Saturday, February 27, 2010

Letting Go

I'm currently sitting in Boston, on the first day of a long, long, long trip with the ski and snowboard teams. We are headed to Nationals, in Maine.

Our plane tickets weren't bought until a week ago, so now the 24 of us (20 athletes, 4 staff) are on six different flights. I was on the first flight, with five of the girl skiers......

We left the school at 4 am (Sam was soooo happy about dropping me off. haha) and got the the airport at about 4:30. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 AM. At 5:30 we were still waiting in line because coach was no where to be found to pay for all the baggage fees....

cue: 1st wait period - about 30 minutes, felt like four hours

Needless to say, he showed up. We ran. Ran some more. And.......

Now we are in Boston, sitting in baggage claim while the others are all delayed.

cue: 2nd wait period - approx 3 hours.

What's next?? They will show up. Some how we will go find our rental vans. Load them with some ungodly amount of luggage (think 20 snowboarders and skiers. Each needs at least four boards/pairs of skis, plus nine days worth of clothing/toiletries to live/compete/study/explore/party/etc). We are talking some SERIOUS amounts of luggage.

After we get the vans, and get loaded, we will all embark on our journey. Two vans will head to training, two vans will head strait to the competition.

Oh, by the way. I'm driving one of those vans.

Do I know where I'm going? NO. Do I have maps or directions? NO. Do I know how long it will take to get there? NO. (I'm guessing at least four hours). DO I know where we are staying when we get there? NO.

Am I happy to be here in the first place? NO. Is this helping? DEFINATELY NO.

Ok, I'll admit. I'm a bit OCD. Especially about planning and having things run smoothly.

So, obviously this is getting me a bit worked up. I am truly trying to let go and go along with things, but MAN.... IT'S HARD!

I would much rather be back at home with my man and baby girl..... those kisses this morning weren't nearly enough.

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gg said...

Woah!!! This is soooo not the way you are used to traveling with our sports team huh! It was your experience with other teams that made our travel SO MUCH EASIER!

Try to have fun once you get it figured out where you are going! lol!