my hiney off.

AND WE ARE SPENDING A WEEKEND IN MOROCCO!! As Zannah said, "Africa, Baby!!"

I'm excited, to say the least... We will have a FABULOUS time. I am always up for traveling somewhere new and seeing new things. I love cultures and new experiences and I'm sure that Morocco will give me all my little heart wants.

With Zannah over there, a place to stay, my own french speaking tour guide and her being one of my absolute favorite people ever... how could I pass this up??? I think it sounds like a blast.

Oh, and did I mention MOROCCO???!!! MOROCCO..... aaHH!! (This is me yelping in excitment).

The stars aligned and I'm going... I got a SCREAMIN deal on a plane ticket to Paris. Non-stop, both ways and even window seats in the reclinable exit rows!! I couldn't be any luckier!!

The downfall? When a sick call came through tonight I felt obligated to pick it up and start paying off this plane ticket.... Time and a half, baby.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spa Day!

I have had enough. I've been busy and working myself to the bone... My toenails have been unpainted and my hair needs new highlights. It's long overdue.

This week I have scheduled my appointments. I have a hair appointment, got my pedicure today, finally shaved my legs today in a nice hot shower with A LOT of shaving cream, getting my eyebrows "designed" tomorrow... I'm taking care of things and it feels good. It's been long overdue. I think I'll even throw in a tan just to make myself feel pampered.

Don't get tooo jealous, I'm also treating another long overdue body to a spa day.

My car, it needs some attention too. Sure, I may get it a quickie wash when I fill up on gas. But it needs some attention. So, also in the works for this week are an oil change and a really good car wash to get all that road salt off. Seriously, I could wash that car every day and it still looks like a salt lick after a couple hours. But I will admit... It's a small price to pay for being up on the slopes every day. :)

As Promised

As promised, here is one of the pics from us snowboarding the other day. Is anyone else amazed that my eight year old brother is almost as tall as I am?

Monday, January 26, 2009


I visited Heaven today. I found it somewhere in the middle of my runs through 25 inches of snow at Sundance Ski Resort. That's right, 25 inches!! Poppa and I went up for a few runs before Tuffy and Momma came up to join us. As soon as we were on the lift I was amazed at how great the snow looked. I kept pointing out more and more powder. It was awesome!

The place was full of runs with PLENTY of powder left. It was a blast! On every single run I was able to plow through fresh powder up to my knees!! Being only 5'2'' means that 25 inches of powder easily comes up to my knees, if not higher! It was a blast.

Half way down our first run I said "Poppa, THIS IS HEAVEN!" He skied past me and said, "Come on! There is more Heaven over here!!"

Here are some pics for ya:

Pops and I on the Lift

This is one of my tracks!! Can you tell that it is seriously like 2 feet deep??!!

Momma and Poppa :)

More Momma and Poppa

Momma Snowboarding!! Go Momma!!...And She's Down....

More pics to come... But they are on Mom's camera. I will get them for you soon! They include Tuffy and I's wind burn!! Like Tuffy said "We have purple faces!!" He was tickled that we had white areas where our goggles were and the rest of our faces were purple. :)

Also, group pics of Me, Tuff, Momma and Poppa.

Also, pictures of Tuffy and I buried in snow after we biffed it. haha.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Brilliant Plan

So, Grandma forwarded me an email today titled "How to Install an Affordable Home Security System"

I personally think it is brilliant.

When I buy my land and put a cabin on it (goal is by the time I'm 35) I will need some type of security system while I'm gone. I am thinking of employing something along these lines.
Subject: How to install an affordable home security system
1. Go to the Goodwill Store and buy a pair of men'swork boots, size 14-16 (well used).
2. Place them on the front porch along with a copy of Gunand Ammo magazine.
3. Put a couple of BIG dog dishes next to the boots andmagazine.
4. Leave a handwritten note on your door that reads:
Hey Bubba!
Big Jim, Duke, Slim and Me went for more back in about 1 hour. Don't mess with the pit bulls--they got after the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. I don't think Killer took part in it, but it was hard to tell from all the blood. Anyway, I locked all the dogs in the house. Just wait outside til we get back.

I will change a few things. For example, I don't think it is good practice for me to start signing ANYTHING "Cooter."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking for a Sugar Daddy

I am a pretty independant girl. I can take care of myself. But if there was someone who happened to have a lot of cash and wanted to share some of that with me I DEFINATELY wouldn't mind.

Its not like I'm looking for designer clothes or fancy purses or anything. I would put it to good use.

I just got an invitation to go to Beijing, China for two weeks during the summer and learn "Chinese Manual Therapy" at the China National Olympic Training Center. This course is taught at the National Sports Hospital that is on the training center grounds.

To put it mildly, THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!

Not only do we get to learn a technique that the Chinese have mastered (and us brilliant Western Mediciners can't seem to grasp), but we get to travel and actually see China a bit. I would get to walk on the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City and see a lot of China.

I can take a spouse/guest. I'm sure their price would be less than mine (since they wouldn't be attending the seminars). The price includes air fare from LA, hotel accomodations, tuition and translation fees, ground and air tickets, tours, transfers and admissions to cultural events.

All for the relatively cheap price (really, its a good deal) of $3395.

Know any Sugar Daddies wanting to take a great trip to China with a fantastically sweet Athletic Trainer?

p.s. Chinese Manual Therapy is A TON of massage... so the possibility of needing to 'practice' on my Sugar Daddy would be quite high.

p.p.s. This is MOSTLY a humerous post. Although, If you know of someone.... hahahaha.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, January 21st, will always be a special day in my heart. It's a day filled with sorrow for a tragedy that I would have given anything to escape... yet through remembering Jaxon I find joy that only a life well lived will bring.

He has inspired me to seek out every opportunity, to enjoy living, to give my all and live my life to the fullest -- and maybe a little more than I think possible.

With today being the four year anniversary I just want to say:

Thanks Jax for everything... Rock on Buddy, rock on.

Everyone Loves Mail

One of my goals this year was to write a note to someone each week telling them how much I appreciate their involvement in my life.

Honestly, I think it is more influential for me than it will be for anyone I send a little note to.

I try to make them special, but usually that isn't hard at all. I simply state honest facts, how they have influenced my life and how grateful I am for their involvement in it.

I have loved every note I've written; because it has made me realize how many amazing people I have in my life. I feel so loved. I feel so cared for. I think its easy to forget how many people care about us individually. But since I have started thanking people for it I realize that there are a lot of people I need to write.

It is good to feel loved.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been intrigued with juicing after following this little gem of a blog --

Mom was really helpful and found me a juicer so that I could try things out. Last night I went to the store, got all the produce and gave Abby a call to see if she wanted to come experiment with me.
Abby came over and we tried a few recipes -- Heather's "Righteous Rejuvenator" and "Quick Cleanse Juice." (see her blog if you want the recipes!)

As soon as we started cutting everything up I fell in LOVE with all the smells. It smelled sooo good!
When we started pushing things through the juicer all these great colors were coming out! As we went through the process my body started craving it...

When we finished we put them in the fridge to chill for a minute while we cleaned everything up. It was suprisingly easy to clean up! I would hear of everyone complaining about how hard it was to clean up... but not for us! Very simple! I was pleasantly suprised!

Here is our "Quick Cleanse Juice." The brown color had me a bit worried... but I loved the taste!

Here is our "Righteous Rejuvenator." It has a gorgeous color, but it scared me a bit at first. I think it is due to the garlic that is in it. Abby really liked this one. She said the texture of this one was easier for her, probably because I skimmed off A TON of froth (that you can see in the pic while it is in the fridge).

I had a great time with the whole thing... I enjoyed the process and really loved the juice!! Abby and I both agreed that we felt great this morning. I just felt balanced and my body felt satisfied.
I'm definately HOOKED on this whole juicing thing!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


So, I'm home for one complete day.

It feels awesome, I slept in and ran some errands.

Now I have two priorities today. Get the house clean and GET SUSHI. I'm craving it... BAD.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rollercoasters -- Always Scary, but Usually Fun

Today has been a day of ups and downs. Some really low downs and some pretty decent ups.

Its been a day that had some really scary moments... When I was afraid I would have another athlete that was worthy of a website like this...

Its been a day of a lot of thinking and personal reflection.

Its also been a day of flirting and giddyness... You know me, I'll keep you posted on that one. :)

I'm exhausted and hoping for a day that is a little more boring tomorrow...

The Sun is Blinding

On my way home tonight I was blaring the radio (as usual) and Pink's new song came on... I don't know the name or most of the words... but the chorus includes the line... "ohh oh oh, the sun is blinding...."

It couldn't be more true tonight.

I love my job and I have a great life, don't get me wrong... but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.

I just got back from a great trip to Colorado with my ski team. I had a wonderful time. But all the sudden it didn't seem so wonderful when our plane was late taking off... we got home at 11:00 pm. We got all of our luggage, too smoothly and then we find out that the bus that is picking us up is late... 30 minutes late. Finally it gets there, we get everything loaded and we are headed back to the college. Our lovely bus driver misses the exit and it takes us 30 minutes longer to get back to the college. Finally I start my 45 minute trek home.

I get home... ALL of the cars that aren't supposed to be parked in the driveway are. I lug my 50 pound suitcase through the snow and down the long driveway... Note to self, yell at the boys the next time I see them. I come in the back door, trip on the step and drop my suitcase. I stumble though the hallway that is lined with crap and barely get into my room. The boys have lovingly put things on my bed for me... that I now need to sort through. I head out to get the mail (that I know hasn't been brought in since I left) and since it's dark I trip over the rubbermaid totes that are in the living room. I get to the front door, open it and there are beer boxes on the front porch... I'm sure the neighbors love that. The house isn't exactly "messy" but it is looking like a bachelor pad... X-box games are pigeon holed in the entertainment center, none of the tables have been wiped off in ages, there are boxes and piles and shoes everywhere...

I have to leave for work at 6:30 am. It's currently 1:30 am. I still need to pack for work for the next two days and write a note of things the boys need to do before they leave tomorrow... I know I'm tired and grouchy, I'm going to try to make the note kind.... but no promises.

To top it all off, as I'm speeding home from Westminster tonight I remember the last time I sped home after a trip and got home at about 1:30 am. Last time I had someone warming my bed for me... It made me cry. AGAIN. It made me think of him. AGAIN. I'm tired of missing him so bad... People say the best way to get over an ex is to get a new boyfriend. Does that seem twisted to anyone else?

I'm trying tho. I've been trying to set up a date with a new guy for about a week now. He's been great... he even texts me every morning just to say "Good Morning." :) I feel horrible because these couple of weeks are seriously the most busy I have been in years. It is ridiculous to have to schedule a date over a week out!! I'm eager to meet him... I'm worried that he will think this isn't a priority or I don't have time in my life for a relationship; neither one of which are true....

Hopefully things will calm down soon... My life has a lot of wonderful things. A lot of "sun" if you will, but right now -- the SUN IS BLINDING. (Thanks Pink, great lyrics....)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Dinner Convo Tonight (Sara and her Journal)

I went to dinner by myself tonight and took my journal with me... Since my laptop isn't functional right now I'm not blogging much. So, I figured I would put some of my journal entry tonight on here for you all...
(For the sake of humor and input I will add any words not originally in my journal entry in italics)


January 14, 2009
Right now I am sitting in Boulder, Colorado on a ski trip. This trip has been great so far - very fun and surprisingly liberating. I have found that I really enjoy the ski racing scene, especially the college races. People are upbeat, passionate and organic. They seem to be free thinkers that are educated and experienced in life. I feel like I thrive when I am around these type of people. I like people who are passionate about something, who have experianced life and embrace the chance to experiance more, who have realized through their experiances that there are powers greater than themselves... but yet through that knowledge understand that their life experiance will grow exponentially when they spend time and energy enjoying these things which seem to feed you at the very core of your being.

Ski racing has a lot of foreigners (some of which are incredibly good looking, especially those coaches from New Mexico and Alaska!!)... and some of them seem to really thrive in this mentality. Maybe it is that they have been pushed to grow and learn at such a rapid rate. Obviously it wouldn't be easy to move half way around the world - even if it is for a sport you love.

I am also really enjoying Boulder. For the first time I think I am understanding this town. Boulder, Colorado is nestled up against the Rocky Mountains. They have a state university here and they embody a desire to enjoy nature and never stop learning. In Boulder it isn't about impressing your neighbors, it is about consistently wowing yourself. It can be "crunchy" here, but I don't think that is what draws people back to the basics - actually I think it is exactly opposite. By people going back to what feeds, stimulates and touches them at their core they become who they truly want to be and live the life they have always dreamed of living. Boulder isn't only a home for the "granolas" or ski-bums, it has a fun nightlife, great resturants, awesome boutique shops, many galleries that hold breathtaking creative genuises and a great splash of pretty much anything you could ever want to find. People here understand variety, they understand that through variety you experaince and learn.

The more I try to truly find myself the more I see that this is the type of person I enjoy being. I enjoy experiancing life to the fullest. It is a constant effort not to coast or merely survive; but if is energy very well spent. I am also finding that the more I discover myself the more I understand the value and potential of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He made me, he made these things I enjoy, he knows what makes me tick and I know he gets a kick out of watching me discover, enjoy and embrace the world around me.

I live an individual life and he designed it that way. It dosen't have to be similar to the one lived by the girl next door, nor should it be. I see now the importance of being around people that inspire me.

As I date I find that I am drawn to passionate, successful men. Successful dosen't necessarily equal money, car or possessions... but being successful in fiding what they are passionate about and running with it. People have tried to hook me up with people that are "just like me and share all the same interests." You know... usually that dosen't captivate me. If I wanted my clone I would date myself. Instead I want to spend time with someone who can teach me, inspire me and seek out adventures with me. The benefits of both of us brining life's experiances to the table could be awesome... I want someone who would be an awesome co-pilot on all OUR adventures in life.

I don't want someone who is along for the ride, I want someone who seeks out the ride.

I thought I had found someone like that, we literally fell into eachothers lives. I thrived on his creativity and origninality. But he wasn't ready for adventures together... he said he needs to do his own thing right now. I'm trusting that things happen for a reason. Heavenly Father told me to be patient... (I'm not sharing SOME of this with you... some of this is a bit personal.)

... When I do get to share a life with someone I hope they are ready and willing to live the organically fabulous life that is possible. I want to embrace everything actively and get as much as I can... and I'm excited to be able to have someone to do it with.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cowgirls Don't Cry - Ride, Baby Ride

There is a new song out and I really like it; probably because it makes me think of when I was a little girl and it pulls all those sentimental heart strings. Yet, at the same time I find it strangely motivational.

The Song is "Cowgirls Don't Cry" by Brooks and Dunn... (watch the great video and hear the awesome twang of country music at

The song begins by talking about a father buying a horse for his baby girl and teaching her a life lesson... The lyrics read:

Cowgirls Don't cry, Ride, baby, ride.
Lessons in life are gonna show you in time
Soon enough your gonna know why.
It's gonna hurt every now and then
If you fall, get back on again
Cowgirls don't cry.

I remember when I was a little girl and I jumped horses. I was at one of my lessons with my teacher Molly Rollo and riding my horse (actually her horse) Yo-Yo. (yes, those were really their names, fantastic don't you think?!?) I was riding in the indoor arena and Molly was standing in the middle as I trotted around her and I was jumping a little. At the end of my lesson she added another pole to the jump which made it higher than I had ever jumped before. I got nervous and she reassured me, "Sara, if you fall it isn't a big deal. It's like PILLOWS down here!" She said as she stomped her boot into the tilled dirt. Well... I tried it... and I fell. As she came over to check on me I looked up at her through teary eyes and said, "IT ISN'T LIKE PILLOWS!!! THAT HURT!!" I didn't want to get back on, my lesson time was over and I was done! But she made me, she put me back up in that saddle and together Yo-Yo and I jumped the highest I had ever jumped before.

Like the song says, it's not only a horse thing, it's a life thing. It's something I have learned over and over again in my life. My family and I have been through some doozies. Yet, we have never EVER been allowed to roll over and quit. We have always been taught (and shown) to get back on and RIDE, BABY RIDE.

Another part of the lyrics read:

He taught her a lesson that she learned
Maybe a little too well.

It's true. I might be a little too good at this. I'm the oldest of six kids. I have always had to get back up and get back on, so to speak. I'm glad I have. I have done a lot in my life because of it. I've been groomed and molded into a hard ass so to speak. I wear my emotions on my sleeve sometimes... but usually I suck it up, I have to. It's what I've been taught to do.

I remember the first time someone told me, "It's ok honey, you don't ALWAYS have to be tough." I cried. I still cry when I remember hearing that.

You know, cowgirls DO cry... and that's ok. Sometimes they don't... But one thing they ALWAYS do is get back up, put their ass back in the saddle and RIDE. RIDE BABY RIDE.

And if I can make one suggestion... Ride the hell out of it. That's what makes it fun. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Woman Can Drive!!

I know there is the standing joke that most women can't drive... but I for one am one heckuva driver. I have driven since I was a youngster (growing up on the farm gives you those opportunities), so I have had a lot of practice.

I drive A LOT. I work in Salt Lake or Park City pretty much every single day, so I usually get at least an hour and a half of time in the car daily. I usually find some suitable tunes and turn them up, LOUD. Music is good for my soul and I partake of it regularly.

This winter has blessed us with feet upon feet of snow. While it may be great in the mountains sometimes it isn't so great on the road, but I drive well in snow. I know how to handle it, I'm confident in it and I just try to stay away from everyone else.

Recently however I have had a few scary times on the road...

Have you ever had a tire blow?? It's freaky!! I had that happen the other night. To top things off I wasn't even in my car. I was helping to relocate vehicles (long story... but a good one. haha) and I was taking a friends car home for them. I was headed down the highway, minding my own business, and all the sudden there was a huge bang and the car jolted to the right. It freaked me out! But I quickly recovered, manuvered through two lanes of traffic and got to the shoulder. After a few hours of creative problem solving I was back on the road.

Tonight on my way to work I was driving down the road when a person turned onto the road in front of me and then pulled over to the shoulder. As I passed by them they decided to flip a U-turn right in front of me!! I slammed on the breaks, leaving skid marks and plenty of rubber from my new tires on the road. I swerved to miss their tail end by probably only a few millimeters. Honestly, what are people thinking??!!?? My heart finally calmed down and a few things started to go through my head (as they did the other night).

My thoughts were (probably in this order):

1. Thanks Grandpa!! My Grandpa was a race car driver and there have been a few times in my life when I know without a doubt that his hands have been on the wheel while I have been driving. I claim that my lead-foot comes from him (my Grandma also has that gene, so I speed due to my genetics... I had no hope). I am grateful for him keeping a watchful eye out for me and I am very very grateful for the few times he has saved my bacon on the road.

2. As I was certain I was going to hit this car I knew I was going to be either hurt badly or worse. A few people quickly went through my head. I need to let those people know, under no uncertain terms, that they are important to me. Most of them are family, that should be easy... One of them isn't. That one will be the hard one. I'm trying to come to come to grips with listening to my gut and putting my heart on my sleeve.... again.

For now, I'm grateful I can drive... and drive well. I owe it to LOTS of practice, a fantastic Guardian Angel Grandpa and a few really good coaches along the way.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goals - Keeping Them In the Forefront of My Mind

So, I did something this year that I have never done before. I made goals, wrote them down, laminated lists and posted them in places that I will see them often. I have a list in my journal, one in my food journal, one in my car, one on my fridge and one by my bedroom door.

Already this year I have found it easier to stick to my goals. I find myself doing well! I have already started down a path to accomplish a few of them. I am impressed with how much they are on my mind and how much I focus on them. I think that actually listing them and looking at them often is helping with that - A LOT.

I have made multiple goals in all sorts of areas. I have listed out goals to accomplish in 2009 for school, finances, spirituality, family, social, career and the house. I even listed a goal for the future... buying land and/or cabin and land by the time I'm 35.

So, here's to accomplishing goals, setting my mind to it and putting my nose to the grindstone.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Emotional Health, is there such a thing?

Today I actually slept in a bit and was able to watch a little bit of morning TV. I am almost ashamed to admit that I love rolling out of bed, watching Rachael Ray while I eat my granola and then going about my day. After Rachel Ray is Studio 5 (on KSL). While the crew annoys me for the most part, sometimes they have things that peek my interest. Like today.

They had a guest speaker (a doctor of some sort... so she MUST know what she is talking about. haha) that talked about emotional health. I have always admitted that I have a few "issues." Who dosen't? So I was interested to hear what she had to say.

She listed the following five things that were the basis for emotional health. She said if you have these five characteristics in your attitude towards life you were doing well.

1. Embracing
2. Boldness
3. Tenacity
4. Revealing
5. Resilient

As she listed these and gave some examples I instantly thought of situations that were good examples of all five of those things. So there ya have it, I'm emotionally healthy... to SOME extent. I thought it was a good list. I would agree that a balance of these five things would give you a good base... I'll keep working on it. However, I plan on still accepting the fact that we all have "issues."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Takin' It Off

So, I have a pretty great job. It lets me spend my days at places like this... instead of being stuck in an office somewhere. This picture was taken on our first day of ski races this week, at Park City Mountain Resort.

We have been getting TONS of snow lately, not only in the mountains... but in the valley. We easily have 10 inches of snow outside. The guys (aka roommates) have started building a snowboard jump in the backyard... they also shoveled the driveway today. :)
Here is a picture of the patio furniture out back... easily 10-12 inches of snow!!

While I LOVE snow (let's be honest, you are talking about a girl who has snowflakes tattooed on her foot) I am getting kind of sick of being bundled up. After being in Alaska with 20 below zero weather, being at ski races for a couple days in a row and having to wear snowboots to even get to my car that is in the driveway... I'm anxious to take off the layers upon layers of clothes I've been wearing.
Today I came home and went to the gym. It felt INCREDIBLE to work up a sweat in a tanktop and capris!! I loved putting on my tennis shoes that actually have an arch, unlike my snowboots.
I'm trying to strip down a bit, and it feels gooooood. My skin likes being able to breathe. Its a bummer that with all these new roommates (of the opposite gender) I can't strip down anymore than I am. :)
Speaking of striping down... I think its about time I go hit the hottub. This is PERFECT hottubing weather.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Casting Shadows

Last night I was out and about in the snow with my good friend Zannah. We went to dinner and then came home and hit the hottub. We planned our trip to Paris and Morocco (sounds absolutely amazing!!!) and caught up on all imporant things... mostly boys. haha.

During the night we did witness something pretty darn cool, as we were walking into the house I noticed that the huge snowflakes were actually casting shadows in the street lights!! Down at my feet I could see the snowflakes dancing to the ground and below them were dozens of small shadows mimicking their movements!! Have you ever seen snowflakes cast shadows?? SOOO COOL!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Great Land of the North - Alaska!!

I just spent four days in Alaska... and it was wonderful. I got a lot of questions about what it looks like up there, why in the world I would ever go up there in the middle of the winter... etc, etc, etc. So, here are a bunch of pics I took with my phone (more pics from Chauri's camera will be coming in the near future... hopefully! Send the pics Chauri!).

I started off in Salt Lake with sitting in the plane for three hours before we got all of our passengers from connecting flights, got de-iced and the runways got plowed so we could take off. Finally we started our five hour flight and I landed in Anchorage at 3 am. My ride had to go back home (due to the late hour and weather) so this is the terminal that I slept in for seven hours till Ryan (Chauri's husband) came to the rescue.

Every time I would wake up I would see this POSTER on the wall that seriously looked like two ladies staring at me. It kept freaking me out.

I was sleeping on one end of the chairs and on the other end there was this guy. I know he looks like a pile of clothes, but its a guy.... trust me, he snored. LOUD.

This is the reason I am so connected to Alaska. Jaxon was the motivation for me becoming so close to the Logan family. I love being up there and feeling the love that abounds in their home. They truly are like family; a second set of parents and more brothers and sisters. Of course we talk about Jaxon a lot and pictures of him are EVERYWHERE. Chauri and I went to visit him at the cemetery and trudged through knee-high snow in our skirts and high heels so that we could give his headstone a little rub. Love you, Jax!

This is the Logan's house, it is a perfect house for Alaska.... Its completely surrounded by trees and at the end of a long driveway. I love this house.

About 10 feet outside the garage door is this cabin that they just put up a couple years ago. It is mostly Mike's office, but there is a ladder that leads to a little loft where there is a table, lamp and a little bed. That is my FAVORITE PLACE TO SLEEP!! Especially now that Chauri is married and I can't have her as a bed mate anymore.

This trip the wind was blowing A LOT. At night I would lay in bed and listen to the wind whip against the cabin, it was awesome. The wind would make these growling noises, it lulled me to sleep every time.

After the big party (I was up there for the Logan parent's suprise 30 year anniversary party) Chauri, Ryan and I were returning things to the rental center. While Chauri was talking to her old coworkers Ryan and I were exploring in the costume section. This pink plastic wig caught my eye. haha.

Everyone asked a lot about the lack of light (since it is December in Alaska). It really isn't that bad. The sun comes up at about 10 am and sets at about 2 pm. Its completely dark by about 4 pm.
This is a shot of the Logan's driveway at 10 am, it looks lighter than it really is... this is just barely dawn.
This is sunset on Hatcher Pass (behind the Logan's house) at about 3:30 pm on our way home from Church... Mountains like this SURROUND the valley. It is absolutely gorgeous.

After four days of being with the Logans, partying for the anniversary, running errands, visiting with everyone... it was time to go home. I knew the Logan's had made a million trips into the airport in the past week, so I asked my good friend Chris if he would come get me, entertain me for the evening and get me to the airport that night. It worked out wonderfully, especially since I was able to spend some good time with Chris.

Chris came and got me, we went to his place for a bit while he worked on the tile in his parents bathroom (he is remodeling it during his time home this Christmas) and I worked on a puzzle with his mom and sister. After the puzzle was done Chris and I went out for a bit before he rushed me to the airport at 1 am. I loved getting to spend time with him, hear his laugh and soak up the presence of "Kobelnyk." I must admit, I'm impressed when a man can be telling a story and not even break a sentence as his truck fishtails, he corrects, reaches down and slips it into 4 wheel drive, keeps us safely hurdling down the road and gets me to the airport on time. Thanks Chris, it was great to see you and spend the evening with you!

So folks, that was my trip to Alaska... incredibly short but very very worth it. I love it up there, it's always very theraputic and calming. The weather was below zero most of the time... When I left Alaska it was 20 degrees below WITHOUT windchill... I arrived in Utah to 50 degrees warmer.... and still below freezing. haha. The only disappointment of the trip is that I STILL haven't seen the Northern Lights. They keep eluding me!! Maybe next time....

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Mom tagged me... So here is my fourth picture from my fourth folder of pics. Christmas 2004, Hope modeling her presents. She looks like some type of Hobo Fashionista. Haha!!
Love you, Hopey.
I tag -- Becky and Dana!!