Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love saving Moolah!!

Today I went to the store for those little things we needed and also all the great things on sale that I had coupons for!!

I haven't been couponing a lot lately. Since we are so focused on plant based foods that limits the couponing quite a bit. (coupons for produce are RARE!!)

But, Tuffy still exists in the house and he isn't quite as switched over to plant based as we are.... so he cleaned up today!

Lots of frozen pizza, cracker snack packs for him to take to school, canned soup... all for GREAT deals.

Also... razors, hair products, shampoo and conditioner.

All in all I saved over $100 tonight. That's a 43% savings. (not bad since it also included a lot of produce)

When compared to other couponing trips the savings weren't incredible, but I felt pretty good about it.... especially when Tuff let out a yelp of joy when he saw the goods!!

Saving money and putting smiles on faces.... always a good thing.

Another good thing? A 4-pack of amazing razors for $0.28. (I got eight). :)

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