Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I'm a little OCD about a few things, organizing my coupons is one of them.
I'm starting to really focus on deals and coupons. I'm having a lot of fun designing the best deals I can get (while it's really helpful as well).
Every week I compare the local deals with what we need and what coupons expire that week.
If I don't need a coupon, or find a better deal with a different brand once I'm there, I have been known to leave the coupon tucked inbetween the boxes or laying on top of the packets....
I consider myself a coupon fairy. It's a little bit of good I can do for the world.
Well, imagine my pleasure when I was getting dog food this past weekend (and unfortunately didn't have any coupons of my own) when I grabbed the huge bags and a coupon came fluttering down from the shelf!!! Another coupon fairy had bestowed their gift on me that day!!!
It was wonderful. Almost brought a tear to my eye.
So here's to all of us coupon fairies. Keep it up. It's helping out everyone! Besides, it's kind of fun. Isn't it??? :)
p.s. Yes, that actually is my coupon folder pictured above. I know.... a bit OCD. But it works!!

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