Friday, December 28, 2012

High five?

Today I told my coach that in six weeks of being with him at Crossfit I've gained 10 pounds.

He gave me a high-five.

Then he felt my guns.


Then we had a very heartfelt talk.

Do you know what a "come to Jesus" talk looks like between two agnostic/atheists?

Well, I'll just say it ends in a meal plan, a promise to produce my food journal for review every two weeks and the words "NO EXCUSES" written on the white board.

.... and then it ends with a hug and the words "We are in this together, and it's the last time you will ever have to do it....."

Thursday, December 27, 2012


First Gluten-free fail of the experiment... although first success in a way too.

I've been gluten-free for about a week now, until last night. I gave in and hand Chinese-pan noodles. I LOVE these things.... and I quickly regretted it.

Immediately after eating them I was exhausted, nauseous and SORE everywhere. I have been working out hard for a few days, with lots of squats, but my knees have been feeling great.... until the noodles came.

It was insane how quick it happened, as soon as I tried to stand up my knees were KILLING me! It kind of freaked me out how fast it happened.... even today my knees are sore, my feet are sore, and I'm overall achy.

So, I guess it's a good thing, I'm seeing how wheat effects me in an inflammation sense... but it also sucks, because this means that I should never have those delicious pan noodles again.... 

Give and take I guess. :(

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Relax, Relax and Relax some more....

I've needed a vacation... and so has Tuff. So off we went, Lava Hot Springs in Southern Idaho. 

A little town of just over 400 people. Three restaurants, we ate at all of them twice.

Once I asked Tuff what his favorite part of the trip was. He immediately answered, "The food."

It was quite cold our whole trip, usually around 14 degrees during the day and around 5-9 degrees at night. The only place to escape was in the amazing, soothing water....

We stayed at a hotel that pumped the mineral water straight from the hot pools into our shower and bath... so I took the Spud Mud that I got for Christmas last year and did my best to get all spa like. :)

The steam would freeze everything in sight... including hair. Tuff got quick a kick out of that. I told him stories about when my hair would freeze while I was walking to the school bus on the farm.... he looked at me like I was from another planet.

Overall we had a blast... just the two of us. It was just what we needed.

And even tho this place isn't anything to write home about, the water and the hot springs definitely are!

Here's till next time T-Dawg. Love ya!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wheat-free till Valentines

I've been working hard, crossfit and swimming have been a daily thing for over a month now and my body is feeling awesome.

Today I took this photo of the calluses that are showing up on my hands. All the olympic lifts and kettle bell work is really taking a toll on these lady-hands.
haha..... I've NEVER had "lady" hands, but I also don't think I've ever had calluses like this.

Today my coach had me use a 20 kg kettlebell for my kettlebell swings and my hands felt it for sure! He knows how to push me and I'm feeling it tonight! It's part of the reason I love it so much at that gym.... we are doing things with my body that have never been done before. It's great, and really empowering.

I gained four pounds the first week I was there and still haven't lost it. My inches are falling off in amazing amounts, but not the weight yet. I know it's improvement, but I'd like to see the weight finally start to fall.

Last week one of my best friends came into town and at dinner we talked about her new gluten-free lifestyle. She talked about a book called "Wheat Belly" and I started reading it the next day. I felt like I was reading a book written about me.... the person who works out and eats healthy and can't lose weight for anything. The person who the healthier they eat the more weight they gain, sore joints, high inflammatory markers in blood work (remember all that blood work I was having done earlier this year???), the muscle aches and lethargy.....

Well, for the past two days I've been wheat-free, gluten-free, and feeling awesome. I decided that I'm going to try it for two months. In two months I should be able to tell if my body is benefiting from no wheat. Hopefully I'll see a weight difference, but I'm also hoping a difference in my inflammatory issues. It would be SOOOOO wonderful to not have the inflammation I've been dealing with. It makes me feel old, unhealthy and sick. That isn't me....

So, here is my dinner tonight. Celery, soft cheese and smoked salmon. Quite decadent and I am SOOOO content!

I'm leaving town for a small escape before the holidays, I am a bit worried that wheat-free will be hard when I'm on the road.... but I hear they have a great Thai restaurant there, and if I stick to rice noodles and rice then I should be good!!!

Oh, and I'm taking Tuff with me on my escape.... a little Big Sis/Lil Bro bonding and exploring time.... I can't wait.