Monday, January 26, 2009


I visited Heaven today. I found it somewhere in the middle of my runs through 25 inches of snow at Sundance Ski Resort. That's right, 25 inches!! Poppa and I went up for a few runs before Tuffy and Momma came up to join us. As soon as we were on the lift I was amazed at how great the snow looked. I kept pointing out more and more powder. It was awesome!

The place was full of runs with PLENTY of powder left. It was a blast! On every single run I was able to plow through fresh powder up to my knees!! Being only 5'2'' means that 25 inches of powder easily comes up to my knees, if not higher! It was a blast.

Half way down our first run I said "Poppa, THIS IS HEAVEN!" He skied past me and said, "Come on! There is more Heaven over here!!"

Here are some pics for ya:

Pops and I on the Lift

This is one of my tracks!! Can you tell that it is seriously like 2 feet deep??!!

Momma and Poppa :)

More Momma and Poppa

Momma Snowboarding!! Go Momma!!...And She's Down....

More pics to come... But they are on Mom's camera. I will get them for you soon! They include Tuffy and I's wind burn!! Like Tuffy said "We have purple faces!!" He was tickled that we had white areas where our goggles were and the rest of our faces were purple. :)

Also, group pics of Me, Tuff, Momma and Poppa.

Also, pictures of Tuffy and I buried in snow after we biffed it. haha.

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becky said...

that is so fun. i love powder. How old is tuffy now. as far as I am concerned he is still 3. Which means he is probably 7 now. But I also figured that Hope stayed perpetually 10 but I was proven wrong when I saw her 6 months ago and didn't even recognize her.