Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Raccoon Country

First off: Camping on Labor Day is CRAZY!! We saw HUGE HUGE HUGE lines into the canyons and people where EVERYWHERE. Lucky for use we had our spot reserved and were away from all the hustle and bustle. It was gorgeous and we can't wait to get back.

Secondly: When they say that this is "Bear Country" and you should put away all food and food preparation items, they mean it.

NO, we didn't see a bear, but close.

Our last night camping we were all exhausted. We decided to put the fire out early and I quickly went over the table to get all of our last food items securely in the car. I threw a few non-food related items in the tote and we were off to bed.....

Sometime between when the sun went down and the stars came out we heard our water cooler get knocked off the picnic table. Sam and I immediately woke up. He said, "did you hear that?" I replied, "yeah, what do you think is out there?"

He unzipped the sleeping bag, grabbed his gun and unzipped the tent door. In the moonlight I saw him perched there at the door of the tent, in his boxers, holding his gun, telling his dog to go check things out.

Well, before long they were both out there, Sam and the dog, and I lay in the tent with the baby girl and waited for our protectors to come back to bed.

Well, apparently Sam found the ziplock bag of dog food laying on the picnic table with holes nibbled in it. When he told me this my stomach dropped.... OH MY GOSH!! I totally left that bag of dog food in the tote under the table!!
It was totally my fault, I should have been more careful!

He decided it was a raccoon and he had scared it off sufficiently, and put the dog food in the car....

I'm lucky it wasn't a bear; but hey, even raccoons can make your heart jump in the middle of the night!

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becky said...

We have a similar story at Kolob but it involved a skunk. I don't know how Christian and his brother didn't get sprayed.