Sunday, October 11, 2009

When lost...

Yesterday we took the baby girl to CornBelly's... a "pumpkin festival" that easily rivaled the state fair in activities, excitement and cost. We had a really fun time, even though we froze our tails off!!! I will admit there was actually a time when all three of us crawled into the little kid's straw bale maze so that we could bask in the warmth (out of the wind)... I'm STILL finding straw in my purse.

At the end of the day Sam drug us into the corn maze. I had tried to avoid it all day, but he was insistant and finally we went. Soon after we entered the corn maze we found ourselves up on a tower to "scope out" the corn maze. We were up top next to a fun looking guy with a couple kids around him.

We jokingly asked, "is that the way out?"

His boisterous reply, "who knows! I brought a Mexican kid, he'll find the way out," he said as he ran down the tower with his kids and nonchalantly poked a joking finger at the darker skinned kid in the group. They all giggled and ran down the stairs from the tower.

I looked back at Sam (who is darker skinned himself) and said, "Babe, will that work for me?" We both just laughed; at which point the guy and his kids turned around to see what I was referring to. His kids busted up in laughter, he mumbled out "oh crap."

I had clearly embarrassed him, although I didn't mean to. Sam and I just got a kick out of it!! Now the running joke is that apparently Sam can find his way through anything because of his family heritage....

Although, the reality is he SUCKS at corn mazes, and so do I.

We didn't do well at all. Sam kept finding dead end after dead end. The baby girl was on Sam's shoulders (and on mine for a little while as well) and kept asking repeatedly, "HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE?"

Sam admitted after about 25 minutes, "I just remembered I hate corn mazes."

My reply, "I do too!! Why did we do this in the first place?"

Sam concluded, "I don't know... but we won't do it again..."

We finally cheated and found our way out (or maybe it was the entrance, we aren't quite sure).

Overall we had a great day. We laughed and screamed, got a fantastic face painting, paid wayyy too much for a couple pumpkins, played dress up, mined for gem stones, froze our tails off, walked through a sea of corn kernels, rode in a carriage with a princess and ate some AMAZING food....

CornBelly's, at Thanksgiving Point. I highly recommend it.... but take a jacket and a lot of cash. :)

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becky said...

FUN!!! It sounds like you had a good time. We go to one each year and every year the day we pick is the coldest. The boys don't care as long as they get hot cocoa when we get home.