Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking for a Sugar Daddy

I am a pretty independant girl. I can take care of myself. But if there was someone who happened to have a lot of cash and wanted to share some of that with me I DEFINATELY wouldn't mind.

Its not like I'm looking for designer clothes or fancy purses or anything. I would put it to good use.

I just got an invitation to go to Beijing, China for two weeks during the summer and learn "Chinese Manual Therapy" at the China National Olympic Training Center. This course is taught at the National Sports Hospital that is on the training center grounds.

To put it mildly, THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!

Not only do we get to learn a technique that the Chinese have mastered (and us brilliant Western Mediciners can't seem to grasp), but we get to travel and actually see China a bit. I would get to walk on the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City and see a lot of China.

I can take a spouse/guest. I'm sure their price would be less than mine (since they wouldn't be attending the seminars). The price includes air fare from LA, hotel accomodations, tuition and translation fees, ground and air tickets, tours, transfers and admissions to cultural events.

All for the relatively cheap price (really, its a good deal) of $3395.

Know any Sugar Daddies wanting to take a great trip to China with a fantastically sweet Athletic Trainer?

p.s. Chinese Manual Therapy is A TON of massage... so the possibility of needing to 'practice' on my Sugar Daddy would be quite high.

p.p.s. This is MOSTLY a humerous post. Although, If you know of someone.... hahahaha.

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