Monday, November 30, 2009

Hint Hint

Last Friday we sat on the couch, wathing TV and purusing ads from the paper.
I saw them. Porcelain village houses. Onsale. Kmart.
I ask Sam, "Babe, do you want a big hint?" He of course said yes.
I pushed the ad to him. "See these houses? I would love a few more. Mom got me a Sugarplum Dance Studio from this set when I was first out of the house, I put it up ever year, but it's my only one. I would love more."
That was all that was said, until Saturday evening after we all got home from work and the baby girl exclaims, "WE GOT YOU A PRESENT!!" Sam started laughing and we explained that it's a secret, but it's ok since I still don't know what it is.
Then Saturday night when he asks theoretically, "You know those little Christmas houses? Is that something you want for Christmas? or something you would want before so you can decorate with them."
I smiled and said, "IF I were to recieve any I would love to get them early so we could enjoy them this year."
A few minutes later I heard the back door open and some rustling, then he quietly called to the baby girl to come help him.
She struggles to walk into the living room holding a Kmart bag, she squeels, "here is your present!!"
Sure enough.... not one set, but TWO lovely porcelain christmas village pieces. He did well, really well. A start-off kit with three buildings, many people, a small car, trees, etc. Then another big tiered piece with a frozen river and a circling train that plays Christmas carols when a button is pushed!!
Of course I had to open them right away, we pulled it all out on the dining room table to admire it, and my dance studio fits in perfectly.
I smiled and squeezed his hand as I thanked him for being so sweet and knowing me so well, he picked out just the right ones. It was exactly what I wanted. He then told me that his Mom had a Christmas village much like this one that was put up every year, including mirrors used for floating ponds, white fabric for a snowy base, etc.
His finishing touch.... the confession that he plans to make this an annual tradition. Each Christmas I get another piece to my Christmas Village. So year after year I get the pleasure of putting up my darling city landscape and being reminded that I am blessed with one heckuva man.
(notice the Grinch addition... heckuva... hehe)

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