Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last night I finally bought my plane ticket. I have been promising Zannah for three years that I would come visit her in Paris before she graduates. So, it's official.

I am going for a week and a half. She will show me ALL OVER Paris. I asked for the "normal sightseeing stuff," but mostly I want to see the real Paris. How the locals do it, I want a real feel for the place. She told me to bring good shoes and be prepared to walk my hiney off.

AND WE ARE SPENDING A WEEKEND IN MOROCCO!! As Zannah said, "Africa, Baby!!"

I'm excited, to say the least... We will have a FABULOUS time. I am always up for traveling somewhere new and seeing new things. I love cultures and new experiences and I'm sure that Morocco will give me all my little heart wants.

With Zannah over there, a place to stay, my own french speaking tour guide and her being one of my absolute favorite people ever... how could I pass this up??? I think it sounds like a blast.

Oh, and did I mention MOROCCO???!!! MOROCCO..... aaHH!! (This is me yelping in excitment).

The stars aligned and I'm going... I got a SCREAMIN deal on a plane ticket to Paris. Non-stop, both ways and even window seats in the reclinable exit rows!! I couldn't be any luckier!!

The downfall? When a sick call came through tonight I felt obligated to pick it up and start paying off this plane ticket.... Time and a half, baby.


Jim Family said...

ooooo you are going to have fun. so jealous. just be careful in morrocco, jordan went and came home with stomach issues...yikes!

Miss Sara said...

Ah! Like the stomach issues that make you lose 30 pounds?? I KNEW I was going to love this trip! haha j/k