Monday, November 23, 2009

How it is supposed to be, right?

Our house is a mess.

I have laundry everywhere (clean AND dirty). There is dog food that has been knocked over and is laying in the middle of the kitchen. Why clean it up? It can be dinner for the dogs.

I imposed a "rule" with Sam, he can't take glasses out to the hot tub anymore. Plastic only from here on out, although it's ME who keeps breaking the glasses - not exactly his fault.

We have stuffed animals that have been lovingly hidden in their "beds" around the living room and kitchen while nestled in dish towels and dusting rags (impromptu baby bedding at it's best, gotta love little kid's imaginations).

The pantry has Strawberry Nesquik and animal crackers among the hummus and miso soup.

Last night I crawled in bed with a sleepy baby girl, we read her favorite book three times until I finally convinced her to close her eyes as I turned off the light and asked what song we should sing. She chose, I sang. It took all of about 34 seconds for her to start snoring.

I sleepily made my way back out to Sam and curled up next to him while we watched a little TV and then finally gave up and crawled into bed.

This is how real life is, right? Messy houses, laughter, being constantly exhausted... yet happy.....

I hope this is what life is supposed to be like, because I like it.

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Going Full Hippie said...

I never have clean dish rags. They are always drying/warming/covering a toy of some kind. Usually naked Barbies, but the occasional baby or transformer. I think I know what she needs for Christmas!

And yes, life is wonderful this way.