Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If you text me one more time I swear to GOD I will....

Today it was 84 degrees in Salt Lake City at around 4:30 pm and unfortunately due to my unwillingness to get up early this morning I was forced to do my run in this ungodly heat.

I had to do it. No way around it.

So I put on a tank (minimal tan lines here!) and the rest of my running ensemble. Ike, my huge black dog, quickly realizes that this combo of clothing means one of his favorite things.... A RUN.... and promptly starts bouncing in circles around me as I go through the house getting dressed.

We finally get started. I-pod running coach in my head phones, Ike is leashed up, we take off.

It's HOT. I mean really hot. Even in the shade. The road/sidewalk/asphalt holds heat, I kind of forgot that over the winter. I start worrying about Ike's feet and keep him in the shade as much as possible, but there is no way getting around it. It's hot!

I'm not used to it. My intervals are feeling A LOT harder than normal. Now, that may be due to the fact I was forced to take four days off for a bum hip and a bum back. But, still. It was difficult today and the panting and sweating bucket loads didn't help.

About half way through my third and final run interval my phone (where my podcast is playing from) starts receiving text messages. Now, normally this wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that every time my phone gets a text it briefly pauses whatever music file it is playing so it can notify of the message.

As I am panting and dying my way through this interval I gets eight text messages. EIGHT times my phone pauses to notify me. EIGHT times I have to RUN LONGER.

I start cussing in my head. Telling my phone to SHUT UP. Alarm during a walk interval! For the love of GOD, don't make this run interval one second longer than it needs to be!!

Finally it ends (I swear those text messages added five minutes to that interval) and I finish my run workout. Ike and I make it back to the house and down about a million gallons of water.

I finally check my messages. An ex/trying-not-to-be-an-ex who is pleading his case. Flattering. But the timing was HORRENDOUS!

*******three hours later********

OK, now, back to that dating thing......

p.s. Ever text me that many times during a "sweat your skin off" run and you won't get another chance. EVER. *Enter sweet smile and batting eyelashes here*