Thursday, February 5, 2009

FYI: No Cute Guys at the Riverwoods Barnes and Noble

The other night I headed to the bookstore to get a few travel guides for my awesome trip coming up (see previous post re: Paris and Morocco). I have always heard that bookstores are good places to meet guys, so I brushed my hair again, made sure I looked decent.... and I headed out.

I hardly got through the door and was accosted by the shelves of "bargain books." They were cookbooks... I was in trouble. I immediately saw a few Chinese food cook books. I have always loved asian food and have wanted to learn how to make it... How could I pass up an awesome Chinese food cookbook? Especially when they were priced so fabulously? So I grabbed the top contenders and decided to weed through them when I was done browsing.

That's right, I said browsing... any time I use that word I know I'm in trouble.

By the time I was done browsing I had picked up about five travel guides to choose between, four chinese/asian food cookbooks, a packet of cards and a food/diet journal.

For the first time in my life I actually sat down in the middle of a bookstore and looked through my options. Yes, I have turned into that girl that sits and reads in a bookstore....

I finally decided on one cookbook, one travel guide for each of my destinations, my notecards and my food journal. That is a much larger purchase than I was planning on... I need to stop "browsing." My pocketbook takes a hit whenever I do.

p.s. No cute guys at the bookstore... apprently only hillbillies and really old men go to the Riverwoods Barnes and Noble. Now I know that next time I can go in my sweats. :)