Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Things

Today I was working around the house and Sam was taking a nap. I was walking through and he held up two fingers.

I said, "What's that babe?"

He said nothing, just kept holding up two fingers and looking at me sleepily.

In my most jokingly sassy voice I said, "What's two? Two reasons I'm awesome?"

He smiled and said, "Yep. One, You are super duper cute; and two, you take really good care of me."

I smiled, walked over and gave him a kiss. How could I not be good to him? Especially when he says things like that!!!

As I was walking away he gave me a swat on the butt and said, "..... Two, I'll get up at two and help you. I promise."


becky said...

So did he get up and help. It is so fun when the boys we love are sweet to us. I was joking with Christian because yesterday was our anniversary and we didn't do anything and said not to because we have a little night planned away next week. I told him we are probably the most unromantic couple. As we were having a regular night at home. And he agreed. I went up to give the kids their baths and when I came down the kitchen was nearly clean and I told him that is more romantic and more likely to get him some that flowers. At first I thought that was sad, but really it just shows our boys still know what will really make us happy.

Miss Sara said...

He did get up and help... Mr. Muscles moved all the beds for me (among other things). I love it when they help out with things like doing dishes.... my mom always said "foreplay starts in the kitchen." Ya know, I think she's right!! Nothing gets a girl more in the mood than feeling taken care of by her man, and helping out with things that need to be done sure do make girls feel that way!! Althought I must admit, it usually dosen't take much to get me "in the mood." :p