Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of goals accomplished

So, how did my 2009 go?? Well, at the beginning of the year I made a list of goals for myself. I had never done this before and honestly I found a lot of motivation from it.

I made goals in many areas of my life; school, financial, health, social, family, career, spiritual and my house.

After reviewing them I see that I worked on just about ALL of them, completed quite a few of them and some will return to the list this year. All in all I had a WONDERFUL experiance.

Finish Masters Degree -- Well, it's close! Only a thesis left
Take a digital SLR class -- didn't get there, it's returning to the list this year!

Have Credit Cards paid off -- paid down quite a bit! still working on it, will return to the list
Refinance house and car -- working on it, economy made this one difficult!

Get down to a good healthy weight -- lost over 40 pounds!! Gained some of it back :( But will work on it again this year
Be active four (4) times a week -- until the past couple months I did this WELL. Plan on getting back to it shortly!
Keep food journal -- this thing saved my life! Honestly, the secret to weight loss? Count every calorie! what you take in and what you burn.... it works!
Eat out only 3 times a week -- Found out this helped with money most, it's hard but I CAN find decent calorie decisions while eating out.
Get PCOS under control -- done and done, will keep it under control this year as well! Feelin' good!

Write a letter to someone special every week -- Probably the most influential thing I've done this year. I got out of the habit the past month or so, but honestly.... writting hand written notes to people I care about once a week has been POWERFUL. I will do it again this year for sure.
Go on two dates a month -- was lucky enough to meet an amazing man the middle of the year and now consider everyday "date night." Wahoo!!!
Paris trip in spring -- This turned into Paris AND MOROCCO!! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Continue family hikes/outings -- I was good about this through the summer, then it got harder once school started! Great times, fantastic memories.
Big something for parent's 30th anniversary -- Yep, big party next Saturday! (Jan 9th! Come!!!)

Work with UFC/MMA -- didn't do, put on back burner for now.
IPHL?? -- opted out, thank goodness. ;) Sometimes the best decisions are choosing NOT to do it.

Figure out this whole church thing -- did it, for now.
Keep reading -- did that too.

Replace carpets -- about half way done! Thanks, Babe. You rock. :)
Finish yard, deck, fence, sprinklers -- Done!! Thanks Owen!!!

So, I'm working on my list for 2010. I want to run a few things by Sam, I want his support and input, especially on the things that influence both of us..... but it will be a great list. I'll show you in a few.

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