Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goal Setting - 2012 style

I have high hopes for 2012.

I had high hopes for 2011 - it was more than high hopes, I was determined to make 2011 MY YEAR after being kicked in the teeth in 2010.

Now after looking back I realize that I worked hard and it definitely paid off. There were some sad, horrible things that happened during 2011 - but it was still supposed to be MY YEAR and I kept things headed in the right direction. I came a long way in 2011. I overcame a lot, I changed a lot and I learned a lot.

This next year, 2012, my MAIN GOAL is to:


I chose the words very carefully. I plan to "get rid" of weight - not "lose it", that implies that I will find it again. This part of my resolution is specific to physical weight, yet I want it to relate to emotional and social weight as well. I don't need things dragging me down and holding me back.

The collect light and love portion refers to how I feel about me personally, what type of people I am welcoming into my life and what type of knowledge and energy I want to seek out. I feel it is a good motto and mantra for the coming year and I am ready to be "out with the old and in with the new".

I am setting some really specific goals for the physical weight loss this year. Some of it is very specific to my sprint triathlon training and eating clean.

My first spring tri will be on May 12th -- less than 4.5 months away.

Here is my goal sheet in my journal -- two pages that finished my last journal and I have recopied into the first two pages of my new journal for 2012.

I am big into goals - I think it is why New Years is my favorite holiday.

I have written these goals in my new journal for 2012 and I am going to make reminders of the new motto -- GET RID OF WEIGHT, COLLECT LIGHT AND LOVE.

I am sharing this here on my blog, on facebook and face to face... You are more likely to succeed in your goals if you share them with others.... and I will SUCCEED!!

Here's to 2012! Bring it on!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found them

I just wanted to let you all know.... I have collar bones.

Unless you have been a person that has lost them you won't quite know the joy of finding them.

But sure enough, they are there. They poke out a bit and I enjoy showing them off.

Slowly, but surely, this weight is coming off. I'm doing it the healthy way and working my tail off. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused day after day.... which makes it nice to get little nods of reassurance that I'm doing something right.

Today that little nod was collar bones.