Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Takin' It Off

So, I have a pretty great job. It lets me spend my days at places like this... instead of being stuck in an office somewhere. This picture was taken on our first day of ski races this week, at Park City Mountain Resort.

We have been getting TONS of snow lately, not only in the mountains... but in the valley. We easily have 10 inches of snow outside. The guys (aka roommates) have started building a snowboard jump in the backyard... they also shoveled the driveway today. :)
Here is a picture of the patio furniture out back... easily 10-12 inches of snow!!

While I LOVE snow (let's be honest, you are talking about a girl who has snowflakes tattooed on her foot) I am getting kind of sick of being bundled up. After being in Alaska with 20 below zero weather, being at ski races for a couple days in a row and having to wear snowboots to even get to my car that is in the driveway... I'm anxious to take off the layers upon layers of clothes I've been wearing.
Today I came home and went to the gym. It felt INCREDIBLE to work up a sweat in a tanktop and capris!! I loved putting on my tennis shoes that actually have an arch, unlike my snowboots.
I'm trying to strip down a bit, and it feels gooooood. My skin likes being able to breathe. Its a bummer that with all these new roommates (of the opposite gender) I can't strip down anymore than I am. :)
Speaking of striping down... I think its about time I go hit the hottub. This is PERFECT hottubing weather.

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