Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wrapped all around you, Babe.

Sam tells me quite often that my hair has a mind of it's own. Last night he went as far as to term it, "Medusa hair."

He says, "your hair is the only hair I have EVER known that can wrap itself around my fingers, around my wrist, through my fingers again and tie itself in a knot."

The other day Max (the dog) was choking on a hair ball. Sam says, "I know Maxy... her hair gets everywhere." As she shoots me a wink and half a smile.

He is constantly dealing with it in the hot tub, picking it out and flinging it at the fence.

I try to clean often (especially in the bathroom)... but I'll admit, my hair is everywhere....

It's down to my mid-back and quite thick. It has a "presence" if you will.

Today he was reclined in the seat next to me. I looked over and to my horror he had a loose bundle of MY HAIR clinging to the bottom of his beard, directly off his chin.

I lovingly touched his cheek, gave him a kiss and snagged it from his beard as my hand pulled away......

Maybe he's right, it is EVERYWHERE; but at least I avoided him pointing it out this morning when he found his beard had tripled in size and changed color from his jet black to my carmelish brown. That could have a been a little much. :)

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becky said...

That made me laugh a little bit. I don't remember it being bad when we were roommates but we did clean a lot. Plus you had Amy to compete with. Her hair can be found a year after leaving a place. haha