Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I did it... after all the rain and cold weather, I got my baby vegi plants in the ground. I planted them amist my flowers in my flower beds in the back yard.

We have cherry tomatos (4), sugar snap peas (4), Walla Walla sweet onions (tons), lettuce, spinich, strawberries, rhubarb and zucchini.... I think that is everything.

I will let you know how it goes!! Hopefully they will be beautiful AND tasty!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Any suggestions for a great weight loss goal for another 15 pounds??

I'm getting my massage tomorrow for my 25 pound mark. :) Wahoo!!!

(my legs need it after my workouts yesterday and today!!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Self Reliance

Lately I have felt this strange motivation to be more self reliant... and by that I'm talking about food storage, being able to survive without running to the store, being prepared for whatever may come my way, etc.

My awesome friend showed me a great website that talks (and teaches) all about food storage and how to create a yearly stock of food that you will ACTUALLY eat. Honestly, who wants to live off cracked wheat, sugar and water for a year!!??? Any girl that puts peanut butter and no-bake cheesecake mixes in her food storage is a girl I will listen to!!

I think we are going to go buy a chest freezer soon... and I am getting excited to fill it up.

I am also going to start planting garden type plants in my flower beds, I'm thinking raspberry bushes by my climbing vines, a rhubarb plant in the back by the lilac bush, strawberries lining the walkway, some peas climbing the fence out back, lettuce and radishes next to the tulips... get my drift?

Oh, and my latest crazy idea.... 3 or 4 chickens out back. Converting the "junk shed" into a small coop and fencing off a "chicken run" alongside the house. Owen isn't convinced. I think it would be awesome to have fresh, natural, organic eggs. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe it's just the country girl coming out. Maybe it's brilliant.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now if I could only get my planet to align with my stars

I'm not a huge believer in the cosmos - horoscopes, zodiac signs, etc... But I do think it is fun to read them sometimes. I am a taurus. I stumbled upon this today and it told me a lot about taurus' and was suprisingly accurate to myself!! So, maybe they are onto something with all this star stuff.....


Strong, dependable Taurus leads the way when it comes to reaping the rewards of hard work. Lovers of everything that is fine and beautiful, Taureans surround themselves with material gains. This is a sensual, tactile sign. Touch is very important in everything from work to romance. Stable and conservative, Taureans are among the most reliable of the zodiac. While sometimes viewed as stubborn, this sign will plod along on a task until the very end, ensuring that everything is up to standard. They're highly creative and thoroughly enjoy making things with their own hands.

Friends and Family
Domestic affairs are very important to the Taurus. Values surrounding family are usually strong and fixed to the point where the Bull will do anything to protect them. Intelligence and a good sense of humor make this sign great company, and Taureans are often sought for advice on the practical way of doing things. Once a friend is made and trusted, this relationship will last for a lifetime. They're loyal and always willing to lend a hand. In fact, many friendships for the Taurus start in childhood. Promises and oaths to others are taken seriously. Time spent with family members is also prized. Taureans adore children, and will be the first at family events such as reunions and holiday gatherings. They love to entertain in their own homes and don't think twice about having a house full of friends and relatives to celebrate life's events.

Career and Money
Stability is the keyword for this sign. The key phrase for Taurus is "I have." Taureans love money, and they're not afraid to work hard to get it. On the job, the Taurus is dependable, patient, and thorough. Once they set their minds to a project, they will stick with it until completion, regardless of how long or complicated it might be. Taureans are on time, up for almost anything, and diligent. A sense of one's values is a huge motivator when it comes to the Taurus. Second to that is the love of the rewards that follow hard work. Because members of this sign love to surround themselves with material finery and enjoy the better foods and luxuries that life has to offer, work is very important. It is the means to an end - and the Taurus is always aware of this. Taureans are excellent managers of money. They will pay their bills on time and will keep a reserve tucked away. On occasion, you can see some overspending, but this is only once in a while. The Taurus will plan for the item they desire and save until they have the additional resources to attain what they want. Careers that suit this strong sign are farming, banking, medicine, education, and building.

Love and Sex
Be prepared to take your time when it comes to the Taurus lover. Exceptionally sensual, touch is most important, and being rushed in any way, shape, or form is not going to turn this sign on. Mates are often from the same status and social circle able to match the Bull's intellect and desire for the better things in life. Expect affections to be shown through material items - the Taurus is a great gift-giver.

Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Taurus are the throat, neck, ears, vocal cords, thyroid, tongue, mouth, tonsils, and the lower teeth.

Ruling Planet
The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus. This planet's action is gentle and harmonious. It governs beauty, charm, emotional contacts, possessions, unions of all kinds, singing, art, culture, sweets, and moral character.

The color of choice for Taurus is pink.

Taurus' star stone is the Emerald.

Lucky Numbers
Taurus' lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

Taureans are most compatible with Virgo and Capricorn.

Opposite Sign
The opposite sign of Taurus is Scorpio.

The Perfect Gift
Soft fabrics, floral scents, cookbooks, flowers, candy

Gardening, cooking, working with hands, music, romance, high-quality clothing

Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics

Natural sign of the Second House. This house focuses on values, freedom, earning ability, possessions, and inner and outer resources.

Famous Taureans
Randy Travis, Jack Nicholson, Cate Blanchett, George Clooney, David Beckham

Best Travel Destination
Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia

Dependable, patient, musical, practical

Stubborn, uncompromising, possessive

Charismatic marks
Solid, big bones, tendency to gain weight

Best environment
A secluded home close to nature. Good food is also important. Beauty and comfort are a must.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Please file this away for a MUCH LATER time

I watched a couple movies this weekend that got me thinking about death, dying and the person I want to be before that time comes. My great-grandmother is losing her battle with cancer as we speak and everytime I think of her I feel her love and kindess that she has showered upon me and so many others. So, I've been thinking about death quite a bit lately.

I would like to start out by telling you all that I don't think about death a lot, or expect it to come any time soon... I have a great life and I plan on living it as long and as fully as possible. However, death isn't something I'm afraid of and I've given it a bit of thought.

I've mostly thought about my funeral, how I want people to react, how I want to be remembered, what I want said about me when I pass on...

So, here it is; here are my preferences. If you could please humor me I would appreciate it. I will no doubt smile down on you from above.

1. I would like a statue of some sort instead of a head stone. Not a huge angel with wings or anything, but probably a tasteful, beautiful woman of some sort. Something a bit contemporary, yet gorgeous.

2. Please dress me in something comfy, keep my makeup semi-natural and my casket/urn not too showy. I don't wear satin or silk now and I don't need to then... just something down to earth would be great (no pun intended).

3. I would like a slide show of me and all my family/friends at my memorial service. I would particularly love for it to be put to great uplifting and motivational (yet modern and hip) music.... one of my favorites being "Ride" by Cary Brothers. That song has held the "most played" title on my iPod for over a year now and everytime I listen to it I feel like my life is perfect...

4. I would like it said that I'm a good kisser (by someone who knows). I had my ex-boyfriend promise me multiple times that if I died he would tell everyone this over the pulpit... I don't want it to be him (anymore, that would be really wierd).... but it would be fun if someone that knew it was willing to tell everyone. I find it to be a very important trait. :)

5. Have a good time... sure, miss me. You can even cry your eyes out. But overall, enjoy yourselves.

and probably MOST IMPORTANT.... Please forget all the bratty/bitchy things I've done. I've tried to be better, tried to be sweet and kind.... so if we could just remember the positive I'd appreciate it.

Ok, I think that it is it.... I'll let you know if there is anything else. Thanks. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I was overcooked

Yesterday I went on a hike with Mom. While we were hiking she was telling me about when her and Poppa were first married and stories from that time. She told me about their time in Butte, Montana... which they have always fondly referred to as the place I was conceived. Yes, they even took me back as a child and took a picture of me standing on the sidewalk pointing to the bedroom window where "the magic happened."

She was talking about when she was pregnant with me and she went to the doctor and heard the heart beat... in July. I said, "what??!?" and was quickly doing the math on my fingers. My birthday is May 7th.

It wasn't until this point that she told me that she was pregnant with me for almost 11 months!!! Is that even possible??!! She admits that at the time she thought she had her dates wrong and therefore they had my due date wrong... except for the fact that she heard my heart beat in July, you can't argue with that.

I am absolutely amazed and flabbergasted.... 11 months!! I literally stopped on the trail and was doubled over laughing. Is this even possible?? Mom says so!!

So there you have it. I've always been stubborn and done things on my own terms... even to the point of baking for two months longer than I'm supposed to. I've been this way from the beginning... :)

Geez, I need to get Mom and Pops to talk more... tell us more about things back then. We are coming up on 30 years of them meeting (the end of May, married in December) and I think this is a GREAT time for the stories to start coming out.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Overcoming Laziness

It has been hard to work out lately...

Today I slept ALL day, I think my body is trying really hard not to get sick. But, with sleeping all day I didn't get time to work out. So, I brought my work out clothes and p90x DVDs to work tonight. My parents showed up and brough mexican food... I couldn't stay away from it.

I really really didn't want to work out... but some how I convinced myself to put in a DVD at 1:15 am and I am really glad I did.

Then I rewarded myself with a Red Box movie. So, here I sit, a little sweaty, with water bottle in hand, at work and enjoying "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler while I finish my last graveyard shift of the week.

Oh, and so far this movie is much better than I expected... I'd recommend it if you have a couple spare hours and are in the mood for some light entertainment. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So close!!

So, I'm one pound away from my goal for weighloss... then I get a massage!

25 pounds = a massage. Not too shabby!

I thought I would reach this point last week, but I hit a bad plateau and had to recommit to some things - and here I am.

I'm only half way through this week, not another weigh in till Sunday! So, one pound by Sunday?? That should be a snap.

And let me tell you.... I NEED a massage right now. Who ever said that a massage would be too little of a reward??? Pshtt! I think not! I'm motivated... TRUST ME.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Favorite Outfit

Today I was in the training room after soccer practice and I realized that I was wearing my favorite outfit. Well, not exactly the actual shirt, pants, etc... but my favorite TYPE of outfit.

Sweatshirt, comfy pants and sandals.

I love it. It means that it isn't too hot, yet it's warm enough to be wearing sandals... and that is NEVER a bad thing. There is something so comfy about being bundled up in sweats, but I've always been a girl that likes to be barefoot. This outfit is the best of both worlds!

I will admit tho, my favorite time to wear an outfit such as this is on a summer night when the only reason you are chilly is because you have a bit of a sting of sunburn from being outside all day....

Ahh, I'm ready for that! Bring on summer. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not Ideal

I woke up today to a little bit of gentle pressure on my back and someone licking my ear....

It was my dog..... Damn it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feast or Famine

I don't know why it happens, but it does. I think every single person has dealt with it. One day you feel like all potential dating partners have fizzled, then the next day they seem to come back 10 fold.

Famine spells vary in length, but they always come around, it's always cyclical.

Just the other day I cleaned out my phone and messenger lists. I got rid of people that I'm not talking to anymore or guys that want to "stay in touch" but I didn't feel the same way.

Wouldn't you know, I got three text messages the very next day all from guys that weren't in my phone anymore. Needless to say, they weren't flattered when I had to ask who they were.

Tonight I got emails and chat messages from three different guys, one new and two I've been talking to for a bit.

I have an ex coming into town for the weekend and am already planning on spending time with him. Now I am also adding two dates to the mix...

I guess right now I'm feasting... let's hope it's on some decent grub (no puns intended TOO literally). haha :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, I made a goal for myself four years ago. I decided that once every year I would go on a "once in a lifetime" trip. Now, that dosen't necessarily mean somewhere international or exotic; but it does mean something that dosen't necessarily fall into my lap.

So far I have kept up, I've gone on four of these trips so far... many more to come. :)

I have decided that I want to start memory/photo books for each trip, by the time I'm old I will have a large collection of books from each trip... I'm tempted to number them, Vol. 1., Vol. 2, etc.

I haven't done any of them yet... but right now, as I type, I am uploading pictures so that I can start putting everything together. I'm still choosing what size I want to make the books, etc. but I'm working on it!!

Should I make unique titles for them? Or simply state the destination and year???

For example:

Whistler and Vancouver, BC -- December 2007
(with Jason and Owen)


"Sara freezes her ass off, babysits the boys and gets treated like a Princess in Vancouver"
December 2007


What do you think? Any suggestions?

Here are the trips that need titles:

Italy, Spain and France with Chauri and Tina (The CAG's -- Crazy American Girls) -- June 2006
Whistler and Vancouver, British Columbia with Owen and Jason -- December 2007

California Coast Road Trip with Jason -- May 2008

Morocco and Paris with Zannah - March 2009

Any thoughts??

Monday, April 6, 2009

To All My Fans

Today I had my weekly weigh in... It's the lowest weight I can remember in at least the past couple years.

I get a kick out of standing on the scale and placing the weights where they were last week and then moving them down one pound at a time. I always get a funny little smile on my face after I drop about three pounds... then a look of astonishment when the deficit grows to four or five.

Today I had a decrease of four pounds, bringing my overall weight loss (since the beginning of the year) to 23 pounds. I have two more pounds to lose before I get my reward of a massage... I am excited.

I feel great. I have a ton more energy and my body feels alive and vibrant. I am happier and more laid back. I smile more and feel like I'm having more fun in life.

Today I worked hard at the gym. Lately I have noticed during my workouts that I'm actually sweating a lot. It may sounds weird... but that gets me excited. It tells me that I'm in shape enough to be able to work hard enough to sweat that much!! I get excited when the back of my shirt is wet after a workout... wierd, but true.

I want to thank everyone for all your help and encouragement. Honestly, I KNOW I couldn't be doing this without you all. I appreciate your words of support and I absolutely love it when you come workout with me... either at mermaid class, on hikes, with Poppa at the station, etc.

I draw motivation from you, especially your praise. When I hear things like, "you are looking so good!!" I love it... it helps me stay motivated to keep working hard. I am so grateful!! Thanks a ton!!

Next stop.... a long massage. AHHHH.....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prolonging Giddy

I have a friend... a dear friend that I absolutely adore. I tear up every time I talk about them and how much I miss them. If I were completely honest and open I would tell you that I would do whatever it took to be with them forever....

Tonight they called. I was with a another friend and we both agreed that we should just talk tomorrow night. So, here I sit...

I have a "scheduled appointment" in my phone for tomorrow night to remind me to call. It even has an alarm set.

Scheduled giddiness.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Roommates... they are helpful in so many ways. One of the things that mine are so good at, LAUGHTER.

The other day Matt and I were sitting watching TV and working on our perspective laptops while sitting on our seperate couches. He is laughing at random and if any of you know Matt you know this is a contageous laughter, the kind that fills the room like the smell of baking bread.

I finally ask him what has tickled his fancy so, he starts reading snippets to me from a website he is reading. Apparently this website is full of small entries from people throughout the world who wanted to share their misfortune with others.

Before long we were both laughing so hard we were crying. At one point I even fanned my face and puckered my lips with the "ohhh, ohhh, ohhh" of trying to catch my breath and get my abdominal muscles to stop spasming.

Now I'm addicted. We read the website in our house more than we watch the news. At work we check for updates every night.

So, here is my gift to you.... http://www.fmylife.com/

Warning: It is irreverant at times, often vulgar and worthy of an R rating. They aren't all this way, but it is common.

With that being said, here are a few of my favorites.




There is no doubt that the Beaudry Family is a unique one, a wonderfully delicious unique.

Some people don't like it, similar to how they don't like the uniqueness of ear wax...

But some people, most people, LOVE IT.

I have found that most people either LOVE or HATE the Beaudrys, there is very rarely middle ground... Once my Mom told me insight that she got from one of her friends. What she said was profound... I'll paraphrase it like this: "He thinks it is because we are so comfortable being ourselves. Some people are challenged by that, and when they can't accept it, they try to push it away - push it down - whatever it takes to make them ok... and therefore, us not ok."

Here's an example.

Early last fall I decided to take my family on a hike... All of us (more than a dozen of us) started out for Stewart Falls, up Provo Canyon. We huffed and puffed, stopped for breaks, ate snacks, took pictures and finally made it there. We quickly stripped off our shoes and enjoyed the little stream that winds its way down from the large 30 foot waterfall. Some of us started finding our way to the waterfall, exploring along the way. There were quite a few people up there, some relaxing, some taking pictures, etc. We were respectful and stayed out of the way so people could take their scenic pictures, some of us took pictures of families in front of the falls, we chatted, played and offered words of encouragment and advice to our fellow hikers.... then, when the time was right we ventured to the waterfall ourselves. We quickly snapped a few pictures, the token "yes, I made it here" smiles and such... then the boys decided they wanted a few pictures of their own. Owen, Poppa and Tuffy all stripped off their shirts and headed under the falls!! They marched underneath it and even stood under the chilly falls with arms raised and flexed so we could take pictures of their "muscles". As they did so we laughed, cheered and they screamed as their heads froze from the cold water slamming against their skulls. We got some great pictures and had a wonderful time... We were in "Full Beaudry" mode.

No one else did it, at least not while we were there. We did get some crazy looks... maybe it was because they wouldn't be caught dead underneath that cold water, maybe it was the hoops and hollers, maybe it was the fact that (heaven forbid) the boys didn't have shirts on (this is Utah County you know)....

We get reactions like this a lot. Astonishment that we do some of the things we do. Praise for being so bold to say what needs to be said or having the gusto to get something done; or disgust for going against the norm, standing out of a crowd, embracing what may be different but no less wonderful.

My family are machines, big strong machines, work horses. We are, we get stuff done. Are we busy?? Hell yeah, we are ALWAYS busy... but we are always busy doing something incredible.

The door is always open, figuratively and physically. Honestly, only in the past couple months did my parents start locking the front door to the house. Honestly, the door is ALWAYS open.

I remember being at my parent's house one night when my dad was coaching college hockey. It was 11:45 pm and there was a knock at the door. We all looked at eachother wierdly, usually people just walk in... the fact that there was a knock was more strange than the fact that someone was there at such a late hour. Pops answered the door, there were mumbled words and then a hockey player emerged, freshly broken up with his girl friend, in tears and needing to talk to someone. He came to his coach, who most likely offered some incredibly helpful words of encouragement, sympathy and advice, and before long they both joined us in the living room to watch some rediculous TV show into the early hours of the morning.... We all left that night, happy and laughing.... "Full Beaudry" style.

My family has always taken in strays. Since I was little I have memories of my parents adopting the local kids who didn't have anywhere else to land in the afternoon/evening/weekends. Most of the time I was grateful, now I realize what a blessing it was to be able to have the best of both worlds - be at home and be with friends... they never wanted to go to their house, mine was always MUCH cooler.

Sometimes it made things hard. I remember times when I would get jealous of the attention my friends got from my parents... they are MY parents, damn it. I'm sick of sharing. And then the time that I broke up with my boyfriend and had to include "this includes my family too. If we are done then you have to be done with them too. No showing up for dinner, no instant messaging my mom, no more texting with my siblings, no babysitting my brother... if we are done then that includes my family."

Why so many strays? Obviously something attracted them. Maybe the saying "if you feed a cat they will never leave" is true, we did feed them all the time. But I think it is because of the welcoming and accepting attitude. That is what Full Beaudry is all about... We have always been that way, warm and loving. Sure, we are goofy, opinionated, loud and irreverent... A LOT. But I think that is part of the charm. When you are with the Beaudrys it is apparent that you are accepted as you, you can be yourself and be loved because of it - it's always been that way.

My cousin laughs as he talks about how it is a good thing his dad married an adopted girl, since she would never have time to be with her own family... ours takes over. He's right, we do take over. Our family is big, loud, dedicated and devoted with every fiber of our soul. There isn't room for much else, nor would we want there to be. There is always something going on... someone to watch perform, a party, a get together, someone that needs help, etc. It sucks you in, you can't get away. Those of us that have grown up with it sometimes need a bit of a distance, but after a quick break we run back... those that are new to it can't seem to get enough.

I was talking about all this with my sister the other day. We talked about what it means to be a Beaudry. We both agreed that while our last names may change, we will forever be part of what a dear friend coined as "Clan Beaudry." I wouldn't want it any other way.

What does it mean to be a Beaudry? It means to live your life fully, to love abundantly, to learn and grow, to be open and honest, to be kind and accepting, to send good into the world and accept it when it comes back to you.

What does it take to BE a Beaudry? Well... it's a lifestyle, it's a mind set. It's something that takes over the more you live it.

I love my name... I love being a Beaudry. I secretly adore that fact that some of my friends (who aren't around my family a lot) call me "Beaudry" or "Beauds" or "Beau", a nickname usually reserved for my Pops or bro during their sports days... I love my name and pray every day that I won't have to give it up for another last name that can't compare. What would I do if I had to give up Beaudry to be a Smith?? Ohh geez... I will definatly be one of those girls that has four names, First - Middle - Maiden - Married name... Shoot, maybe I'll hyphenate so I get to spread the wealth... Beaudry is a fantastically great name.