Friday, March 5, 2010

Mini Maine Road trip

Today I had to drive to Portland, Maine and back (to Bethel). I took one of our girls to meet up with her parents for the weekend. It was about two hours one way, but was a great opportunity to see a little of Maine!

This was a great church right in downtown Portland, ME. There are churches everywhere out here... many with gorgeous towers like this one.

We stopped by this old port. I thought all these pylons in the water was really cool. When a big wave came in a lot of them would sway.

It was at this port that we spotted the PIRATE SHIP!! So cool!

Not too far away we found a fish market. These guys were incredibly helpful with my desire to take home fresh seafood.
They let me hold this guy, almost a five pounder!! I didn't buy him... but he was fun to pose with!

They said that unfortunately live lobsters wouldn't be able to last longer than 48 hours. If I would have been able to pick them up tomorrow (which I can't) I would have been able to take home live creatures.... instead they helped me with some delicious looking crab meat (even a better bargain since I'm not paying for the shell!!). I stayed within my budget and now have a great cooler bag to put in my suitcase.

I didn't bring home any of these guys.... mean looking!!!

But I got some of these......

This place rocks. Harbor Fish Company. I got their number so we can call and have them ship us live lobsters!! They were great to work with and gave me some great memories as well.

This is the dock they were by. The red shed on the left is the back of their market.

One of my favorite things around here is the little ancient cemeteries that are randomly placed among the trees. Some are in towns, some are in the middle of nowhere.... like this one that I found while driving back to Bethel today. The headstones are ANCIENT. Great history.

This tower of white signs is very typical around here. There is one at mostly every intersection and a lot of little signs like this along the road. Some signs point to towns, some point to businesses and schools, some point to points of interest and historical landmarks.... You name it, there's probably a sign for it.
Another interesting thing I've noticed is that they post miles in fractions. The sign will read, "COVERED BRIDGE - 1 6/10", instead of "COVERED BRIDGE - 1.6 mi" like is typical in the West.
There is A LOT of ice fishing going on....

They have their huts all over the place. This one was pulled up on the shore by the launch point. The guys' name and phone number is painted on the door.

Here is another beautiful cemetery I came across. The building looking thing right up front is actually a set of doors that goes underground. Not sure what they keep in there!! Kind of spooky!! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tall headstones, especially the ones that are almost like a big pillar that comes up to a point. Absolutely gorgeous.

It's been interesting out here. I've never been to Maine before. I've been intrigued by the history and oldness of it all. Everything just FEELS old. The moss on the trees and rocks helps it seem old.
Today was sunny, by far the most sun we have had since we've been here. It's humid. You can feel the dampness in your bones. It makes things colder. It isn't muggy tho, thank goodness it's only March.
The roads have huge pot-holes and "frost heaves" (the huge humps and cracks). The roads are awful compared to what I'm used to. Most of the time I have a hard time even driving the speed limit because the roads are so rough.... I guess that would keep me from getting speeding tickets!! LOL.
It's been fun. I had a good time exploring today; but honestly, I'm ready to go home.
Tomorrow is our last day of competition, tomorrow night the awards banquet, and then we leave dark and early the next morning to start our huge day of travel.... that will all be worth the reward of finally being home.
I'm excited for tomorrow. I get to spend all day packing, cleaning and preparing to leave. Hopefully it will feel like the wait is finally over.
I'm coming home, Babe!!! (51 hours and counting)

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