Monday, October 26, 2009

I admit: it was on his line, on his cast, in his spot.

Can you believe that my amazing fisherman of a boyfriend has YET to teach me to fish??? Well, he quickly corrected that after I pointed it out.... so last Sunday we escaped for the afternoon and he took me fishing.

On the way up (and back) we spotted tons of deer and turkeys. Of course he had to pull over and use the scope to check things out thoroughly.....

He was a sweet heart and gave in and did all the 'gross' stuff.... I'm getting there. I still don't want to bait my own hook, let alone clean my own fish. So he let me do the fun stuff: hook them and reel them in!!!

It's gorgeous up there... at our new favorite spot. The same place we went hunting last week..... We plan on going back often.

Here's the catch.... six total, not bad for a quick day on the lake. Notice the BROOK TROUT in the middle?? The pretty one with the orange belly.... Sam says brook trout are a native fish around here and usually stay quite small, this guy was a good size!! He says he has never caught a brook trout and was quite impressed that we got one!! I reeled him in, but Sam made no hesitation to point out it was on HIS LINE, ON HIS CAST, IN HIS SPOT!!
He's a master fisherman.... and taught me well. I can't complain about fishing, I had a GREAT time!! I got to spend an afternoon at a gorgeous lake, with my man and the baby girl.... didn't have to do anything gross and got all the excitement of reeling these suckers in!!
It was great!

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becky said...

I don't like fish but fishing is fun. And I don't bait or clean them either. So I am there with you. The picts are gorgeous.