Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All For One (Well, two...)

As far as I'm concerned if one of us is involved in something we all are. Hope is big into ballroom dance (with her partner/boyfriend Trey); therefore, we are ALL big into ballroom.

Hope and I have always partnered together to design and make her ballroom dresses right from the start. The better she has gotten the more extravagant her dresses have gotten. Now days she has the dresses custom made but brings them to me to stone. (stone = glue thousands of crystals on with adhesive bought at Home Depot)
The first dress that I stoned for her was an animal print dress that took over 3,000 stones, coming in at just over 11 hours of work.

This fringe dress was actually found and altered by yours truly. It looks fantastic on Hope and she recently decided she wanted stones on it. That's where I come in. One morning Hope showed up on my bed (while I was sleeping after a night shift) and we let our creative juices start flowing. We decided on shapes; squares, triangles and circles. We now lovingly refer to this dress as her "pre-school dress."

I hear there is another dress arriving in a week or two that needs my "magic." I'm excited to see it and see what I can come up with. I love watching Hope dance in the dresses and see how they actually look on the floor. I enjoy feeling like I'm a part of things and I really enjoy supporting her.
The funny part is that after I'm done stoning a dress I find stones for days, sometimes weeks. During the stoning process some of them get away from me and no matter how much I clean a few of them stick around. I found another one in the living room just the other day.

Here is Hope and Trey in the competition just the other day. They took first!! Congrats you two!! Love ya!


becky said...

how fun. and what a nice sister. I am glad you had picts of her in the dress. I was hoping for the during the whole post.

Jim Family said...

that was SUCH a fun night.