Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spa Day!

I have had enough. I've been busy and working myself to the bone... My toenails have been unpainted and my hair needs new highlights. It's long overdue.

This week I have scheduled my appointments. I have a hair appointment, got my pedicure today, finally shaved my legs today in a nice hot shower with A LOT of shaving cream, getting my eyebrows "designed" tomorrow... I'm taking care of things and it feels good. It's been long overdue. I think I'll even throw in a tan just to make myself feel pampered.

Don't get tooo jealous, I'm also treating another long overdue body to a spa day.

My car, it needs some attention too. Sure, I may get it a quickie wash when I fill up on gas. But it needs some attention. So, also in the works for this week are an oil change and a really good car wash to get all that road salt off. Seriously, I could wash that car every day and it still looks like a salt lick after a couple hours. But I will admit... It's a small price to pay for being up on the slopes every day. :)

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