Friday, December 19, 2008

You Get Through the Hole You Give Through

I am a people watcher. It never fails to be interesting, but it always has different outcomes. Sometimes I meet people, sometimes I don't realize I'm looking at people too much and I piss them off.

Today I was up at Park City Ski Resort ALL DAY LONG. My ski team has races all weekend, which means we are spending about seven hours a day up at the resort. Today I was studying in the lodge in between races and was "privileged" to observe teenage/college skiers and how they interact. I'll just say this... hockey players have nothing on them. They were crude and disruptive to say the least. It made me think of my times in high school when Mom would wash my mouth out with soap. With these kids I'm not sure the world has enough "cheap green dish soap" to get the point across.

On the flip side, yesterday I sat at the hospital for about seven hours during Owen's surgery. In the waiting room I was able to associate with many wonderfully charming people. The day before that we went snowboarding at Sundance and I met a few great people up there as well. I seperated from Owen and Emily one time and hopped on the lift to meet back up with them. I rode with a really nice guy that talked my ear off. I was suprised there was a guy that could talk that much! I guess I must have said something right.... he gave me his number right before I got off the lift. :)

I've realized in the past couple days that there are a lot of different kinds of people in this world and I get to associate with lots of them. I am fascinated by watching people and how they interact. You can learn so much about them... and yourself at the same time.

UPDATE: It is snowing here for the 5th day in a row and we are supposed to get more snow every day through the middle of next week. Crazy!!

UPDATE 2: Owen is doing REALLY WELL. He is up and moving around and in pretty good spirits. I'm upset he had to go through all this again anyways... but he is healing nicely and his awesome surgeon said he should be able to get back on the mountain the beginning of next week....

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