Friday, September 4, 2009

When boys get sick...

OK, here it is.

IF A BOY IS REALLY SICK, I mean moaning-instead-of-talking type of sick, he wants to be left alone. Don't wake him up for anything. If you bring him cold water, a new movie, etc - just leave it on the nightstand, don't wake him up. If the house is burning down, gently touch his leg, tell him that the house is on fire and if he would like to escape he should probably do so now, but it's his choice. THIS is what they want, how they want to be treated.

Their idea of hell would be for a woman to sit with them to watch a movie, stroke their back, keep waking them up for nutritious juice and supplements. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE.

IF A BOY IS ONLY KIND OF SICK, you know, the feeling-yucky-but-i-can-survive type of sick, he wants to be babied. He wants to whine. He wants all of his favorite foods and drinks, wants to go out to a movie, wants you to throw away his Popsicle wrapper for him, etc, etc, etc.

LUCKY FOR ME my boy progresses through the "only kind of sick" part rather quickly, I can handle a couple hours of it.... especially when it means I get to have him back. I've missed him making me laugh. Even more so, I've missed his laugh.

Oh, and he woke up this morning and first thing went out and fixed the fence!!! Hallelujah for feeling better!!! :)

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