Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Colorado Bound

We just got back from a very rejuvenating and relaxing trip to Colorado. This is the main reason we went... to see one of my best friends, Chauri, her husband and their new baby.

One day we drove up to Estes Park, Colorado and found ELK ON THE GOLF COURSE!! Sam was shocked and completely impressed. I think this is the moment his love affair with Estes Park started...

There was a large crowd looking at the elk, we couldn't help it! We had to join in!!

The crowd they drew was amazing. There was one buck that was in charge of everything, yet they were very docile and used to people being around. It was shocking how comfortable they were with everyone around.

What do you get when a 3 year old baby girl has a hunter/fisherman father?? You get a 3 year old that looks at a herd of elk on a golf course and asks, "CAN I SHOOT IT?" He was so proud. LOL

We saw lots of amazing scenery. Estes Park is truly beautiful.

On our way back down we ran into two more bucks on the road. They were headed down to challenge the big guy for some of his ladies.... Sam stopped for pictures, I wished the two of them luck as I cleaned up the back seat a bit. They looked like strapping young men, hopefully they got some women of their own.

And of course, Sam found some of this.... like I said, he fell in love with Estes Park. Apparently there are LOTS of fish there. :)

Thanks Chauri and Ryan for a wonderful time!! We will make it out again, hopefully soon! We had a WONDERFUL time.

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becky said...

I want to hear how you met this guy Sam. You sound so happy. I know everyone else probably knows the story but I don't.