Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been intrigued with juicing after following this little gem of a blog -- http://www.kombuchachic.com/

Mom was really helpful and found me a juicer so that I could try things out. Last night I went to the store, got all the produce and gave Abby a call to see if she wanted to come experiment with me.
Abby came over and we tried a few recipes -- Heather's "Righteous Rejuvenator" and "Quick Cleanse Juice." (see her blog if you want the recipes!)

As soon as we started cutting everything up I fell in LOVE with all the smells. It smelled sooo good!
When we started pushing things through the juicer all these great colors were coming out! As we went through the process my body started craving it...

When we finished we put them in the fridge to chill for a minute while we cleaned everything up. It was suprisingly easy to clean up! I would hear of everyone complaining about how hard it was to clean up... but not for us! Very simple! I was pleasantly suprised!

Here is our "Quick Cleanse Juice." The brown color had me a bit worried... but I loved the taste!

Here is our "Righteous Rejuvenator." It has a gorgeous color, but it scared me a bit at first. I think it is due to the garlic that is in it. Abby really liked this one. She said the texture of this one was easier for her, probably because I skimmed off A TON of froth (that you can see in the pic while it is in the fridge).

I had a great time with the whole thing... I enjoyed the process and really loved the juice!! Abby and I both agreed that we felt great this morning. I just felt balanced and my body felt satisfied.
I'm definately HOOKED on this whole juicing thing!!


Kombuchachic said...

Nice! I'm glad the recipes worked out for you! You can always cut out the garlic if its too strong for you. When I add garlic, I usually use a very small clove or sometimes even half a clove. Enough to get all the great benefits, but not enough to monopolize the flavor. Good luck and happy juicing!


Mother 25 - 8 said...

Hey! Loved the last pic of your mom snowboarding. Hilarious! Good for her going out there! I LOVE snowboarding. Much better than skiing, in my opinion. Yeah, agreed w/the juicing, too. My favorite is: celery, carrot, apple, pineapple, beet, and lemon. It's soo good, and wow, so good for you. First time for me on your blog. You're a fun blogger!