Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Pirates

I know it's late... but here are our halloween photos....

We went to Sam's family's house in Blackfoot, Idaho. They put on a halloween carnival for anyone and everyone from the town that wants to stop by. They have a full pirate ship tree house that they deck out, lots of inflatables, halloween music, candy, cookies, etc....

It was a blast, very relaxing and a perfect retreat after a crazy wedding week.

Here's Sam's mom with his sister's dog, Snickers.

Sam..... (halloween is supposed to be scary, not cute - per Sam)

The pirate ship!

Spider lady.... spiders everywhere!! Hair, hands, neck, notice my big furry pet spider on my shoulder!!

Awww, goulish love.... :)

The moon set the perfect scene for halloween night!

Inside of the pirate ship!


Angie said...

I love the spider costume- you look great! And I wonder if your man knows my sister-in-law's family that grew up in Blackfoot. Her name is Tasha (pronounce TAASHA) and her sister's name is Zayna.

Miss Sara said...

thank you! It was Sam's idea and at first I wasn't too excited... but once we decided to put my "pet spider" on my shoulder I got a lot more excited about it. It was a lot of fun.
I will ask him about Zayna Tasha. I'm sure he knows them, at least the family. His Dad was the seminary teacher there for over 30 years, his dad knew EVERYONE. So, I'm sure they know eachother....
Small world!!