Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Woman Can Drive!!

I know there is the standing joke that most women can't drive... but I for one am one heckuva driver. I have driven since I was a youngster (growing up on the farm gives you those opportunities), so I have had a lot of practice.

I drive A LOT. I work in Salt Lake or Park City pretty much every single day, so I usually get at least an hour and a half of time in the car daily. I usually find some suitable tunes and turn them up, LOUD. Music is good for my soul and I partake of it regularly.

This winter has blessed us with feet upon feet of snow. While it may be great in the mountains sometimes it isn't so great on the road, but I drive well in snow. I know how to handle it, I'm confident in it and I just try to stay away from everyone else.

Recently however I have had a few scary times on the road...

Have you ever had a tire blow?? It's freaky!! I had that happen the other night. To top things off I wasn't even in my car. I was helping to relocate vehicles (long story... but a good one. haha) and I was taking a friends car home for them. I was headed down the highway, minding my own business, and all the sudden there was a huge bang and the car jolted to the right. It freaked me out! But I quickly recovered, manuvered through two lanes of traffic and got to the shoulder. After a few hours of creative problem solving I was back on the road.

Tonight on my way to work I was driving down the road when a person turned onto the road in front of me and then pulled over to the shoulder. As I passed by them they decided to flip a U-turn right in front of me!! I slammed on the breaks, leaving skid marks and plenty of rubber from my new tires on the road. I swerved to miss their tail end by probably only a few millimeters. Honestly, what are people thinking??!!?? My heart finally calmed down and a few things started to go through my head (as they did the other night).

My thoughts were (probably in this order):

1. Thanks Grandpa!! My Grandpa was a race car driver and there have been a few times in my life when I know without a doubt that his hands have been on the wheel while I have been driving. I claim that my lead-foot comes from him (my Grandma also has that gene, so I speed due to my genetics... I had no hope). I am grateful for him keeping a watchful eye out for me and I am very very grateful for the few times he has saved my bacon on the road.

2. As I was certain I was going to hit this car I knew I was going to be either hurt badly or worse. A few people quickly went through my head. I need to let those people know, under no uncertain terms, that they are important to me. Most of them are family, that should be easy... One of them isn't. That one will be the hard one. I'm trying to come to come to grips with listening to my gut and putting my heart on my sleeve.... again.

For now, I'm grateful I can drive... and drive well. I owe it to LOTS of practice, a fantastic Guardian Angel Grandpa and a few really good coaches along the way.

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