Monday, February 22, 2010

The Olympics ROCK

We got DVR just in time for the Olympics, thank goodness!!! Every session of the Olympics is being recorded in our house. Every night we sit down and go through everything. It's been awesome.

I will admit, we have been fast forwarding the Ice Dancing (is that really a sport, anyways?!?!?), but pretty much everything else has been awesome. We have fallen in love with short-track speed skating, skiing, snowboarding (of course), even biathlon.....

Last night, HOCKEY!! I knew the game was coming up, but since Sam isn't a huge fan of hockey I didn't push (or even suggest) that we watch the whole game. I had gotten home from work, was cooking and cleaning a bit in the kitchen and heard the TV change channels. I heard that distinct sound, HOCKEY!! But only for a split second. I immediately whipped around and saw Sam's face, looking at me with a smirk and that "I hope she didn't hear that" look in his eyes.

I squealed, "Was that the game?!?! Oh Babe, it's such an important game!!" as I ran into the living room, still drying my hands on a dish towel. He rolled his eyes and changed the channel back to the hockey game.... all with a little smile on his face.
Then the magic happened.....

I'm not only referring to the magic of the game.... 5-3 victory over Canada, with a bye next round!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!
Or the magic of what a tremendously entertaining game it was.......
But yet, the magic that occur ed as Sam started to like hockey. Not only like hockey, but truly get wrapped up in it. Groans and moans when shots were missed. Squeaks when shots were saved. Cheers for fights. Comments on good plays.
Hockey is now liked by the ENTIRE house.... yes, even the baby girl is highly impressed with it.
Thanks guys, you not only made us proud, but helped this little family out a lot!! :)
Hockey for all!

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