Sunday, February 28, 2010


Ok. I'm here.

It has now been 22 hours since this whole travel excursion started... (see previous post).

Since the Boston airport, where I had a total of a 3.5 hour wait for coach's flight to get in, all of us staff members left to pick up the rental vans.

Well, needless to say.... the rental reservations weren't done right AND the school credit card wouldn't work; so, four hours later (I'm not kidding) and two rental stores later (again, not kidding) we now have two suburbans and two mini vans to fit 24 people and all their luggage (again, see previous post for the details on amazing amounts of luggage).

Heavenly Father did take pity on me and somehow convinced the ski coaches that I would be better served to go with the snowboard team (mainly because they needed another driver, but I could really care less about the decison making process at this point). So, I was one of the lucky ones to be able to come strait to the competition town.

When I found this out I called Sam and complained (in the middle of our four hours wait for vans) about all of the unorganized chaos and spending nine days with 10 snowboarders.... including staying in a condo with them....

But upon later review I find that this is by far the best way to spend the nine days, we will see if I change my mind or not.

Benefits: I don't have to stay with the rediculously unorganized ski coaches. I get to run things with Abe, the snowboard coach who is much more laid back, much more organized, much more logical and flat out not as socially awkward. Also, less moving around. More freedom and more room.

Cons: staying with loud, smelly snowboarders for nine days. Let's see if my OCD kicks in full force or takes a vacation. :)

So, we finally make it to the airport.... Abe magically fits all the luggage into the suburban and still has room for three snowboarders, that leaves me with six in my minivan. They hop in, pop in a pirated copy of Avatar and remain fairly silent.

We stop for a quick dinner. We get back on the road.

I ingest my first ever, in my entire life, totally against my beliefs energy drink. Sam swears by 5-hour energy.... and I'll shamedly admit, they work.

We continue driving. Hit snowpacked and incredibly icy roads (FYI: Maine does a CRAPPY job of plowing or salting) and I do my best with my red, shiny, rear wheel drive mini-van.

A few scary moments, and five hours later (Yes, at 3 am EST) we arrive at our condo.

The great part is that it is actually big enough to hold all of us and I get a small room with a remarkably firm double bed. I have two pillows (not nearly enough for a makeshift Sam) but at least I have one at all. I've already claimed my towel and washcloth. I should be set.

Unfortunately this 5-hour energy is working all too well and I'm still trying to wind down. It's been a hell of a day. The good thing is that tomorrow should be reasonably relaxed. I need to get up in the morning and go to the grocery store with Abe. I told him I would help cook while we are here, that should give me something to do that I enjoy and it will also help out the team.... win win. After that we have the gold-medal hockey game at 3:00 PM EST, during which we must cheer loudly for the U.S.

Sounds like a good day.... I'll keep you updated. Let's see if my nerves can handle this.

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gg said...

Ahhhh, life sounds like it might be looking up?!